Monday, November 21, 2016

Teen Monday Nov 21 Addy, Vincent, Fi, L, Owen

Addison OBrian giggles, holding the door for Vincent and Fiona and ordering the special to be brought to the table.

Vincent DiAntoni leads Fiona in, as a man may his blind girlfriend to the table to sit, as she is absorbed.

 Fiona Reinhardt reads the text, scrolling down after Vincent leads her "This guy....goes to our school right? Knows his Harry Potter...very good....." She laughs "He's kind of a goof...."

Addison OBrian giggles. "Well, he's got it in the sports but honestly ... I don't think he's gonna make it in the academic department." she holds up her hand. "I'm not saying he's stupid, but he's slow and as you can see... NO filter. NONE." she's smiling brightly. Keep reading .. down to the end!" commands she who had in plans to go to the winter formal.

Elena Horatio walks in behind the group almost like in a dream .. she leans on the counter looking at the what is offered. and then in softly delicate tone says 'Ill have ze strawbery cheezecake , merci ' she say softly .. she has earbud in one of her ear that has a pink cat the glimmers abit .. "a tea .. she say softy ' as after thought '

Vincent DiAntoni looks with interest on the plate. He can tell Addy is interested in this guy. "Big redhead, right? I saw him, but that's about it." he isn't on any sports teams, but can play. "But it's hockey season now, isn't it?" he watches L enter and order.

Fiona Reinhardt scrolls to the bottom and eeps "Shit Addy, your Dad's gonna kill are you going to pull this one?" She hears L's voice and turns with a little smile. It was a skirt today, a nice one. She looked thoughtful and turned to Vincent "Yeah my brothers are there...which means I shouldn't have to...." She looks out the window and frowns "What the....." Owen seems to be just wandering about, aimlessly.

 Owen Reinhardt walks by and presses his face up to the glass and keeps going.

 Addison OBrian spies L come in and order, Then she squees a little. "Dad is already thinking he is just a kid in a man body ... Harmless." she sighs. "And he thinks I'm a kid anyway. But it means I get to go to the formal!" she smiles and then looks mildly panicked, but then curious. "Where the hell is Owen going?"

Elena Horatio looks around bobbing her head a bit to the music and spots them and waves with finger and wander slowly her moves almost graceful as she stands tall not like her usual.. slumping when she is in her male mode ..she stops short a bit of the table

Vincent DiAntoni watches Owen go by. "That's your little brother, right?" he wonders aloud and then looks at Addy. "Wait .. a man? What is this guy? In his 20's?" he looks between them, not understanding this girl speak. "But that DOES remind me Fiona, would you like to go to the formal? Like ... with me?" he wants her to say yes, even though hes not sure he has 'formal' clothing in his very limited wardrobe.

Fiona Reinhardt frowns out the window and then hands Addy back her phone "Let me see what's going on. Dad told me to keep an eye...I mean they're not little children....but they are my therefore ANYTHING can happen." She sends off a quick text that just says "Dorkface! Bakery!" in full view of her friends. She looks up at Addy "Did your him?" She smiles at L "Cute skirt. I've been meaning to tell you all day. Come join us?" She looks scrutinously at Vincent "That depends Minstrel. Do" There is clearly a correct answer to this question but Fiona is not revealing where she's going with this. Addy will know that in fact Fiona does not dance and a boy who does is just taxing to her.

Addison OBrian looks at L and smiles. "Girl mode, right?" she calls over, motioning over to the table. She realizes she never got the chance to tell Fi and Vincent about L's view of L but maybe this would help L open up, or they would always be confused and distant. She sighs and takes her phone back. "Not yet. I'm arranging a meeting so .... I'm not buying a dress yet." she confesses. "He's 18 so ..... God knows what Dad will think. But he can't say anything .. my mother is s20 years younger than he is for fucks sake."

 Elena Horatio smiles for 'a while .. I don't have long ' she chime 'merci ' she say softly smiling a bit "I have to meet someone in bit and I cant be late.. ' she say softly mysteriously even ..she chuckle 'oui, I guess but .. just call me L and treat as you would my masculine counterpart .. 'she smiles and sits

Owen Reinhardt walks in holding out his phone at Fiona to reveal her text and then plunks down at the table and just picks up a cupcake and takes a bite like he's at home in their kitchen. He smiles through the icing now on his face at the others and winks at Addy.

