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The Reinhardt Clan at Home - Fiona, Addison, Seamus, Owen, John, Logan

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Fiona Reinhardt lies half upside down on the couch in the living room, reading her phone and texting to various friends. The door opens and her two younger brothers clomp in, kicking off shoes and dropping big backpacks in the front entrance like they weighted a thousand pounds. The two wrestle laptops out of the backpacks leaving them open and spilling out across the shoe pile.

Fi looks up like a cat just waking "Hello boys. Don't leave that stuff there or Dad will shit a cat."

Owen walks up to her talks over her face "Thanks Fi....he's still awhile. Wanna play on the X-box with us?"

Fi shakes her head "No thanks. I'm busy."

Owen shrugs "Come on Shay (meaning Seamus). I figured out how to beat that boss fight."

Addison O'Brian walks along 4th street with her backpack over her shoulder, still both smiling and sniffling. She climbs the steps and reaches out, finding the door unlocked. That makes her frown a bit, considering her father is a retired police officer. SHe opens the door. "Fi, you forgot to ..." is as far as she gets before her feet get entangled in bags and she sprawls over it with an "oof". she hears the sounds of video gaming and looks around, realizing that Fi's brothers must be home. Untangling herself, she gets out of her shoes and finds a place for them. Then she stands and moves in, plopping near Fiona on a free piece of couch with a deep sigh.

Seamus barely registers the newcomer, so engrossed is he in the boss level with his brother.

Fi looks up from her phone as Addy comes in and smiles at her " wasn't me it was THEM." She kicks at the side of Own as her two brothers sit on the floor playing. "How's he doing?" sh asks with concern in her voice.

Owen just shifts over a bit and ignores the kick "Holy shit cover me...I'm going for the legs....this things is unstoppable!" Absently he mutters "Hi Addy..."

Just then John pushes the door open into the mess at the front and grumbles. He manages to step around the mess and hang up his jacket and put his shoes away under it and then steps into the living room and stands over the boys with folded arms "Ahem..." He gives Addison and Fiona a little smile while he waits for acknowledgment from his sons.

Logan Reinhardt comes in right behind his father and rolls his eyes as he drops his own bag in a far more convenient place and gets out of his shoes while his father tries to get the attention of his brothers. he looks over at Fiona and Addison with curiously raised brows. "Hey Addison." he greets their guest.

Seamus just barely looks up, raising a hand towards his father. "Hey Dad." he continues to cover his brother as if he may actually die if he does not.

Addison leans back into the couch. "Hey Mister Reinhardt, hey Logan." she greets them first and then looks at Fiona. "Better. We watched the parade. And cried together ... again." she grins and places a hand on her Cubs shirt. "Dr McKinney says he will probably be able to come home on Monday, if it's alright for me to stay here until then, Mister R? I know I can go home but ... its ... I just ... can't ... ya know." she sniffs. She's been crying off and on since Wednesday when she watched the Cubs win the World Series .. and fifteen minutes later her father having a heart attack.

John squats down beside the gamers and shouts "Pause!" and then stands back up again and says firmly "And put your stuff away properly."

Owen jumps and his character gets eaten by a giant troll like medieval monster and dies "Aww man......Dad...." He sees his father's expression and quits his whining, dropping the controller and walking to the doorway.

Fi stifles a laugh at her brothers and waves at Logan before turning to Addison "Of course you can stay! Right Dad?"

John gives a little grin at the girls "Yeah yeah." He looks at the clock on the DVD player and heads for the kitchen, doing some mental math and taking 2 pounds of ground turkey out of the freezer. He'll make a big batch of spaghetti for the kids and then hope to god they can agree on a movie.

Seamus opens his mouth to protest, but sees his older brother getting in trouble and, being youngest doesn't always buy him favors. "OK, Dad. He gets up to put his stuff away neatly. Of course his idea of neat and Owen's idea of neat tend to be a bit different than their father's idea of neat. He begins to lug things up to their room.

Logan watches them, but moves to the couch. "So it IS true?" he muses. "I thought it was just more Scribbler crap." he sits down and watches his Dad. "So you've been here since then? Worlds longest sleepover?" he teases.

Addison nods. "Only Dr McKinney understands. She isn't a Cubs fan, but she is a Chicagoian, so she knows the history and all. I mean don't you guys have hockey fans who will divorce each other and abandon their family for sports?" she sounds curious.

