Sunday, November 13, 2016

Chief Brate's Homecoming - Susan, Adum and Megan

*****WARNING*****This blog post contains graphic sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.

Susan McKinney grins as she moves in with Adum's test results. "All in the clear, Chief." she reports. "So I am DISCHARGING you today!."

Adum was running through a lot of nothing on his computer when Susan walked in and made the announcement. "Seriously? No joke?" but he closes his laptop without shutting it down and begins to pack it. He reaches for his phone to text Megan, who should be there soon for her daily visit anyway. "Doc says I go home TODAY!" he then looks at Susan. "Where do I sign?"

Susan laughs at his enthusiasm just as an Administrator walks in. "Ask him." she grins. "That's not my department. But I want you to take it easy. Don't go back to work tomorrow. Give that at least a week. Walk around town. The Winter Festival decorations are up, so you'll love that. Go back to work when you feel truly comfortable, alright?"

Adum nods as he signs. "Home. Winter Festival. Home. Vacation. Got it, Doc. Thanks SO much." he is almost gushing.

Megan feels her phone vibrate as she's bringing coffees up for she and Adum and their daily visit. She shifts the tray to one hand and fishes out her phone from her back pocket casually. In an elevator full of people she shrieks with joy. One person in the elevator is an old man on a gurney and he mumbles something nonsensical. Megan looks down at him and whispers "Sorry..." and then bolts out the door on Adum's floor.

She beams at Adum as she runs in but then sees Susan and bombards her with questions "Is there anything we need to watch him for? What about stairs? Do we need any prescriptions? Can we have sex now? i mean not NOW now but you" she talking super fast and clearly excited.

Susan watches Megan and just laughs for a minute, trying to figure out who is more excited, her patient or her patient's wife. "Watch him for confusion. I think we've figured out how he looks when he is making the connection between a name and that face and remembering them." she tells both of them, even though Adum is already shoving things into a bag. "Stairs SHOULD be fine, but the first few times, I would like you to be there in cast his equilibrium is off. Not wobbling off but falling down the stairs off." she shakes her head. "The brain infection is cleared up, but I will have someone run over some pain killers...." she grins. "And leave them in your mailbox." she chuckles. "And sex ......" he pauses dramatically. "I'd suggest waiting until you get home ... provided Adum is .. up to it ... so to speak."

Adum signs one piece of paper and throws something into a bag just to be given another. He scans each sheet, but then signs it, all while packing with the Administrator sort of shadowing him. "Reintroduce myself to the whole town and try not to fall down. But I think I will spent the weekend in bed." he signs the last of the papers, gets his receipts and watches as the Administrator leaves. "Thank you, Doctor. See you around town." he grabs an unzipped bag overflowing with stuff and heads for the door.

Susan places a hand on his chest. "Slow your roll, Chief." she stops him. "We're waiting on your wheelchair. And YOU are not driving home. Did Kitty take the car when she went back to Alexandra Megan?"

Megan grins, taking in all the info and watching Adum pack. she starts gathering up his things too and carrying as much as she can to take the load off him "Babe....take a breath. Alexandra's not running away on you OK?" she turns to Susan "I have the car and I'll drive."

Adum pauses and takes in a breath. "There. I just want to go HOME, baby. Not that Susan hasn't been the best doctor in the world, but I am done with White Rock. He tries to relax, but he wants out of the building so bad he can taste it.

Susan grins as a nurse brings Adum a wheelchair. "I will see you in a week, alright?" and she prepares to wave as Adum seats himself, all ready to go home.

Megan leans over and kisses Adum lightly on the lips, carrying a ton of stuff so she has to stand back up quickly "Thank you Susan...come on let's get you home."

