Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Packing Heat - All the Reinharts, some bad cooking, Vincent, Darcy and Adum Brate

Fiona watches Owen gather his ingredients with a steely eyed look. She used to just try to take over for him but her parents had both forbidden her saying he'd never learn that way. Owen danced around the kitchen pulling 6 boxes of Kraft Dinner from the cupboard and two packs of turkey wieners from the fridge. A spice jar of chill powder is in range too.

Fiona spoke up at this point "Please boil the wieners first this time. We still only have ONE bathroom in this house..."

Owen jabbed a finger in the air "Right...that was kinda nasty last time." He pulled out two big pots and filled them with water.

Fiona sighed and then slowly stepped away. It was weird, but not horrible weird yet. She dashed upstairs to prepack anything in her room that could be embarrassing if Vincent really did end up helping her up there.

Vincent went home and quickly made up some KD for his father to serve with thin steaks heavily spiced to his father's liking. As he was plating the whole thing up, his father walked in with a scowl. "I'm starving. You got dinner yet?" Gino asks, taking off his coat and work boots then sitting at the table.

Setting the plate, a napkin and silverware in front of him, Vincent then stands back. "Yup. I got invited to the Reinhardt's for dinner and helping them pack. They're moving."

Gino looks pleased with the food, then looks up at his son. "John taking advantage of you now you're boning his daughter?" he snorts as he picks up his fork. "Nice. Will he send all his sons to help if WE need anything?"

Vincent heads into the living room, changing his pants and shirt to his old and ripped. "I'm sure he would, but why would we need HIM to help?" he replies. He heads for the door, picking his pea coat off of its hook. "Anyway. There's more KD in the pot. I'll be back as soon as I can."

Mouth full, Gino replies. "You better be. Don't let me wake up to dirty dishes, Vincent."

With a sigh, Vincent simply closes the door and heads for the stairs.

Darcy had a little space at the end of her shift and got inspired to jump on the ferry and head across to do some shopping and another errand. She was rarely inspired to shop but she had a mission. She walked back from the ferry carefully carrying two large doubled bags from purchasing tree decorations, garland, lights, a few standard red stockings and a tasteful but plastic wreath for the door. she truly looked like she had rolled Kris Kringle himself. She stopped at the mailboxes and put down her bags to open hers up and get the bills and fliers out. She even had a Christmas card from an old army friend. Somehow the universe knew her plans today. Darcy stood there chuckling and reading the card.

Vincent headed down the stairs, working his arms into the sleeves of his overlarge coat. As he turns the corner he almost bumps into Darcy. Oh .. sorry Aunt Darcy." he apologizes, rolling his shoulders into the coat, which it looks like he might just grow into by the time he is 18 or so. He spots the bags and beams. "Ohhhhh."

 Darcy turns, holding a photo from inside the card she's just read of a beautiful black family standing together in front of a Christmas tree. The father is in military uniform and his wife is holding his arm with one hand and the shoulder of their ten year old beaming with a huge grin with the other. the man in uniform leans a bit towards the wife and hugs another daughter in front of him who looks to be about eight with pigtails that stick straight up. She's looking back at her father, not the camera in total adoration. Darcy points to the bags "Go ahead, peek's the stuff." she smiles and sighs at the picture "God I can't believe Trent's girls got so big. They used to talk to us all on Skype...showing off loose teeth and making pancakes to show their Dad they could do it. Too fast girls, too fast."

Vincent pulls up the long sleeves of his overlarge coat to open the bags a little and rifle through a little bit. "Wow!" he sounds excited. "You got EVERYTHING." he pauses. "Except the tree." he looks up after inspecting the other bag. "How many stockings does a single lady NEED?" and finally he stands. "Wow ... that's cool. Skype really does keep families together, huh? Better than nothing." he looks at the girls. "You can't keep us kids babies forever, you know." he protests.

Darcy laughs "Well we can't buy the tree yet. it'll dry out. Nothing like a real tree." She looks at the stockings "I got three me. Mari will stuff them full of hair care crap but I'll try to make them fun on my side. Gotta have stockings kid." She tucks the picture back in the card and drops it into one of the bags "I know. Trent was my CO. I'm glad they're growing up healthy anyway. Where are you off too? Fiona?" She gives him a teasing grin.

Vincent looks genuinely surprised she got a stocking for him. "REALLY? One's for ME?" he blinks. "Like ... moose ... she wouldn't give me moose ..." he pauses and considers. "She would, wouldn't she? As long as it isn't a video on gynecology, I guess it can't be bad." he nods, sort of honored to have Darcy share this kind of personal information. Then he nods, blushing. "Yea. They're moving. Her brother Owen invited me for dinner and then I'm going to help her pack her things." he holds up his hands. "Posters and stuff." he drops his arms and they vanish in the sleeves. "I'll be meeting her parents ...."

Darcy makes her mouth into an o and says "Ooooh....well I hope it goes well. I'll tell Mari you're more of a pomade man." She jokes "Have a good night Vincent." She makes to pick the bags up and head to her apartment.

Meanwhile back at the Reinhardt house Fiona looks around her room and gives it a satisfied nod. She unstacks some empty boxes and begins labeling them with a sharpie and then halfway though writing the word "posters" she sniffs at the air. Oh shit. Owen was experimenting....she gallops back downstairs and skids to a stop at the stove. She can't begin to describe what she's smelling.

Owen walks back from the recycling bin shaking his fingers out and smiling at her "No peeking ! It's a masterpiece!"

"Owen...what did you put in? Other humans have to eat this......"

Owen beams "Ok's KD, wieners, a can of baked beans, chili was kinda boring until I found a whole jar of pickled jalapenos in the fridge. Now it has zing.....oh and just a bit of that Sriacha stuff..."

Fiona just stares in horror at the pot as her brother turns around and stirs it with flare like he's the Satanic spawn of Julia Childs.

Vincent almost asks what pomade is, then decides he can look it up later. "Maybe she can just get me a new comb?" then to play it safe. "Black. Thanks." he blows out a breath. "Night Aunt Darcy." and he heads out. The nights were very cold now and in a way he was glad to have his large coat, even if it DID scream second hand. At the corner of 4th, he sees a woman turn the corner ahead of him. He thinks it might be Fionas Mom and that makes him wonder, if his Dad just got home .. where was Mr. Reinhardt.