Fi smiles wryly "Addy, did you forget the Canucks losing hockey riot a few years back? We're just as nuts here. Don't get me wrong, I support a good riot, but hockey?" She laughs "I swear baseball is some kinda religion for your family though. Fanatical."

John listened to his younger boys head to put their packs away. He stood in the kitchen chopping onions, garlic, mushrooms, green pepper and zucchini; his usual combo with ground meat and tomato sauce for his hearty spaghetti. He overheard Logan from the other room mention the Scribbler and frowned thinking of what else was in it. . His employee, Tom, who he'd liked immediately. How could it be true that Tom had killed someone. Friendly, funny, and a steadfast hard worker was the Tom O'Leary he knew. He sighed and kept chopping.

Logan laughs. "Hey .... that game was historical, too." he defends hockey fans everywhere.

Addison smiles and giggles again. "Well, FI ... my name IS Addison." she reminds her friend. "Wrigley Field, where the Cubs play, is on the corner of Clark and Addison. If I had a brother, he would be named Clark." she giggles. "And it is sort of a religion. But I was raised on it. My mother." she snorts. "Blasphemer." but she giggles after she says it.

Fi laughs "We need to write you a personal ad looking for a good Clark...who is a Cubs fan of course." She teases and then snorts at Logan "Historically letting the rest of Canada know what bad losers we can be."

John has everything sizzling in the pan now and starts chopping the last of the seasons's herbs from his garden; fresh basil and oregano. The house is starting to smell very tasty.

Meanwhile upstairs, Owen dumps his bag on his bunk and then starts looking at his phone. He starts laughing at a message from someone and then looks up at Seamus "You done?"

Addison giggles and looks a little dreamy. "Oh Clark. You're handsome .. and your rich .. and you have bought me the moon ... but .. seriously .. dude .. the MARLINS?" and she cracks up.

Logan inhales of the food in lieu of sighing. "Hey, a Canadian knows when the fight it worth it," he raises his voice. "Right Dad?"

Seamus does one better and spreads all of the contents of his bag on his bed, and even smooths them evenly. "Yup. Let's go, smells good down there!"

John hears Logan as he dumps two boxes of spaghetti noodles into a large pot and chuckles, calling back "Damn straight. Hey does anyone feel like setting the table or making a salad? Kinda lonely in here kids."

Fi laughs heartily at Addison's commentary "They need a sports related dating service online. Matches made on the field." she hops up and walks to the kitchen at her father's request "That smells good." She opens the fridge, taking out lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers and sets them on the counter, digging for two cutting boards, two knives and a big salad bowl. She places them out and starts slicing the cucumber after washing it.

Owen smirks at his brother's unpacking and makes a beeline right back to the gaming controls.

Seamus comes thundering down the stairs after his brother, slipping the last five steps and crashing into the wall between the bottom of the stairs and the kitchen wall.

Logan also rises and heads into the kitchen to get plates and silverware in order to set the table. "Any more guests for dinner?" he asks, teasing. "The Cubs starting lineup? Dad always makes plenty."

Addison giggles and moves to help make the salads. "Oh ... some of them are kinda cute ..." she muses. "I wonder if I could get them to come visit Dad. They're the ones who caused his heart attack." she knows it will never happen, but a girl can dream.

John peeks around the corner at the crashing "Hey Turbo! Watch it. you ok kid?" He's kind of laughing and then answers Logan "You five are enough for one night." He sees Owen settling in with a game controller and looks between the two younger boys "Found my dish pit crew. Lazy butts get the crappy jobs."

Owen groans but then nods, begrudgingly.

John smiles at Addison "Don't suggest it. Petey might just ask them and then you'd have to feed them all."

Fi grins as she dumps the cukes into the bowl and reaches for the lettuce head to take it to wash "But if you do, and they are cute, call me to come over."

John gives Fi a mock stern look and stirs the pasta pot.

Seamus calls out, diving into position beside Owen. "I'm OK." and then he beams. "Dishes, all right!" he loves playing in the water, even if it was technically work.

Logan chuckles. "That sounds like a threat, Dad." he grins, setting the places carefully.

Addison grins. "I definitely will!" she assures her bestie. "Don't worry, Mr R. I'm a cops daughter ... and Fi is a cops niece ... and we can BOTH take care of ourselves, can't we Fi?" for a moment her mind flashes to a few of the more aggressive boys in town and one in particular and the tomato feels the wrath.