Adum agrees wholeheartedly and takes being wheeled out of the hospital as well as he can. The drive home is very interesting for him. Not only talking to Megan, but looking out of the window, especially on the ferry. and once they drive off of it onto Alexandra Island, he is like a tourist child, his mouth open and staring in wonder at the decorations. The wreaths are up, and he cranes his neck to see the Holiday Merry-Go-Round. and then they are home, and he gets out of the car and stares up at the house, leaning back. In a way seeing Alexandra flooded him with a slew of memories and leaning against the car, he just lets it wash over him.

Megan watches Adum with total adoration, just so glad to have him back beside her at home where they should be. Alexandra has really become her home too now. she dashes in and out of the house loading things and lets him just be until it's all in and she walks over and slips her hand into his "Are you ready to go in?" she asks sweetly.

Adum wasn't really watching Megan flit in and out of the house. He turns on his axis taking in the block and the school. But when she takes his hand, he nods and lets himself be led to the door. he opens it and suddenly scoops Megan up and takes her over that threshold. But he puts her down again, knowing he shouldn't have but ... he isn't over taxing himself. If nothing else, he is bursting at the seams with energy. He looks around the first floor, pleased to see its clean. "Gareth did a good job." he notes and looks up. "What the fuck is that?" he is staring at a hole in the ceiling ... he forgot his suicide attempt when he found out Alison's son wasn't his baby.

Megan eeps when he scoops her up and then gives him a bit of a stern look. Secretly she loves it, it's her Adum back to himself again, but she knows she should be making him rest. She follows his gaze up to the ceiling and then frowns "Let's not start with that. It's a shitty part of the life you forgot....the wife you forgot. Let's focus on the now."

Adum stares up at the ceiling. "She shot at me?" he wonders and then shakes his head. "Well, its getting filled in this weekend. Fuck that shit." he lowers his gaze. "Professor." he sees the oldest cat and then laughs as he feels familiar claws in his jeans. Plucking her off he greets. "Sparkles." he kisses the cat and sets it on the couch. He begins to walk around, looking at the kitchen and then pausing at the bottom of the stairs. Slowly he begins to climb up the stairs, using the railing to assure his balance. In a way its like being in the house for the first time, but so familiar.

Megan walks right behind him, keeping and eye after giving both kitties a greeting scratch each.

In an odd little reversal of roles, Adum checks out each of the rooms, staring in for a long time and then withdrawing his head. Then he actually enters is office and runs a finger across his desk. Then he exits onto the patio and stares out at their back yard. Just taking it all in.

Megan follows at more of a distance once he's safely upstairs, knowing it's all part of the process of his healing and being both patient and grateful. There were too many sad days where she had feared being in this house alone, or worse, packing it all up because she wouldn't be able to stand it.

Adum turns from the view of the back yard and moves to the other side. In his head, he can work to bring the names of the residents of each and every townhouse he can see and then takes Megan's hand and silently leads her back into the house and then into their bedroom. He looks around the room and turns to the sound of kittens. "Voldemort." he chuckles and looks at his wife. "Volermort had kittens." he says pulling her into his arms for a kiss. "I swear that was a bigger shock than getting shot in the damn head." he keeps hold of her hand. "Downstairs." he murmurs, carefully going back down the stairs to look around the living room again. He moves to the couch and eases himself into it. "This is the first place we made love." he remembers, stroking the couch softly. He loos up at her. "You are the only woman I remember loving, Megan." he tells her. "Thanks for sticking by me. You never left my side." he blinks away a tear as emotions come forth.

Megan walks with him and giggles when he says Voldemort had kittens and then kisses him back. she walks with him downstairs, staying quiet, just letting him talk it through as it comes. When he sits one the couch she snuggles in beside him and then takes him into her arms as he gets emotional "You're the only man I've ever loved Adum...and I'm not going anywhere." She holds him tightly.

Adum smiles at her and holds her close. "You better not. I don't want to think of how much WORSE I can screw things up than the last five weeks almost." his hand drifts to her breast. "I'm sorry for putting you through it all." he leans in to kiss her, massaging her breast and moving his hand along her hip searching for bare flesh to touch.