Colleen walks briskly down to the house, knowing they had packing to do and hoping Owen was doing what he was SUPPOSED to do. Meeting Seamus coming the other way, she walks in with him and stops, getting out of her coat and shoes and inhaling. "Owen ... what are you cooking?"

Seamus walks in behind his mother, drops his coat on the floor, kicks his shoes off and blinks at the smell in the air. "Um .... I'm ... gonna ... um .. pack." and he bolts upstairs right past Fiona.

Darcy headed up the stairs and dropped her smile as she turned the corner. She hadn't had the heart to tell Vincent what had happened today regarding his father. He was happy, off to do normal teenager stuff. Let him enjoy it. Gino DiAntoni would get his. She hopped to god to never have to drag Vincent into any more of it than she had to. Darcy also hoped her application would go through as fast as possible with the Foster Parents office.

John was up to his eyeballs in work with the conveyor belt not just catching but wearing itself down and snapping right open. The cans jammed into a huge mass of metal and he stood right in the fray with Quentin Tyrell after shutting down the power from the breaker with a crow bar in his hand trying to unjam the mess so repair crews could even start. Production was fucked beyond reason. He had sent a whole line crew home early because there was nothing fro them to do until it was sorted. Quentin had offered to stay and help even though it was his line. The two men pried and kicked and swore their faces off until they finally cleared it. Finally John texted Colleen to tell her what happened and that he would be late.

Fiona just looked helplessly at her mother and Seamus as they came in. Seamus bolted. He knew. Fiona stepped away, hoping a mother's wisdom would prevail and they'd just order pizza "I think you should tell her Owen...she might WANT the recipe..." she called back from the living room.

Vincent turned the corner and saw no one all the way down the block. He moved three doors down and climbed he steps. After taking a deep and fortifying breath, he rang the doorbell.

Colleen moves into the kitchen and her eyes go wide just as the doorbell rang. "Fiona ... get that. It's probably our Dad." and then her phone goes off and she looks at it. "Oh .. of course ... you probably smell this from the floor." she tells the text message, sending off a terse 'ok' without thinking that it can't be John at the door before she approaches her son and looks into the pot. "What... what.. what IS this, Owen?"

John sees the "OK" come across as he's arguing with the repair company on the phone "No we can't wait until noon, that's a half day without a main line....can't you send someone else...yes....I'll hold....again.....fuck..."

Fiona shakes her head and goes to the door, opening it to see Vincent and greets him with "Do you like instant oatmeal? Asking for a friend.....come in...but breathe through your mouth."

Owen beams at his mother "You know how you and Dad tell me to trust my instincts....well it just came to me." He flits around the kitchen tapping the pantry and then the fridge as he explains what he just told his sister as the ingredients and then he ends with a dramatic bow and says "Voila....Mac and Wein and Bean Kaboom Dinner!.....oh and mushrooms....I forgot I added a can of mushrooms...and 6 eggs....."

Vincent walks in and inhales just as Fiona suggests he not. "Ummmmm." he reaches for her hand. "Did I piss your brother off?"

Colleen stares into the pot as Owen explains what he's done. For a moment she can't think or speak. Then she nods and purses her lips. "Well, you SHOULD trust your instincts." she can't undermine him that way. "So I think YOU can eat this, and if you like it, we will consider serving it to other human beings." she points to the spoon still sticking out of the pot. and turns to see who decided now was a good time to visit and sees a boy she simply cannot place while the jalapenos bring tears to her eyes. "Who is that?" she peers through the oncoming tears ... partly the peppers and partly the culinary choices of her third born.

Fiona takes Vincent's hand "No....this is just Owen...being creative....just a sec....Mom...put your face in the freezer for a sec and the sensation will pass more quickly. I'd love to introduce you after."

Owen peers into the pot and then his eyes water too "Geez I hope it's not too spicy for you Mom......I'm feeling brave." He gives Vincent a victorious wave "It lives! We can eat it!"

Fiona steps slightly in front of Vincent with her arms out like she's shielding him from a bomb "Vincent has a lot of.....allergies.....I might have to make him something...with less ingredients...." she fibs.

Vincent stares forward, blinking. "Lives? What?" he nods. "Yea ... um ... yea ...." he is speechless but now realizes he might have been better off dining with his father ... and even that thought tells him how desperate this situation might be.

Colleen opened her freezer and shoved her head inside. "Take a bite and if you don't die YOU can eat it." she yells at some frozen beef." she pulls her head out and looks at Vincent. "Can we help you?" she asks him, a little stupidly, but the thinks Owens experiment may be killing her brain.

Vincent sort of smiles. "Owen invited me to dinner and to help pack?"

Colleen looks at Owen. "What did he do to YOU?" she demands.

Fiona starts shaking with laughter, trying to be quiet about it, but not really succeeding.

Owen glares at his sister and then looks annoyed at his mother "Aww come it's a little strange. It's like those TV shows where they give chefs a bunch of random stuff right. Don't judge." Owen smiles at Vincent and grabs the spoon from the counter. He digs it into the mixture, which now has the consistency of chunky quicksand and puts a big bite in his mouth. It immediately starts to burn in ways his body has never experienced in combination and there's an almost sour dirt like aftertaste. But Owen is determined to make it look delicious. He smiles as his face simply pours sweat from every possible opening and starts to speak, his voice hoarse "It's like nothing you've ever tried!"

Vincent reaches out for Fiona's hand and holds it, trying not to laugh either.

Colleen watches him. "But I AM the judge here, Owen." she reaches over for the pot and takes it to the sink. "And I proclaim ... as they do on those shows ... Owen! You've been CHOPPED!" she begins to spoon the food into the garbage disposal.

Vincent turns towards Fiona, but then away. He leans against the wall, places his arm on it, his face in his arm and starts laughing.

John finally hangs up the phone and goes back to the factory floor. They had reached a compromise and repair crews would be there by ten am. The machine might not be up and running until noon though. Line crew three was getting an unexpected half day off tomorrow. Of course there would be a bit of a backlog of work for them when they got in because the two lines that preceded them would still be on duty. It was a mixed gift. Sleep in if you want to, but then be ready to work your ass off. John took one last walk around and then went to the locker room and hung up his hardhat. He changed out of his coveralls into jeans and a button up flannel shirt and pulled on his jacket, finally starting for home.