John turns toward Logan as he grabs a colander and just grins before placing it in the sink and draining the pasta. Steam fills the kitchen around where John is standing and his face is moistened by it, mustache glistening as he combines pasta and sauce now. He answers Addison and Fi without looking at them "I know you girls are no damsels in distress, thank the gods and good parenting. Fi can go get the Parmesan from the fridge for the table.

Fi pretends to look faint "Oh ...but it's so heavy...I might need to call a man to lift it..." she jokes at her Dad's smarmy comment as she goes and grabs it, pretending she has to haul it like a huge sack of grain or a body bag. With Fi the reference is probably a body bag really.

Owen snorts at Seamus and mutters "Kiss ass...." before his controller freezes up in the game and his character can't move "What the hell come on!!"

Seamus sticks out his tongue and then the game freezes, unfreezing just in time to kill his brother. "Karma." he smirks.

Logan chuckles at his sister. "My idea of help would be more going to law school. You're gonna need a good attorney someday little sister. I can just sense it."

Finishing the tomatoes, Addison offers to tip them in the salad bowl. Laughing at her friend she gushes at Logan "Oh, a LAWYER." then she sighs. "But you're a hockey fan. Man I'm gonna be single forever!" he predicts.

Fi gives Addison an exasperated look about her gushing at Logan and then rolls her eyes with a giggle as she puts the Parmesan down. she replies to Logan with a royal wave off "You work on that. And storage space for the corpses and equipment..."

John just shakes his head and puts a hug pot of pasta on top of a hot mat on the table "Come and get it." is the dinner call.

Owen shoves Seamus hard and laughs and then gets up to go eat, heading to his regular spot at the table and being the first to dish up an obscene amount of pasta onto his plate.

Seamus is right behind his brother and the first to protest. "Hey! I'm the youngest! I need more food. Back off you pig!"

Logan grins. "I don't think I could be a lawyer." he demurs. "I've been thinking maybe college. Maybe ... I dunno." he clears his throat. "I've heard the Cedar Point Fire Department is looking for men ..." he says is casually as he sits and watches his brothers, leaving it to their father to beat them both.

Addison rolls her eyes at Fiona and sits at the table. "A fireman? Wow." she pauses. "No openings here in Alexandra?"

Fiona looks between Addison and Logan and gives her head a slight shake before heading to finish up the salad with a toss and grab a few dressings from the fridge before bringing it to the table right beside Seamus "Vegetables..." she taunts like she's threatening him with severed heads. She scoops up some salad and holds it over his plate with a glint in her eyes. She doesn't look at her other younger brother but states "Owen, your next..."

Owen gave Seamus a mouth filled grin as he sat down and just started stuffing his face. As Fiona starts threatening greenery he hold up a hand, speaking with his mouth full "Mnooo voom."

John nods approvingly at Logan about the fireman thing. He knows it's dangerous but also admires the dedication to helping that firemen have "Not that far away. Maybe Uncle Mikey can help you out." He turns to the younger boys, highly amused by Fiona's approach.

Seamus looks at the salad as if it were writhing. "Gee .... thanks?" he offers and then piles some spaghetti onto his plate. He picks up a sliced cuke and eats it, moaning in feigned pleasure before he reaches for the bottle of ranch dressing and nearly drowns the greens in it.

Logan nods. "That or EMT." he muses. "It's not medical school but .... I might get a horror story or two for my dear sister."

Addison bites her lip. "That's nice." she offers and then concentrates on her food, trying not to look at Logan.

Fi grins evilly at Logan and then nods at Seamus eating the cuke. "I want to keep my specimens healthy for my experimentation. Tell me, are you uncomfortable with the idea of lockaw?" She looks between Seamus and Owen.

Owen just widens his eyes and yells "WITCH! Burn her!!" and then keeps eating.

John shakes his head at his younger kids and then addresses Logan and Addison "It's good work either way, very needed."

Logan rolls his eyes at his sister. "Thank's Dad." he replies. "Fi won't be happy unless I become a coroner and bring her all the body parts."

Seamus freezes, looks at his sister with his mouth wide open and jaw locked.

Addison just giggles between mouthfuls. "How is this not making me ill?" she looks at Fiona. "The benefits of a friendship with you."

Fiona looks at Logan and does her best Holtzman impression from Ghostbusters ""I can find about seven uses for a cadaver today." She then smiles sweetly at Seamus "you're the better brother. Owen will get the shock therapy." She winks at Addison "It's the service I provide."

Owen just keeps eating, used to Fiona's antics. Food is his focus.

John just shakes Parmesan on his pasta and sighs. Another dinner with the kids.