Megan looks at him fiercely "You did NOT screw anything up..." She grins as his hand moves to her breast "But I think you should always feel me up when you feel the need to apologize for anything..." She kisses him back and starts letting her hands wander under the edge of his shirt now too, rolling her body to his at the same time.

Adum nuzzles her neck. "I didn't before?" he sounds annoyed with himself. "That needs to change." he slides one hand into her jeans, just needing to hear her pleasure. Was it as wonderful sound as he remembers.

Megan moans as soon as his hand makes contact and then kisses his neck hard as he goes on "Oh god Adum.....just like haven't forgotten..."

Adum remembers the feel. The feeling of the elastic of her thong. The sound of her pleasure. Shimmying out of his shirt, he sinks to his knees and works to get her pants off, complete with the thong if he can. He spreads her and pulls her towards him, then looks long and inhales deeply. The memories hit him like a train and he closes his eyes for several seconds before reopening them, liiking up at her and telling her. "I love you so much Megan Brate." before dropping his head to taste the wife he hasn't had in over a month.

Megan freezes up a bit as he takes her thong and moves in to taste her "Adum, I'm sorry...I didn't know it was today.....I'm not...groomed..." she says self consciously. She's read far too many beauty myth magazines about what women should be doing and looking like down there and while Adum was in hospital she didn't make it a priority at all to keep it up. She cups his head in her hands "I could sort it all out fast though..."

Adum shakes his head, even as she cups it. "I love it." he replies. He will part her lips, if she doesn't push him away like a mugger and take a long and slow lick, closing his eyes and moaning. "Memories .... so many memories ..." he takes another, trying not to move too fast, but it is like a hunger is overwhelming him.

Megan slides down to meet his waiting tongue and gasps "Ok we're can have me any way it works out..." She smiles and then cries out softly.

Adum moans softly, licking and sucking with a gentle nip thrown in for spice. Smell and taste were powerful memory triggers, he is finding out and again he is flooded ... in the best possible way with memories of this woman.

Megan is breathing hard and caresses Adum's face. She presses against him. He's getting her there faster than she'd like but she's missed this so much. Her own hands just weren't his, or his tongue. He legs wrap around him lightly at the shoulders and she moans over and over, getting to a really happy place. He could hold her there for a while if he wanted to or push her into absolute bliss in no time flat.

Adum moans again as she envelopes his head with her legs. brushing his lips against her, he gasps again and groans, lifting his head to look at her bliss, shaking very slightly as he parts the hairs and moves back in, attempting to tease as he plays with the button he's always had so much fun with.

Megan shudders and writhes like he's driving her wild, moaning, almost screaming and gripping the couch now like she's on the verge of exploding. She's soaking his face now. He's got her so hot and ready to go.

Adum doesn't stop, her moaning melding with his and increasing his flicking of her clit, heedless of his now wet face. He inhales and can hardly believe his own pleasure.

Megan's waves of pleasure crash through her from the centre and out in all directions, crashing on Adum and his glorious efforts to make them happen. She screams again several times in ecstasy and then it calms to an almost whimper as her whole body begins to slowly relax.

Adum thrashes with her, riding it out and getting in a few last licks in the process. As her body begins to relax, he lowers his head to her stomach and begins to chuckle.

Megan is trying to catch her breath, gasping as she asks "Wasofunny?" on an exhale.

Adum looks up at her. "You, Mrs Brate." he replies. "Are not the only one who came." and he blushes. His jeans are still securely on. "I need a shower. I haven't done THIS since I was in high school." he shakes his head and lifts himself to kiss her before he heads for the bathroom for a shower and hopefully a long enough break he can stand and deliver.. "Don't move, wife!"

Megan puts her legs down and giggles at him "Fuck that's hot....mmm more in a bit....can't I meet you in bed?"