Fiona leaned into Vincent, giggling into the back of his shoulder and lightly hugging him around the waist.

Owen couldn't help but look crestfallen at his mother at first but then his stomach gave a lurch. He clutched it and bolted for the upstairs bathroom "Probably for the best..." he muttered as he streaked past the laughing form of Vincent and Fiona in an almost blur. When he finally made it to the bathroom he slammed the door. About 30 seconds later a pitiful groan could be heard from the bathroom by anyone on the second floor.

Seamus, who had been listening, laughed even harder. Trying to sit on his bed, he missed, landing in an empty box full of Legos instead.

Vincent turns a little in Fiona's arms, oddly relaxed by the interesting introduction to her family so far. Then he realizes he has his arms around Fiona in her home with her mother and raises his eyes to Mrs Reinhardt.

Colleen washes it all down the sink and grabs a hand towel, moving into the entryway. Seeing a boy holding Fiona so intimately makes her happy. "You MUST be Vincent." she begins. "I'm Fiona's mother. Welcome. Come and sit down on the couch while I try and figure out options to us all spending the evening in the clinic."

Seeing her mother's positive reaction, Fiona makes no move to push Vincent away but simply pulls his arms lower so she can tug him gently by both hands to the couch. Once they sit, she'll just hold one hand if he's still willing "You saved us Mom. I'm so glad we don't have to eat that. Did Owen use up all the eggs? I could scramble some."

Owen is cloistered in the bathroom with his self inflicted misery for some time still.

John tiredly walks up the steps of the house. It's been a hell of a day and they still need to pack tonight. He kicks off his shoes as he comes in and sees Colleen from the entryway and starts talking "God damned conveyor belt finally bit it today and they can't get a repair crew over until 10 am....10 am...ferries start at 6...." He hangs his jacket up and then makes a face, sniffing the air "Babe...what the hell IS that I'm smelling?"

Seamus struggles to get himself out of his Lego box and quickly becomes distracted by them, building from within his mind.

Vincent is led easily to the couch, where he continues to hold Fiona's hand. "Thank you, Mrs Reinhardt" he hears Fiona's suggestion and admits, he is curious about her cooking skills. Owen was a poor first impression of family skill.

Logan is literally right behind his father, sliding out of coat and shoes. "Ferries start at 5, Dad, but I get it." he comes in and approaches his mother to kiss her cheek. "Someone let Owen cook?" he straightens, turns and gets an amused expression on his face.

Colleen sits in the chair by the bookcase and smiles at both her husband and son as they tromp in. When Logan kisses her, the takes his hand and gives it a warning squeeze. "He was very creative, yes. I won't go into details, because I love you both." she blows out a breath. John isn't in a good mood, but .. "We have some help with the moving, guys. But first ... I think we should consider pizza."

John chuckles at Logan "What do I know...I hardly leave this place." He has a looks of dawning about the source of the smell and walks in after him to kiss Colleen sweetly on the mouth. The sight of her in his chair immediately lifts some of his irritation. Fiona hasn't said anything yet and he's not aware she and Vincent are in the room yet. After kissing his wife and smirking at Logan he turns, ready to go sit on the couch, only to find it occupied. His eyes dart left and right and then his gaze settles on Vincent with his jaw tensing a bit and he manages "Hello....Vincent, I'm guessing." He looks down from the boy's face to his hand intertwined with Fiona's and then up at Fiona. They've just gotten through a reconciliation after John was such a freak about her date and he's really struggling to make nice "Hi Sweetie."

Fiona smiles at Logan as he comes in but doesn't speak up yet. She's hesitating because she's also heard her dad and doesn't quite know how this will go yet. As her father comes in, kisses her mom and then discovers Vincent there sitting beside her she also tries to make nice. She's still smarting from the fight on the weekend, but she doesn't want Vincent to see anything but good right now. She eases her hand out of Vincent's and stands up offering her father a hug "I'm sorry you had a bad day at work Daddy. Just be glad you don't have to eat Frankenmacaroni?"

John hugs his daughter back and chuckles "Is that what is was. Where is the deranged chef anyway...and Seamus? Is he hiding too?"

Vincent tries to remain relaxed with the eyes of the two eldest Reinhardt men on him. He isn't short, but hes thinner than any of the Reinhardt men he's met thus far. "Yes, sir." he replies and stands with Fiona and follows her to her father and brother, offering his hand to shake. "It's good to meet you."

Logan cants his head at Vincent, but nods. He gets to Vincent's hand first. "So you're the one making Fiona smile." shaking it firmly, he then lets it go. "You must be a miracle worker." he glances at his mother. "Pizza sounds fantastic!"

Colleen also stands, as she knows she is in John's chair. Her plan is, if John shakes hands and makes nice, she will push him in the chair and plop herself onto his lap. If John does NOT shake hands and make nice, she will push him in the chair and plop herself onto his lap.

Fiona lets go of her father and addresses Logan's comment "I don't know what you mean. Homicidal maniacs frequently smile. That's when you should worry Logan."

Owen practically crawls from the bathroom to the shared bedroom and sees his brother sitting in and surrounded by lego. Sometimes he'd still join in and build but today he just climbed painfully up to his bunk and crawled under the covers with a whimper.

John turns awkwardly to Vincent and shakes his hand after Logan with a brief nod. He lets go quickly but not rudely and walks in the direction to get the phone to order food, unaware of Colleen's designs, and still in range to be pushed into his chair.

Seamus hears the moans and watches Owen climb into his bed. "So .... you're passing on dinner, huh?"

Colleen grabs John's arm and stands, pulling him into the chair and plopping herself into his lap. "Logan, you order pizza. Vincent, what do you like?"

Logan heads for the phone with a snort at his mother's poor word choice. But he pauses to hear some answers before he makes any calls.

Vincent shakes hands and takes his hand back, stepping back to the couch and sitting down, awkwardly.

Owen rolls onto his stomach to instinctively let the force of his weight on the mattress and gravity give some natural counter pressure "I overjazzed the jazz.....Shay I'm gonna die up can have my skateboard and my Pokemon cards if I do.......tell mom and dad they were good parents..."