Vincent DiAntoni blinks at Fiona and turns red "I ... well ... um .." he stammers. "Does standing on my nonna's feet in church when I was six count? If so I TOTALLY dance. But .. if we're being more honest ... um ... no." there its out. He is not Michael Jackson or Prince. He PLAYS music, he doesn't DANCE to it. His eyes fly to Fiona. "Well, your 15 .. he's 18 ... that's only 3 years." then he stares at L. "Masculine counterpart? Wait? You have a twin brother?"

Fiona Reinhardt beams at Vincent "Right answer. I accept." She gives him a little smile and then nods at Addy before looking curiously at L and then just saying "Cool...Yin yang." When Owen comes in and just takes a cupcake she gives him a death glare and just barks "Thieving Vermin...why aren't you at hockey with Seamus?"

Addison OBrian looks at Vincent and just laughs at his comment and then hits him when he asks if L has a brother. "No .. God ... really?" she blows out a breath and smiles at Owen, reaching out to play with his hair.

Elena Horatio laugh softly 'something like that .. except in the same person and the same person .. almost.. im bigender .. ' she say with a fluerish of her pinky in the air . she calls out 'S'il vous plaƮt can you make that to go.. merci '

Owen Reinhardt keeps eating but pretends like he's a puppy lapping up Addison's hair playing and makes little Scooby esque noises before retorting back to Fi "Practice at 6 thank you." He looks at Vincent with a smirk "This one's candy cane...chunks all through." He glances at the girl in pink talking about bi gender, eyes her pinky in the air and then grabs another cupcake and looks like he wants to come at the pinky icing first "Loook....chocolate....."

Vincent DiAntoni beams. "Good. Thanks." he looks relieved, even though he has a date with her ... another date with her ... for the very next weekend but this extends them into the next month. He watches Owen take a cupcake and takes one for himself. So this was one of Fi's younger brothers. He looks at L .. all confusion. "As long as you can both play the cello and don't expect to be paid individually, I don't really care." he admits, but it is good to finally know. He takes Owen's suggestion, motioning for another plate. He then pops first one in his mouth followed by another as Mizz Z comes with yet another platter of mini holiday cupcakes.

 Fiona Reinhardt takes a cupcake now and eyes her brother "For anyone who doesn't know...this is Owen, my brother. Don't feed him after midnight, don't offer him water, and don't expose him to sunlight. He looks sweet now.....but we all know what happens to Gremlins." She puts her foot against Vincent's under the table since he sounded so relieved. She'll have to explain her own dance phobia's later.

Addison OBrian twists some of Owens hair around her finger., then undoes it and pats his cheek. "SO cute." she smiles and takes a cupcake before the males eat them all. "And he now goes to OUR school." she all but beams. Pulling out her camera, she takes a close up picture of Owen's long hair. "And this hair will sell like crazy. Maybe 5 bucks a loc .. maybe 10?" she looks at Fiona as if this is a business they may have discussed before.

Elena Horatio: looks at him her eyebrow raise but just sits and watches .. the facepalms at vincent remark . 'im the same person .. mon ami.. 'she say soflty exhales like trying to get her composure.. 'but oui .. I play the cello and there is only one of me.. just two different genders.. ' she say empathizing the I abit harsh then she smiles 'comprendre" she exhale slowly and turns to Owen "ello . ' she say soflty watching him half amused.. " she looks at them back and forth her eyebrow seems stuck in an arch from the bewilderment of this new group

Owen Reinhardt holds the cupcake he was trying to offer her and just sets it down in front of her, kind of looking her over. He'd heard of transgender but bigender was new to him. He ignorantly but not unkindly just asks "So it that like a hermaphrodite? Like a he she?" He looks at her sweetly and nods at the cupcake like an animal nudging an offering.

