Monday, November 14, 2016

Healing Boomerang - Daisy and Joey

Joey Piccolo hurries across the street after a crying Daisy. She had gotten her heart broken ...and could now turn to her new best friend for comfort. "Hey .. Daisy .... wait up!" he calls. It's awkward carrying two coffees and a bag of rolls.

Daisy sniffles and forces out "I made a fool of myself." And then says like it's a true shock "No boy's ever said no before..." It's a little sad but true "What is wrong with me today Joey?"

Joey walks along with her. "Well ... DiAntoni is ...." he shrugs, his hands full of coffee and bag. "Come on .. let me get this to my Mom, OK?" he could kiss Vincent .. well .. not a kiss but ... still.

Daisy walks along, wiping at her face "Oh I can't see your mother like mascara's a mess. I must look like a raccoon!"

She does, but Joey only shrugs and cuts through the trees to a shadowed area. "You look fine. Here." he takes a napkin out of the bag. "Wipe your eyes, I'll be right back, then." he leaves her to give his mother her coffee and roll and returns in about five minutes. "Now ..." he opens his arms. "You need a hug. I can tell."

Daisy accept his kindness and falls into his arms sobbing like a little girl.

Joey holds her. "Shhhh." he misses into her hair. "Obviously DiAntoni doesnt know how good he could have had it with you." he all but coos, rocking her side to side a little bit. "Or he's too busy with skanks...." he pffts

Daisy nods into him "They are skanks...all those could they not be. And that gawdy dye class......if THAT's what he wants...."

Joey grins into her hair. "Daisy your a class act. He's an idiot. You knwo how many guys would love to spend time with you?" he pauses. "Well you said it yourself .. nobody else turned you down."

Daisy looks up at him "You're so sweet, and right. I mean I've was the Sears catalog but they asked know?"

Joey pulls away, holding her at arms length to look at her. "Seriously? I mean I can see that but ...." he seems to look her up and down. "Your so beautiful I can see you as a model." he smiles and rubs her forearms.

Daisy looks touched "I knew you were won of the good ones Joey. You...get me."

Joey smiles and begins to pull her close and then stops, taking a step back. "Thanks." he stays back, hesitating.

Daisy frowns at the hesitation "What's wrong?"

Joey looks at her. "I ... I was about to kiss you, Daisy." he confesses. "I didn't mean to take advantage of you. Really, I didn't."

Daisy looks touched and then intrigued "YOU want to kiss ME? After listening to me go on about Vincent." She starts to smile "It's not taking advantage if I want you to Joey.." She slides her hands up his chest and around the back of his neck, tilting her head back and closing her eyes in anticipation.

Joey watches her and he leans in for a long, soft and slow kiss, pulling her closer. Yes, he had indeed wanted this. He wanted her. And he had no qualms against doing it while she was on this so called rebound.

Daisy kisses him back passionately, eagerly, craving the affection, the validation that she was wanted, needing Joey to confirm that she was still pretty.

Joey pulls out of the kiss, a bit breathless. "Listen Daisy ... how about I give you that ride this afternoon?" he offers. "We can catch the next ferry and I'll get you back by your curfew, OK?" he doesn't let her go ...keeps holding her close.

Daisy keeps pecking as he pulls away, not wanting to and then grins "I don't have a curfew and I'd love to."

 Joey smiles and holds his arm out for her to get under. "Let's go driving then."

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