Fiona blushes at the what do you like question and is tempted to give a cheeky answer and then sees her father again and says her own pizza request instead "Mushroom and black olive please. Seamus is upstairs but you better order him a plain cheese.....I don't know if Owen will be eating. He tried the frankenmac and then was in the bathroom for a long time."

A little vein pulses for a second in John's temple at his wife's question and then he slides an arm around her hip and head juts at Logan "The Everything....." He looks towards the boy's room from a ceiling perspective and lets out a "Hmmmm..."

Vincent nods. "Actually ... um ... everything sounds good too ...." he is being honest, but he is also homing in on Mr Reinhardt's dinner.

Logan chuckles. "One cheese, one mushroom and black olive and two everythings." he points to Vincent. "Smart choices, man. Smart choices."

Upstairs Seamus listens to his brother, his eyes growing wide. "Really? I can have all that?" and then the wider implications of Owens death hit him and he whoops, jumping up and running downstairs. "I get my own room! I get my own ROOM!" he runs into the living room and jumps in an elated circle. "Owen killed himself and I get my own ROOM!!!" suddenly someone appears in his vision. "Who are you?" he blurts. "I don't have to share my room with you, do I?"

Colleen groans and stands. "Owen is not dead." she proclaims. "Everything works for me too. I'm going to check on my patient." and she begins a march upstairs.

Owen grimaces "'re so loud Shay...." He turtles under the covers now.

Fiona watches Vincent and her father with hawk like senses on alert and then smirks at Seamus "Death by frankenmac. I didn't even have to lift a finger. This is Vincent. Seamus, Vincent. Vincent, Seamus. And no he's not going to live in your fun as that might be for me." The words are out of her mouth before she sensors herself and she purses her lips after.

John's eyes pop at his daughter's joke and then he sighs and tries to look nonchalant "I'm sure it's just indigestion unless he used the raw dogs again. That wasn't pretty...for any of us." Restless, John walks into the dining room for a box and starts packing up the bookshelf.

Colleen stops in the bathroom to grab the Imodium before stopping in the boys room and looking at Owen. She approaches. "Come on .... take a dose of this and I MIGHT let you have pizza for breakfast. MIGHT!"

Vincent closes his eyes a moment at Fi's words, and wisely keeps his mouth shut.

Logan shakes his head as he dials the phone. When his father wanders off he looks at Vincent and gives him a thumbs up. He likes the kid, but sort of hopes he never has a daughter.

Seamus looks relieved, but then hears his mother upstairs. "She .. she isn't going to FIX him, is she?" he heads again for the stairs. "Mommy! No!"

Owen paws for the medicine and takes it from her. They're chewables thankfully. He sits up and chews, passing back the box "It was really awful wasn't it? Maybe I should sign up for shops...they have cooking classes." He hears Seamus yelling and coming up the stairs and whines "Why is he so MEAN?"

Fiona sees Logan's thumbs up and grins at her older brother. Seeing her Dad pack now she sighs "OK while we wait for food I guess I should do some too. Come upstairs with me." She makes to take Vincent by the hand.

John jerks his head from the book packing and barks "Doors stay open!" before he can stop himself.

Fiona rolls her eyes and slumps as she walks "Ugh...yes Dad. Never mind Owen shitting rivers in the bathroom to be a damper on any romantic thought.....seriously..."

Seamus appears in the doorway in time to see Owen taking meds. "GAH!" he is clearly too late.

Colleen nods. "Cooking classes would be a VERY good idea for you, Owen." she advises before turning to Seamus. Yes. He is going to live. And you will have to keep sharing a room. But look at it this way." she advises. "Someday Fiona will fall in love and marry, moving out of her room and letting one of YOU have it." Then she leaves them to it with a "Pack until pizza" tossed over her shoulder.

Seamus looks at Owen. There is a potential husband downstairs that could take Fiona away, thus giving them separate rooms. He moves to his brother. "Guess what I saw downstairs?" he begins to tell Owen his plan.

Vincent takes Fionas hand and is let upstairs, shaking his head at the words that follow him. He whispers to her. "He really loves you." he admires that.

Colleen passes them on the stairs, rolling her eyes and calling out in her turn. "Especially the bathroom door! Owen may still have to go and time would be an issue!" she makes to the living room and is stopped by the doorbell again. "Not so soon ..." she answers the door and blinks. "Adum ... Chief."

Adum Brate nods at Colleen with a smile. "Evening, Mrs Reinhardt. May I come in for a second?"

Colleen lets him in. "Sure .. what's up?"

Adum walks in just enough to see Logan and John in the living room, but cranes around the corner to see if anyone is on the couch. He doesn't go further, as he isn't ready to take his shoes off. "I heard there was a little trouble with Gino D'Antoni." he gets right to it. "I was sort of hoping you would file a report, Colleen."

Logan hangs up the phone and looks at Adum, then at his mother, curiously.

"What?" Colleen blinks. "Oh that? It was nothing, Adum. Really. Just an ass grab."

Fiona hears Vincent's words about her Dad and looks back at him with a knowing smile. He was right. She'd just prefer if her Dad could calm it down a few notches. She shudders at her mother's words "Gross....I don't want to hear what he does in there." They just get to the top of the stairs as Chief Brate comes in and starts talking. As soon as the police chief says Vincent Dad's name Fiona stops with Vincent and looks down as if to ask "Do you want to listen in?" without saying it out loud. If he nods she'll beckon him to creep back down halfway so they can hear every word. Her eyes go a bit wide at her mother's words and then she winces for Vincent. This is not good, not good at all.

Owen rolls back onto his belly again, this time stuffing a pillow under his stomach and glaring at Seamus. He still wasn't over the glee his brother was feeling about his potential demise "What?" he asks in irritation "What did you see?"

John walks around the corner and puts an arm around his wife "I still want to hand Gino his for it....but why do you want a report now Adum?"

Seamus looks at his brother. "Vincent. If he marries Fi and gets her out of here, we." he motions between them. "Could have our own ROOMS!" he whispers loudly.

Vincent freezes at the mention of his father and nods, creeping down the stairs to listen. He silently sighs deeply and closes his eyes, not looking in the least bit surprised to hear any of it.

Logan frowns at the news. "DiAntoni?" he glances up, then back at his parents.