Vincent DiAntoni still looks confused at the gender thing. "Whatever works?" he offers. He knows what HIS life would be like that and it scares him. Absently he rubs his own leg against Fi's "You're cool by me." he looks between Owen and Fi. "So your going to our school means . you guys moved already? Or in the process or ...." not that he planned to watch from his window or anything. he looks up and sees Joey and Daisy passing by, apparently surgically attached.

Fiona Reinhardt gives Owen a bit of a look at his blunt question and seems about to chastise him when she sees Daisy and Joey and grumbles something about body bags. She shakes her head around and giggles at Addy's picture taking "Yes I keep telling him to condition...." She smiles at L "I think it's awesome." And then turns to Vincent "We should technically be packing...but no one tell our parents. We can move by the weekend. Logan's already done."

Addison OBrian chuckles. "It could pay for your college." she offers. "And you'd look hot with a shaved head." she glances at L with a nod of encouragement, letting her explain herself to Owen if she wants to. She follows the gaze and sees Daisy. "How can she not know? She has to KNOW?" then she blinks. "Logan moved already? What?" again still distracted.

Elena Horatio: facepalms.. 'no it isn't .. she say softly 'gender an sex are to different things. .. ' her alarm on her phone beeps .. ' gender is what is in your mind and your sex is what nature made you at birth .. ' she says looking towards the door then the miss z trying to not be impatient .. and having to try hard to do so.. 'so sorry to go .. " she dashes off with out even her order.

Owen Reinhardt gives his sister a "What" kind of look and then listening to L. He takes a cupcake like he needs it to think and then when L gets up suddenly he looks at Addy, Vincent and Fi and asks awkwardly "I hope I didn't.....was that a bad question?"

Vincent DiAntoni grins. "Well, then by all means ... go and pack." he takes yet another cupcake. But he bumps Fi's foot with his to show he is joking. "Need any help?" he is definately teasing on that one, not yet ready to face her father. He watches L explain and then leve and looks at Owen, as lost as he is. "I wish I knew ....." he admits.

Fiona Reinhardt sighs "I dunno Owen. I wouldn't ask it....but she...I mean...I guess she right now WAS talking about it. Just don't ask anyone about their junk OK? I still remember that drag queen in Gastown. I know you were younger....but"

Addison OBrian looks between the boys and just shakes her head. "Google it, guys." she advises. and giggles at the drag queen thing. She watches them eating cupcakes like its their own personal eating contest Then she grins at Fiona. "Vincent could help you pack your dresser." she teases.

 Owen Reinhardt beams at Addy "I WILL google it. Mom got us a book but it wasn't very specific. I guess she thought we were a little young." He looks at Vincent with a bit of camaraderie "That woman or whatever in Gastown was totally in a bikini was all real up top...but then the voice and the 5 o'clock shadow. And to be fair.....I WAS 7!" He gives Addy a cheeky look about the dresser and keeps eating.

Vincent DiAntoni nods. "Good idea, Addy." then is is COMLETELY distracted by Owen. "Seriously? Thats ... a hermaphrodite or ... was it um .. what's it called? Trangendered? Gonna ... you now. SNIP?" he looks uncomfortable.

Fiona Reinhardt rolls her eyes at both her brother and her boyfriend "Guys....don't make me get that book out. It's not as vague as you remember Owen." She blushes looking at Addy "I'll pack my own underwear, thanks. Maybe Vincent can help me with...uh posters, and my desk..."

Addison OBrian barely manages to swallow before the boys exchange words, then she laughs. "Oh come ON .. its not like anyone is gonna smip you guys ...." he looks at Owen. "Unless ... that's your thing ....." she looks at Fi and nods. "I'm sure that would be fine, wouldn't it, Vincent.?"

Owen Reinhardt's eyes went wide when Vincent said snip and wider still when Addy said it again. He looks at Fiona helplessly "Well I only really looked at the pictures. They weren't very good. Not everyone figured out reading as fast as you Fi." He says it with a bit of muted envy."

Vincent DiAntoni turns beet red again. "Sure ... If you need my help" he hesitates. "ANd it's okay with yoru parents ... I'd love to help you move .. your furniture ... and .. posters. Absolutely." he looks down at the table cloth and takes another cupcake. Then he looks at Owen. "PICTURES?" he sounds alarmed and curious all at the same time.