Adum hears her and calls back as he gets in the bathroom and shower. "Anywhere you want, my love." he strips naked and showers. A little slower than he normally would but faster than he did in the hospital when he still felt so dizzy that for a week he wanted Megan outside listening for the thud. He'd only fallen once and Megan and one of the nurses had had to help him. He appreciated it, but it was still one of the deeper shames that his memory held onto. Out of the shower, he dries off and looks at himself in the mirror once he hangs his towel neatly to dry, His hair is still growing but he expects it might take another month before he needs a haircut. Naked he moves back into his bedroom, hearing the mewls and ignoring them. Four kittens. Right now, he was in the mode to make ONE baby. Or go through the motions.

Megan was already in the bed, naked between the sheets. She casually says "I should probably mention I went off the pill.....but it could still take awhile, years for some people right?" She's totally on the same page and trying not to get her hopes up for a fast result.

Adum gets in the bed and listens to her. "Yes. My parents tried for a coupe of years before I came along." he nods and lays down pulling her close. "Then again maybe we should reconsider even this whole sax thing. We have the crazy lady. We're the Cat Family. They can be our kids. Congrats, Grandma." he says deadpan and closes his eyes. "I'm probably too tired to get it up again anyway."

Megan looks at him earnestly "If you really need rest, I won't push Adum, but if you want to...I can probably get you ready again." She licks her lips and smiles seductively at him.

Adum turns his head to look at her. "I have been resting for damn near five weeks, woman. I want my wife." her seductive look gets him every time .. then again on a day like this one her I have something to tell you and promise me you won't get mad look probably would as well.

Megan starts kissing him again, rolling on top of him and starting to work her magic. She's just pinched his nipple and started sucking on his earlobe when their bed is suddenly invaded by kittens clawing their way up like little ninjas. Little eyes watch them, a few paw at the covers and tackle each other like Megan is initiating some rolling game with them all.

Adum feels his wife and is just getting onto the kissing when he feels little weights on the covers and then on him and then on their bed. He stops kissing Megan and looks down the bed, reaching to pick out the snow white one. "Where is your mother?" he demands. "Out trying to make more of you I bet. I have half a mind to take you all to the vet right NOW!" he looks at the mewling kitten and then at Megan. "If I am going to have five pussies in my bed with me, I am glad one of them is you, but ........" he motions to them in a silent plea for them to go somewhere ... anywhere works.

Megan giggles and then looks around them and fins a roll of tissue by the bed...kleenex on a roll. She throws it across the room and the four fuzzballs take the bait. She sacrifices the toilet paper roll for their moment, hearing it get batted and shredded as she doesn't miss a beat. Soon her mouth finds Adum's cock and sucks on the tip as he hand begins to rub beneath her mouth.

Adum watches as the kittens take the bait. "Damn kids ..." he begins a moment before he is engulfed. "Damn Megan." he can feel himself reacting immediately and suddenly he is very glad of his moment of weakness in his jeans. He will last a bit longer now. He lifts the sheet and peers under them at her.

Megan makes a good show of it, knowing his love of a visual connection. She makes eye contact and licks where he can see and then just when he thinks she's doing one thing she takes it all in her mouth again, deep throating him...wanting it all.

Adum can watch for a bit but the moment she deep throats him, his head falls back. "Megan...." he moans, feeling himself get as hard as he's ever been it seems. He reaches for her shoulders and tries to pull her off and up for a deep kiss, rolling them over so he is on top and sliding a hand between her legs to see is she is still ready for him.

Megan is still wet from before and streaming anew. She moves her legs around him and smiles "Let's make a baby...or try."She kisses him deeply.

Adum smiles down at her. "I'll do my best." he moves his hand from her to himself and guides himself inside of her, groaning loud and loudly as he does. He isnt even remotely worried he will scare the kittens. They have toilet paper. He has Megan. Fair trade.

Megan lets out a little whimper "God that feels so whole body missed yours Adum.." Her body rises to meet his in the push pull dance that feels connected in so many more ways right now than she can describe.