Adum nods. "I understand John. I do. But this morning Buni Chuku filed a report because he grabbed her. Then Susan came in this afternoon. Kitty Carmichael just before I came here." he pauses. "I want to be able to nip this in the bud before it becomes more than just ass-grabbing, Colleen." he looks at her. "My hope is, when faced with criminal charges he will at the very least reign himself in and stop trying to inappropriately touch the women of this town, before he grabs the wrong one and things escalate."

Colleen sighs and looks at the males. "I just .... Susan and I handled it."

Adum looks at her. "I know. Don't do that again. It could blow up in your face. I don't want to come back here for that." he says, sternly.

Vincent listens, reading between a few lines and biting his lower lip.

Fiona sighs listening. She watches Vincent and can just see his pain. She edges closer to him and takes his hand, looking sympathetic.

John runs a hand through his hair anxiously and answers Logan "Yeah...his dad." He head juts at the upstairs "Colleen if you file, it might help someone else....and Fiona is NOT going over there, ever! I actually like the kid...and I know she adores him....but she's grown up enough that Gino might.....she just can't." He looks at Adum "What happens to Vincent if you arrest Gino?"

Owen looks incredulously at Seamus "They can't get married, they're too young. Maybe in Medieval times.....course if we were there I'd just die of dysentery right now." He looks at the other bunk "There'll be more room in the new house when Logan has his own."

Seamus looks at his brother. "I don't mean TONIGHT, dufus." he whispers. "We have to cultivate this and encourage them."

Vincent holds Fionas hand, listening to the words, but then he hears John mention that he likes him and he smiles a little. But he keeps listening.

Colleen shakes her head. "I think if Gino tried anything with Fiona, he would have to answer to her and Vincent before you even heard about it." she sighs. "Foster care."

Adum looks at the ceiling and realized Vincent DiAntoni is probably in the house. If he'd known that, he probably would have waited. "He'd go to foster care, BUT." he holds up his hands, as Colleen looks like she might protest. "There some good foster families right here in Alexandra. One of my cops is even applying. He has a scholarship and it's important not to mess that up for him, so I would fight to keep him in Alexandra. Kids got talent, I hear." he sighs. "Anyway. Colleen ... think about it, alright. I better get home before Megan decides I get cat food like the rest of our kids."

Colleen nods. "Yes. He needs to stay here. It's good for him." ahe moves towards the door. "Thanks Adum. I'll ... stop by on my way into the clinic tomorrow, alright?"

Vincent stands on the stairs, taking it all in, still holding Fionas hand.

Once the door is shut John blows out a breath "Shit...." He pulls Colleen into a big hug.

Owen laughs a bit "Until they're 18...waif he's in my grade, that's an extra year Shay." His stomach calms a bit with the meds and he swings himself over the edge landing with a thud. He looks at Seamus's lego "Are you rebuilding the spaceship?" He leans over and picks up three pieces, clicking them together.

Fiona hears the door shut and tugs on Vincent's hand, aware that they might get busted any second. She starts in the direction of her room with the intention to be really quiet going past her brother's room.

Seamus shrugs. "Just gives us time to decide what our rooms will look like." and he nods. "Yes. I. Am." and all packing and brothers-in-law are forgotten in the Lego Space Program.

Colleen hugs her husband back. "Not his father." she whispers to him.

Logan stands by the phone, looking thoughtfully up at the ceiling.

Vincent moves with Fiona into her room. He looks around and moves to a poster, carefully taking it off the wall. Somehow, despite knowing the police want to bust his father for being ... his father ... he somehow feels warm inside that the town seems to be worried about HIM. As he carefully rolls the poster for packing, he glances over his shoulder at Fiona, trying to look confident.

Fiona looks confusedly at Vincent. He's acting fine but there's no way. She lightly plucks the rolled poster from his fingers and sets it on the desk and then steps closer sliding her hands up his chest to his shoulders, looking worried "Are you.....OK?" Her eyes search his.

Owen vaguely sees a blur of Fiona and Vincent sneaking by as he settles down to the floor beside his brother's bed, pulling the box down so they can both access it "I think the new Lego Batman stuff's out." He says before using his teeth to pry off a stubborn piece and re-purpose it. They're in the zone now, both of them.

John kisses the side of Colleen's head understanding what she's saying. Vincent was no more Gino than he himself was his own horrible father. He steps back and lets her go and then sees Logan looking up at the ceiling "What is it?"

Vincent puts his arms around her in a move that is becoming more and more habitual. "I'm not sure." he says, low. "I mean, part of me is kinda hoping to see my father pay for all his bullshit. But part of me ... doesn't want to be in the system." he sighs. "And that cop .... that the Chief said was trying to become a foster parent? That might be Aunt Darcy." he can't contain his excitement. "But my Dad ... he can get .. kinda violent ... so ... I think your Dad has a point. You can't come over anymore. My Dad ... just ... he ... can get ... sneaky ..." he remembers another conversation with his dad and why he wants to move his harps out of that apartment, and decides first thing in the morning is probably the best time to do it. But the harp wasnt the only thing his father had threatened.

Seamus looks interested. "Oh cool .... I'll add it to my Christmas list."

Colleen looks at Logan and follows his gaze.

Logan looks back at his parents. "I was just thinking ... the kid seems OK ... but his home life ... really makes me grateful for you two ... even when you were fighting ... I never had the kinds of worries he might have."

Fiona's eyes fill with tears as she listens to him. She's scared for Vincent "If he's violent, what about you? If the cops start sniffing around that could get really bad. Can't you stay with Aunt NOW....or here...I'll ask my parents....I mean on the couch of course....or in Logan's bunk...he's moved into the new house already anyway."

Owen turns his creation upside down and adds wheels on the bottom "I'm making a Mars rover. Maybe I'll be an astronaut since I can never be a chef."

John looks pained and admits "Mikey and I did....maybe not the same kind.....hopefully he doesn't have THAT too.... Grandpa wasn't a pervert...just an asshole." He walks by Logan and squeezes his shoulder "Thanks." The house still smells a lot so John walks around and cracks open a few windows.

Vincent pulls Fiona closer. "I can hold my own with my dad now ... we've fought before since we've been here." he kisses her forehead and chuckles. "I am NOT sleeping in the couch. Your father is on the fence with me as it is. But thanks. It means a lot. But maybe Aunt Darcy. I mean ... if my Dad gets arrested and I am already in with Aunt Darcy ... " he suddenly brightens. "She's letting me help decorate her place for Christmas. She got me a STOCKING."