Fiona Reinhardt just laughs now "Oh you could help Owen pack the books....and let mom and dad meet you while you read that one...." She snorts at Addy "What is Kit short for anyway? Or is it just Kit?"

Addison OBrian laughs even harder. "You two are as much fun as Kit, I'm telling you." she looks at Fiona. "Maybe its just a male thing?" she wonders. She pulls out her phone and does a quick search, handing it to Vincent. "Hermaphrodite. Nude." she sounds completely innocent. As she whows him the picture she looks at Fi. "Kitsune." she replies. "Apparently his family worked at Disney in Florida so ... yeaaaaa."

Owen Reinhardt starts to ask "Who's Ki..." and then when Addy does her search he looks like he's craning to see over the table at the phone with desperate curiosity.

Vincent DiAntoni looks and remains red. Tearin his eyes away he blindly pushes the picture in Owen's direction and nods. "Sure. I'd love to help .. and .. and meet your ... parents .... "

 Fiona Reinhardt casually glances at the picture and then starts giggling at Vincent "You gonna be OK Minstrel? I promise you I have no surprises...." she nudges his knee again with hers "Great day to meet my folks huh?" She winks at Addy "Want to witnesses this one?"

Addison OBrian watches and laughs again, turning her phone to Owen. "Pictures! Video! I'd love to see that!" she admits.

Owen Reinhardt takes the phone and just marvels "That's actually what I thought. Chicks with" He looks up as if just realizing he said it out loud and blushes, suddenly passing Addy back her phone with a throat clearing.

Vincent DiAntoni blinks. "Yea Boss. I'm fine. Um .." he shakes his head. "I am ready to meet your parents. How hard can it be after my Dad?" he wonders. "Just tell me when and I will be there." he sounds ready and confident. Mostly.

Fiona Reinhardt throws a cupcake wrapper at Owen "Pig..." and then answers Vincent "Come by after supper?" She extends the invite to Addy with a glance.

Addison OBrian takes her phone back, deletes the search and shakes her head. "If you become famous and have lots of money, we will revisit this conversation while we negotiate the amount of money you will give me NOT to tell your mother you EVER said 'Chicks with dicks', okay?" she blinks. "Oh that reminds me, I better get Dad's dinner on and delivered to him. He doesnt want whats on the menu at the bar." and she stands up. "See you two lager and Owen .... study hard. I'm high maintenance." and she gets set to head out.

Owen Reinhardt blushes deeper and then his head jerks back as she says study hard. Study what? He looks back to Fiona like he's thinking about asking her and then thinks better of it and looks at Vincent "Come for dinner. We always have too much. Seamus and I are cooking tonight....ah shit he's still in hockey....I have to figure out what to make." He looks at his sister "How much KD do we have? I was thinking a big pot of that....jazzed up you know...with stuff in it..."

Vincent DiAntoni nods and blows out a breath. "After supper. Right. I will be there." he seems to be gathering himself and then Owen INVITES him to dinner. "Um .... sure ...." he figures if hes invited by Owen, it HAS to be alright. "I probably need to get out of my good clothes." he stands and gets back into his black pea coat, then looks at Owen as if considering then leans in to kiss Fiona, even in front of her brother. Softly and even with tongue if she doesn't object.

Fiona Reinhardt had waved to Addy and mouthed "Later." She looks worriedly at her brother and his plans for the mac and cheese and subjecting Vincent and then stands with a sigh and kisses Vincent back, because she will do so every chance she gets to. After she does she tugs him in close and whispers "I'm sorry in advance about the've been warned. See you in a bit."

Owen Reinhardt pretends to shield his eyes but is laughing so he clearly doesn't care. As Vincent goes he calls out "Tonight we feast!"

Vincent DiAntoni chuckles and nods. "Yeaaaa." he whispers back and grabs his bag, heading out the door. "Hot damn!"  calls back eagerly, then jogs home to change into moving clothes, trying to figure out how to look presentable in ratty clothes.

Fiona Reinhardt gathers her backpack and nudges at Owen "Please don't kill my new boyfriend with your cooking."

Owen follows her and laughs "Relax, will you? I got it covered."

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