Adum slides into her and begins to move. His memory is flooded with more Megan and he swallows hard. "I love you, Megan ... for ever .. before and after and every second in between." he moans moving his hand under her to lift her a bit.

Megan smiles "Back atcha. I love you Adum." she lifts at his prompting and then slides her legs around him and up his back, getting him deeper, rocking him from underneath and letting out a moan.

Adum moans as he goes deeper, enjoying every bit of her, his hands wandering, getting to know the feel of her skin under his fingers. He gets no his knees and moves his hands to her hips, grasping her and moving in and out of her with an audible slap of flesh against flesh. Watching her under him is one of lifes most beautiful things.

Megan looks almost trance like as she rocks against him, the slapping of flesh making her gasp and moan and contort in a new level of ecstasy. "Oh god Adum.."

Adum thrusts into her moving one if his hands to her clit. "Yes, my love?" he is panting, but trying to keep his voice as casual as possible given his level of pleasure. He moves his thumb left and right as her body moves back and forth.

Megan smiles. She knows this move. She loves this move. She shudders against him with another moan and then gives him a small squeze from the inside, just tiny.

Adum smiles and continues the motions, moaning loudly as she tightens around him. It isn't her orgasm, but feels like her way of bringing him to the edge so they can cum almost at the same time. And he loves it. "My Megan ...." he groans, feeling her technique working perfectly.

Megan is getting closer but she's not there. She feels the waves beginning though an a magic to it tonight, almost like the first time they had but different. Maybe it's because of the time apart, Adum's very close call and just being grateful, but there's more, a spark of sorts in the air around them. She times her little squeezes as she gets closer, looking at him on top of her, loving him, feeling like they simply are love.

Adum is trembling slightly and sweating a good bit. He looks down at her as they make love and he is again overwhelmed by so much love and gratitude. Whether its just the lovemaking or some new part of his life, he feels more sensitive than ever before.

Megan starts to get overwhelmed by the waves, squeezing more, moaning louder again, surrendering to it, to him, to the universe. She whispers his name "Adum..." and then cries out over and over again thrusting and squeezing hard fast and tight on him.

It is the sound of her voice calling his name. He cries out "Megan ..." and he thrusts and holds as he cums deeply inside of her ... something he has never done before. He holds her in that position as his own orgasm subsides and looks down at her. "Christ I love you."

Megan cums right with him and then holds onto him as he finishes inside her, giggling and a little teary eyed "I love you too......that was....I don't have a word that's good enough for what that was..."

Adum reaches for her face to caress it. "That was the beginning of the rest of our lives as a married couple?" he offers. "We had our sickness ... no more of that I hope." he grins, not wanting to withdraw, so he carefully slides down the bed until she is on her back and he is propped up over her.

Megan allows for the slide but grabs his hips holding him in her and nods and then says "I like could just stay in there for an hour and I'd be fine with that."

Adum grins. "I could live with that too." he admits and lays his head on her chest. He catches a glimpse of white. "What the ..." and he turns his head in the other direction. "Nope .. didn't see a thing ... not a thing ...."

Megan snuggles into Adum, running her hands through his very short hair "Mmm?'

Adum looks at the wall closing his eyes as she plays with his hair. The scar at the back of his skull is forming nicely. His hair covers it very well. "Your grandkids look like they had a party on Halloween. Can I arrest them now?" he snorts. "Look at the floor, Megan."

Megan turns her head and laughs "Oh...bad kitties...course it was a worthy sacrifice for this....but where are they....I'm sorry." She pulls up on his hips, easing him out and makes to go check "We should probably..."

Adum blindly reaches out to pull her back into bed. "Not today." he protests. "I'll follow the trail later ... ground the little monsters and make their appointment to get them all fixed. Later." it is a change for him. Today he just wants to be home with his wife.

Megan concedes and lies back down with him "Ok.....they've been on their own most of the time so far. They'll be alright." This was Adum's first night back home, their night and proper start as a married couple, without anything to halt that again.

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