Seamus listens to his brother. "Oh ... please ... yes ... do that. Please. Seriously. Please."

Logan nods. "Yea ... I think I knew that. Fi too. You can't mention Gramps around Uncle Mikey and ... I think the last time I saw them together was before Uncle Mikey went to college." he sighs and then tries to lighten the mood. "See. The subject of Gramps come up and Dad starts opening the windows to let he funk out Oh wait .. that's Owens cooking because you two are trying not to stifle his personal growth or something."

Colleen watches the men and smiles, then walks past Logan, slapping him softly on the arm. "Lets pray he learned and DIDN'T burn a hole in his stomach in the process." but she is chuckling. Owen ... was no chef.

Fiona closes her eyes at the forehead kiss and sighs "OK...but if something bad happens, just come over OK. I'll work it out with them. they'll understand. I think my grandpa was like your dad.....My never wants to talk about it....and my uncle won't even be in the same room as my Grandpa.....I've overheard stuff from time to it's not something you just get over." She smiles about Aunt Darcy and the stocking "That's awesome. Are you going to do one for her? I love doing's like loot bags but Christmas."

Owen gives Seamus a pretend sneer and then his rover turns into an alien ship attacking Seamus's "Pew pew...pew!!!"

John hears Logan but acts like he's not hearing it, puttering a round and packing a few more things. The doorbell rings for the pizza delivery and he's saved by the bell.

Vincent nods. "I will. I promise." and he mostly means it. He just really does not want to drag Fi into his father drama. "She has a stocking. I just have no idea what to get for her." he looks at her. "Any suggestions?" he moves to another poster. "Sorry, I do my best thinking cleaning."

Seamus counter attacks, "Pow, pow, ka bam!" a little louder forgetting they are supposed to be packing.

Colleen watches John and chuckles to herself as she heads to get paper plates and utensils, having bought some to eat on before they moved. "John, get that, would you?" she calls.

Logan watches and grins. It was kind of neat being included in the adult things. One of those signs of growing up he found very cool.

Fiona starts tackling her desk, pulling open drawers and literally dumping them into a box with no rhyme or reason. "Wow, really. I do my best thinking flopped on the couch...well and sleeping too, sleeping is VERY important to me." She says with a little laugh "There's the obvious things like chocolate, a Christmas orange. My mom gives us all a new toothbrush and deodorant now. Talk about a tip off that there's no Santa..but what does Darcy like? Does she have hobbies? Habits? Collect anything?"

((She's an amateur photographer. From that one time Vincent was there...her pictures are all over the place. And if Vincent still pops in on her she loves every kind of tea you can think of and Tom Robbins novels as well as a few other authors. And she's a Trekkie...has all the DVDs of all the start Treks and the movies:))

Owen ups the noise and starts jumping around the room as his ship flies off in retreat. In a dramatic ending he crashes it into Logan's bunk and plays out a huge explosion "Pwoooooooooowaaaaaaaaahhh....koohhhhhhhh..." He breaks apart his ship and lets the pieces fly dramatically.

John heads to the door and takes the pizzas from the delivery boy "Let me set these you do the debit at the door....great rain so far......gonna get some more though..." He keys in his pin and then takes the receipt with a grin "Cheers, you too, thanks." He pockets his wallet and picks up the pizza boxes and bellows "Kids!!! Food!!"

Vincent chuckles. "The perfect couple, cause I'm used to people sleeping while I clean around them." he teases. "Well ... she takes her own photographs and she likes tea. Books and she's a Trekkie." he shrugs. "And my music. I can ask Mr Jackson to record me .. no that sounds egomaniachal." he hears the noise from downstairs and almost moves.

Seamus cheers as the chips fall apart, then hears the word food and tears out of the room as if his pants were on fire, not even wondering if Owen feels good enough to have any.

Logan helps his dad by taking two of the four boxes and turning, pausing for any stampedes.

Colleen stands at the dining room table, now set with paper and plastic, still sort of relishing being a whole family again.

Fiona rolls her eyes at the idea of Vincent cleaning around her sleeping and then listens, nodding as she dumps a new drawer in the box. With a little ooh look she digs out a pair of earrings she thought she'd lost and mutters "Saweet..." Still listening she perks up at the word Trekkie "Oh my god she's a Trekkie? You HAVE to move in there....or I do..." She jokes and then gives him a serious look "She'd love a recording...and so would I if you want a big hint." She hears her father call and Seamus bolt and then halts in front of her closet "Does Darcy like dresses? I have to show you something SUPER nerdy." Fiona pulls out a micromini short Trek uniform in the style of the Original series in blue "You know officer blue....but they have red too at this place in Langley....." Fiona blushes a bit "It really is just under the butt short though so maybe not a gift for a potential foster parent. Come on let's go eat." She plunks the dress back in the closet and shuts it heading for the door.

Owen leaves the lego mess and crawls back into bed. He forgot about how bad his stomach was when he was goofing off but he really does feel a bit gross still.

John had put down his two boxes and then catches Seamus as he runs by and hoists him over one shoulder like he used to do to all the kids more when they were smaller "Slow down Speedy...." He jokes, giving his son a little playful spin.

Vincent grins. "I'm gonna try and find a way to. Maybe after Christmas. Its not that I want to give my father such a merry Christmas as I don't want to ruin anyone elses." he nods at the hint, making a mental note. He stares at the dress with wide eyes and is a bit behind her as she goes downstairs, taking a moment to compose himself.

Seamus yells in surprise and protests, even as he giggles. He loves that, even though technically he feels he should be grown out of it.

Colleen watches her husband and her youngest with a smile, partly confirming to herself that Seamus will always be there.

Logan rolls his eyes and watches as most everyone sits. "Alright ..... " he opens a box and finds cheese, which he shoves in Seamus's direction, then another, which he shoves in FI's direction. "Seriously? Dad controls the Everythings?"

John swings Seamus around and then eases him into the chair by the cheese pizza giving him a sort of tackled hug before walking to find his own seat "I control the Everythings? I will share...if you're fast enough..." he jokes "I think Vincent wanted this one too." He looks around for him and gives him a small smile when he fins him in the room.