Seamus unlocks his jaws and grins, finishing his chewing and swallowing. "Thanks." and then he finishes his spaghetti and actually turns to his drowned salad.

Logan snorts. "I'll leave that to you. You can have anyone I DON'T manage to save." he grins and looks between the girls. "So how's school? Any boys me and Dad have to kill?"

Addison blinks on being addressed and swallows hard. "There so many." she replies. "I think Fi may have only left one unconscious, if you want to finish the job." she pauses. "But didn't a boy walk you home a couple days ago, Fi?" she asks, innocently.

Fiona's cheeks go a little pink and she darts a mildly annoyed look at Addison before switching to looking completely disinterested "The Minstrel? That wasn't a walk home. He was walking in the same direction and we happened to converse. He's pleasant enough that I didn't feel the need to examine his internal organs."

John snaps his head up from eating his own salad now to watch Fiona with scrutiny.

Owen ignores the whole conversation and goes for seconds of pasta only to meet his father's gaze as he grabs onto the pot.

"Salad first." John insists. Owen grumbles and reaches for the salad bowl instead.

Seamus has a mouth full of greenery and half considers helping his brother with the secret of salad dressing then decides against it, and goes back to the salad.

Logan looks at his sister, intrigued. "A minstrel?" he looks at his father and back at his sister. He realizes that probably means one of the music students at the Academy, but ca't be certain. But his concern is usually measured via his father, so he waits this one out.

Addison measures the mildly annoyed look and decides it isn't friendship-threatening. "He's a musical student. Tall, dark and handsome harp player, of all things." she finishes up her food, moving between salad and pasta. "He and his dad moved here over the summer sometime. A real angel." then she backs off slightly ... or dogpiles ... depending on one's view. "He got himself an invitation to hang out with us and the gang." which suggests he is earmarked as a friend of their little odd circle.

Fiona shrugs "His name is Vincent. He was on that Trick or treat thing in Cedar Point, dressed as an angel. He amuses me." She blinks at Addison slowly.

John chews slowly, his mustache circling around and his expression hard to read. Finally he just says "Alright. What's his last name?"

Fiona shakes a bottle of Italian dressing and offhandedly says "DiAntonio or something." She looks at the label as she pours it on her salad and then purposely doesn't make eye contact with Addison.

Owen pipes up "Aren't we just supposed to feel sorry for boys who like Fi and help them preplan their funerals?"

Seamus looks on with wide eyes, his heart going out for this guy. Not that he has an opinion, but his sister was ... a sister. Nothing good could come of it.

Logan arches a brow. It's not a family name he recognizes, so he looks at their father, carefully.

Addison sighs. "He's not that bad a guy, really. I've seen some of the girls circling him, probably because he's going to be playing during the Winter Festival, and he plays around town sometimes, but mostly he's just around. He does his laundry in the bottoms and the grocery shopping and whatnot." she drinks and looks at the side of Fi's head.

John swallows hard and corrects Fiona "DiAntoni. Gino is his father. He works for me...." John sighs quietly but doesn't make a fuss. Fiona does seem to be implying this boy is just a friend.

Fiona nods "Yeah that's it. And see, he has a harem already. I will simply act as an adviser...and potentially an apothecary." She looks suddenly a little self conscious and starts eating her salad.

Owen snorts "An're so weird." He finally finishes eating and clears his plate and then makes for the living room again only to be halted by his father.

"Dishes!" John reminds him sharply. Owen trudges back to the kitchen like he's walking to his doom and starts gathering up the cutting boards and knives, only to discover he needs to unload the dishwasher first, which he does making as much noise to express his plight as humanly possible.

Seamus heads right into the kitchen and fills the sink with the hottest water he can stand. Then he neatly stacks the plates and puts them in with the glasses and silverware. He fills the spaghetti pot with soap and hot water. He settles in to watch his brother put the dishes away. The water will take a while to cool off ... maybe even a whole level of play ...

Logan looks at his father. "Well ... if our dad knows HIS dad..."

Addison arches her brows. "I don't know if you'd call them a HAREM. They're more like... groupies. Can harp players have groupies?" she wonders as the plates are whisked away.

Owen watches Seamus for a minute and frowns at him. He's seen this game before and it means he's doing more of the work. He continues to unload until it's empty and then starts loading. He knows from experience if he squeals, Dad will just yell at them both.

Fi makes a face at Addison "Well harem sounds more fun an scandalous but I suppose we can live in the modern age and call them groupies. I wonder how they'd react if I simply started measuring their heads...."

At this from Fi, John just starts laughing and waves off Logan's comment. Clearly his daughter has her own brand of keeping males in line and on their toes. He knows he needs to just trust his kids but they're at the ages where it's just hard to watch sometimes.

Seamus ignores his brother. Dad was currently talking about boys with Fiona. So he sort of sloshes the soapy water in the spaghetti pot and rearranges the rest of the not yet loaded dishes, making himself LOOK busier than he actually is.

Logan facepalms. "A scandalous harpist? Is that even a thing?"

Addison laughs. This family had in many ways, made her father's heart attack bearable for her. Supportive and distracting, then could make her laugh when she was afraid, and she needed that.

John chuckles, stretches and then wanders off to read his book in his over-worn easy chair. Both Colleen and the kids have tried to get him to part with it for a new one but he simply won't. He cracks open his science fiction novel and settles in, tuning out the conversation now.

Owen finishes loading what he thinks is sufficient, tiptoeing past Seamus on his way to the video game consoles.

Fi nods at Logan and looks at Addison "It is now. What do you wanna do tonight Addy?" she asks putting her elbow on the table and her chin in her hand.

Seamus grabs at his brother's arm and realized the problem with his plan. Quickly he finishes loading the dishwasher and adds the soap and turns it on rushing to catch up with his brother.

Logan shakes his head, standing at last. "You girls have fun." he moves out of the dining room and up the stairs to shower and dress for a date.

Addison seems to ponder as Fi's brother's go back to playing. "We could play Barbies with Owen's hair." she suggests. "Maybe a horror movie? Maybe a horror movie while we play Barbies with Owens hair? I gave mine a Mohawk and Dad never bought me another one."

Fi eyes her long haired brother for a moment and then makes a face " See you Logan. Owen doesn't always wash it as often as you'd like to be touching it. Hey you know what the best use of a barbie I ever saw was? On know those weeping angles from Doctor Who? You can do that with them...." She clicks a bit on her phone and then passes it over to Addy.

Owen flops down on his stomach after turning on the game again and passes a controller towards Seamus, getting back into it. He tunes out the girls so he doesn't notice the comment about his hygiene.

John lights a fire in the fireplace and then goes back to his book.

Seamus takes the controler and loses himself in the game.

Addison looks at the video and smiles. "We have to do this with Tony!" she decrees. "He'd love it! All artistic and .. stuff." she narrowly avoids swearing.

Fi takes her phone back as the video finishes "I know right. I can log into Netflix and Crave on my laptop if we want to watch something." She glances towards her brothers gaming and makes a face "Looks like the big screen is taken."

Addison nods. "Me too." she looks over. "Maybe we can shave all that hair off your brother. He looks like a girl." she teases.

Fiona smiles "I like the way your mind works.....but my mother forbade me from grooming the boys after I tried to turn them into the blue people from Avatar with permanent marker when we were small. I hand't even figured out the tails yet but I was firing up the hot glue gun...." She starts for the stairs and hears the shower running "Otherwise I would put sparkles in Logan's aftershave cream too. Give his date something to wonder about"

Addison looks offended. "You do all the best stuff over there! It's not FAIR!" she protests. then she heads after Fiona and bites her lip. "I'll go get it." and turns in the direction of the bathroom door with determination.

Fiona laughs and tries to grab onto Addison "If he comes out naked and you're standing there, he'll freak. I was kidding...and I was 5 when I did that to my younger brothers. Come on Addy...a little Freddy Krueger outta do the trick."

Addison turns to stare wide eyed at her friend. "He walks around NAKED?" she tries and fails to keep a disbelieving hope out of her voice." but she is dragged into Fiona's bedroom and closes the door herself. "Sorry Fi, but your brother is hot."

Fiona looks like Addison has just suggested they eat liver with a side of headcheese and shudders "Ugh...and thank god he doesn't walk around naked...he's just had a shower. Do you shower with your clothes on Addy?" She teases and then scoops up her laptop and moves on of her bedside tables to be a little TV table and sets it down before climbing onto the bed and flopping to browse for films.

Addison blushes as red as her hair. "N- no .. of course not." she flops down beside her friend and tries not to think of her brother in the shower.

Fi scrolls through "Original Nightmare on Elm Street?....or........" She lets Addy see the screen with many options.

Addy considers. "Yea ... and since it's Friday lets do the remake too. We can compare them." she grins, looking forward to the distraction.

Fi grins and hits play and then piles up the pillows around them, settling in for the cheesy horror fest.

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