Fiona perches herself on her chair like Gollum from Lord of the Rings and stares at the pizza of her choice like it's the one ring to rule them all "My.......pppprrrecious!" She says evilly. Her family around her brings out the weird like no one else and she's getting very comfortable with Vincent too.

Seamus sits before the cheese pizza and grabs for a slice, loving he doesn't have to wait for Owen Eating is what he does. what he is.

Vincent sits by Fiona watching the way she sits and marveling He looks at her father. "Yes sir. Please and thank you." and offering a small smile in return, hoping he is being judged on him ... then again if he wasn't he would probably be out on the cold sidewalk out front by now.

Logan grins and takes two slices of pizza, putting them on Vincent's place. "Guests first, right Dad." he teases his father, then he serves his mother, then his father then himself. One pizza down.

Colleen grins as she gets her pizza, watching Seamus out of the corner of her eye. He may be able to eat half a pizza, and she makes a note to make sure its ALL he eats, so that Owen can have some when he feels better. "Thank you for helping us pack, Vincent." she says, looking at him. "We all appreciate it." she looks again at Seamus. "How much did you get packed?" she asks him, not expecting much.

Fiona sighs and sits like a human again as if it's terribly boring. She takes a few slices for her plate and then offers the pizza to share by sliding it to the middle "I heard some kind of explosion in their room mom...I dunno how you can pack that." She gives Seamus a little teasing grin "Maybe you can though? Is Owen sleeping? He ate a lot of cupcakes earlier wonder he's sick after one bite of that sludge."

John winks at Logan and then points at Vincent "Yes Sir. Please and thank you. Now there's some serious manners kid." He darts a look at Fiona "Are you threatening him with decapitation Fi?"

Fiona looks tiredly at her father " much more discreet. Do try and keep up Father."

John genuinely laughs and then takes a big bite of his pizza.

Seamus looks shocked. "Cupcakes? When was THIS?" he feels betrayed and it shows.

Vincent grins. "My mother insisted, sir." he replies and then looks at Fiona. "It's cleaner, also." he points out folding his pizza slice and taking a huge bite.

Logan chuckles. "A good point." he shakes his head. "And speaking of rushing my sisters boyfriend to poison control ....." he pauses. "I signed up for classes today in Vancouver. I start in January."

John smirks at Vincent and Fi and then beams at Logan "Good to hear Logan."

Fiona observes how Vincent eats his pizza with a look of mild amusement and nods about his views on the cleanliness of cyanide. She glances at Logan after "Well I suppose I do need to offer some insurance so he doesn't run screaming from the house." She shrugs at Seamus "You had hockey. We had cupcakes. They have more at the bakery Shay."

Seamus shakes his head. "I made the hockey team while Owen had CUPCAKES?" he is still scandalized, but it isn't effecting his appetite. "And you didnt bring me any HOME?" he gets to work on a third slice, just inhaling it all.

Vincent swallows. "I'm not goin anyplace." he promises. "Just trust me, Fi."

Logan arches a brow and nods, slowly. "Well, if he can put up with this family ...."

Colleen grins and brushes her foot against John's.

Fiona sneers at Seamus and then turns away from his grotesque wolf like eating habits. She hears Vincent's words and has a sudden and absolute melting look on her face for him on an exhale as her breath just leaves her for a few beats. She vaguely hears Logan but just blinks slowly and draws in a breath. She can't even explain the wave of emotion and it dawns on her the whole table has just witnessed it, if they were looking her way and it was as obvious as it felt.

John brushes his foot back on Colleen's, eyes twinkling at her. He looks happy with Seamus "You made it, awesome Shay! We'll get cupcakes another day...for you and for Logan." He hears Vincent reply to Fiona and then sees her look. His first instinct is alarm but he shakes it off, looking thoughtful. God she looks like Colleen, how Colleen looked at him when they were...younger and... falling madly in love.

Seamus looks at his father. "No Owen?" he sounds hopeful and finally nods. "It's a deal." he folds a fourth piece of pizza away. "Bay I exe b skuzed?" he asks around it.

Logan scoffs and looks at his brother, wondering if he ever did that ... looked like that ... resembled that. Then he looks at his sister and boyfriend, his mother and father and sits beck, satisfied.

Vincent has his fill and sits beck, sated. "Thanks for not making me eat Owens cooking."

Colleen smiles. "We like you, Vincent." she tells him. "And no one should have to eat Owens cooking. I mean ... he can make toast ... and scrambled eggs ... as long as he isn't given access to anything but salt and pepper." she sighs. "He needs cooking classes. I'm not ashamed to admit it." she looks at her son and sighs. "AFTER you swallow you may be excused." she tells him. "To go upstairs and PACK! And I WILL be listening for the SOUNDS of packing."

Fiona snaps out of her moment and wrinkles her nose at Seamus deciding after watching him that she doesn't really want another piece. She glances at Logan and then hears Vincent and laughs, nodding along with her mother. "Just don't let him...experiment. He doesn't know when to quit. He can take shops Mom. They follow recipes and there' know...supervision." She looks between her parents "I think Addy's still coming by..." She pulls her phone out of her jean skirt pocket "I haven't heard that she isn't anyway." Fiona stands up and starts tidying, putting leftovers into the same box and stacking plates.

John is on his last piece and just chuckles along about Owen's cooking and Colleen's threats to Seamus. "No Owen." He promises Seamus. He offers Fiona his plate since he's almost finished anyway.

Seamus nods and finishes. "OK ... packing. I can DO this." he goes back upstairs and begins pouring things into boxes with absolutely no rhyme or reason.

Logan takes the last unopened box - an entire Everything. "I'll be taking this home with me. he announces, as if he is in a place ALL by himself ... which technically he is until the weekend. "Fi, come over to my place after school tomorrow? I need your help with a few things."

Vincent smiles. "I guess you really don't need help with the dishes, huh?"

Colleen chuckles. "If we can get him to stick to a recipe, we will be safe." she blows out a breath. "I hope."

Fiona walks to the recycling box and disposes of the tableware with a chuckle "Nope...but thanks Minstrel." She belatedly looks back at Logan, a little curious, but accepting and smiles "OK....looking for advice on decor that screams "Ladies! I am a sensitive new age man!"?" She teases.

John waves off the pizza "Yeah take it. I'm going to pack up some more in the living room. Truck comes Friday night. We can take some car loads over to cut the costs." He kicks a box to the TV area and frowns "Damn I should make the boys pack all this video game stuff up...I dunno what goes with what here..."

Logan points at his sister. "Who lives ALONE, yet still with his parents ... oh sexy! ... Exactly!" he moves into the living room area. "Let me get this, Dad. It's ... yea I got it." he kneels and starts disconnecting the consoles.

Colleen watches and shakes her head. "The boys will LOVE no video games for the rest of the week."

Vincent chuckles. "I'll get those posters rolled up for you, Fi." and he heads upstairs to do that, making nice progress by the time Fiona joins him.

Fiona jogs up the stairs and heads back into her room, looking impressed "You have such careful fingers....I surely would have trashed a few by accident if it was me doing this. Thank you." She walks up behind him and leans in to kiss his cheek briefly as she starts back to the desk.

Vincent smiles at the kiss and sets the rolled poster aside. "I learned to treat everything like glass." he tells her. "Breaking things was the ultimate no -no .. hell it still is." he looks over her bed at the three posters, considering. Then he just mans up, stands on her bed and begins carefully to take them down.

Fiona sighs "Maybe we should just tie your dad to a chair and send Seamus and Owen over there after they've had a shit ton of sugar. then he'll realize how truly lucky he is...honestly, you are the most mild mannered person ever....he has NOTHING to logically complain about." She can't help but smile a bit at Vincent standing on her bed and then dumps the last desk drawer into the desk box. Something dusty wafts up and she starts coughing "Oh that was....."She coughs some more "A bad..."another cough "idea.....what the hell.....oh it's old old incense and charcoal. I went through a coffee table Wicca phase...."

Vincent pauses after rolling up poster one and taking down poster two to laugh. "Only if Owen can recreate that recipe and force feed him." he settles down. "You know, I don't even want to defend my dad. I couldn't. But now I've gotten bigger and fight back more ... " he sighs deeply. Then she begins to cough and he grins. "Well the Great Earth Mother just told you to pick things out not dump them." he teases and begins to roll the poster up, making it even as he goes.

Fiona turns, not even realizing her face is pretty much covered in brown grey dust and smiles at Vincent "I think the Goddesses were reminding em I used to over-complicate it all. My Great Aunt Hilda kind of just lives it.....the old way."She looks more serious now "You should never have to fight your family...not physically like that. It's not OK." She walks over and offers to take the poster he just rolled, her hand outstretched.

Vincent looks at her face and smiles, handing over the posters. "I guess, but ... my family is different. Your uncle was right. Maybe some teens who have kids are different .. but not my family. My mom tried .. my dad .. not so much." he tries to soften it. "Maybe someday I can meet your Great Aunt."

Fiona takes the poster, looking kindly at him "She's fascinating...and kid of a battle ax, in a good way. My Dad and Uncle are really close to her. Total opposite of my not nice Grandpa but they were raised in different parts of Germany." She puts the poster in the box and then walks by her dresser, catching her face in the mirror "Oh my god...why didn't you tell me I look like I rolled in soot..." She laughs and wipes at her face with a bandana.

As Fiona speaks, Vincent takes down and rolls the last Wonder Woman poster and walks behind her, looking at her in the mirror. "Because I think you look incredible, even rolled in soot?" he moves to turn her around and kiss her.

Fiona gets turned and throws her arms around his neck meeting his kiss and kissing him back with some carry over from the big wave of emotion she felt during dinner. She pulls him tightly against her and backs herself into the dresser, leaning the back of her body on it.

Vincent slides the tolled poster behind Fiona on the dresser but then leans forward, leaning her back, kissing her a little bit deeper. The smallest of moans comes from him, and he keeps one hand on the dresser and one on the side of her head.

Fiona feels the depth of his kiss and matches it eagerly. When he moans, she shivers, feeling his hand on her head, his body on hers. She slides one hand down his back as they go on kissing with a soft "Mmmm." Nothing has ever felt so good in her whole life. She hears her mother call to her father and then his laugh and snaps back to reality, pulling away breathlessly and smiling at him with a quiet "Wow......."

Vincent is very much into the kiss, but hearing her parent's does have the same effect at the roof peeling off during a freezing rain. His hand drops from her face to her hips and he backs off of her with a smile and a nod. "Yea .... wow." he agrees. Clearing his throat, he looks around her room as if looking for something else to pack.

Fiona can't help but giggle a bit at the awkwardness. She notices him looking around and shrugs "All that's left is clothes and I can do that....and bed stuff but that'll be on the day."

Vincent nods. "Then I should be happy I got to kiss you in your bedroom." he quips. "And get my ass home." he teases. He helped. He got to meet her family and it wasn't a COMPLETE disaster. It went well, he thought.

Fiona gives him a little hug "I'm happy we got to. I know my family are weird but they seem to like you...even my dad. I'll walk you to the door?"

Vincent winks at her and nods. "Yes. Escort me out, so you can prove to your father I did not climb out of the window," he offers her his elbow.

Fiona hooks her arm through his "Or worry I tossed you out it." She says evilly, but he knows this side well now. She walks him down the stairs. Her parents seem to be at the dining room table now talking with cups of tea. "Vincent's heading home." She calls out.

John cranes his head around to look "Night Vincent. Thanks for helping Fi." He says genuinely "Just so you know...I think your dad might be on the crew that's off in the morning because of the repairs." It's spoken like a kind warning.

Fiona tenses at the mention of Vincent's father, hugging his arm slightly.

Colleen smiles and waves her goodbye. "Be safe, Vincent." the words come out of her mouth almost unbidden. It's not like they lived in the worst part of Vancouver.

Vincent smiles and waves a little. Nodding he replies to John's words with. "Alright. He might be out, but ... thanks for telling me, sir." he did indeed take it as a warning. "I will, ma'am." he moves to the door and slips on his shoes and overlarge coat, then pulls Fiona close. "Don't worry." he puts his forehead on hers. "I'll see you tomorrow." he moves in to kiss her before he heads out the door ... and home.

Fiona closes her eyes for a moment and gently nods when he says "Don't worry." The pressing of his forehead is comforting but it doesn't get rid of her sense of dread as she kisses him sweetly, and definitely more briefly than upstairs against the dresser. She exhales and leans against the door after locking it behind him.

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