Sunday, November 13, 2016

Girl Talk - Addison, Fiona and Petey

**Fiona sleeping over at Addison's November 11th**

Addison O'Brian's week had been a roller coaster. The whole month of November up to this point, really. Cubs win the World Series. Father has a heart attack. And THEN she realized that her best friend EVER had gone out with Joey Piccolo ... because she had not been paying enough attention to tell her what an octopus he was. So in order to try and make it up, she invited her friend to spend the weekend at her house, since her father was home and all was right with the world. Fi would be in any second and Addison double checked the Irish Stew .. the very same sold at her father's bar, without the Irish Whiskey her father insisted in putting in everything. She looked at the box filled with Cider cookies, since it was actually Remembrance Day and grinned to herself. So far ... so good.

Fiona takes out her earbuds and turns off her music and then shifts her weight hip to hip, shouldering her pack and knocking on the door.

Peter O'Brian hears the knock at the door as he pads out of his tiny bedroom. He moves across to the door and opens it. "Ahhh, Fiona." he says with a smile. "I heard you were coming today." he looks a little thinner, but healthier.

Addison comes to the door too. "Yea, Dad. We're going to take care of you ALL weekend." it sounds like a threat.

Peter snorts. "Then I'll be at my bar." he declares, taking his shoes and moving into the living room. "Is it okay if I put on my shoes and coat, or shall I run willy nilly through the cold and wet?"

Fiona giggles at Peter and moves in to hug Addison "Definitely feeling better." She lets go and kicks off her boots by the door "Mmm that smells good. Have a good night Mr. O."

Peter grins as he sits on the couch to put on his shoes. Its a little easier that way, but he has plans to go into Vancouver and get a couple of pairs of slip on shoes. He was at that age. Standing he slips into a jacket. "You girls have fun. No boys, no loud parties and above all..." he opens the door. "No FUN!" and he heads out the back door and down the stairs. A shortcut to Statutes

Addison laughs as she hugs her friend. "Yes sir. Rosary until nine then bed, I promise!" She closes the door behind him and turns to Fiona. "We have till 3 in the morning." she announces as if its a ten second countdown. Tossing a bag of corn chips at her, she heads for the living room. "What do you want to do first? Anything. You name it." She wants to hear about Joey ... and plot his murder.

Fiona catches the bag and muses "That's a dangerous question Addison O Brian. How much duct tape is in this house and do you have access to any embalming supplies?" She's joking but says it in a total deadpan.

Addison seems to ponder it. "Only five rolls." she replies, flopping on the couch. "Do you have a body that NEEDS to be embalmed?" she wonders.

Fiona sighs, looking serious now "Joey Piccolo......wanna tell me your story with him and then I'll tell you mine? Then we can decide how many chemicals to use for it."

Addison nods, sighs and pulls her legs close against her body. "He and his mom moved here the week after you went to spend the summer with your mom." she begins. "And you've seen him; Tall and handsome and he has great blue eyes. Girls were flocking around him. You know the ones I mean." she blows out a breath. "Well when he first asked me out, I said no ... and I did the other two times and finally he wore me down. Just a movie in White Rock. And I couldn't even enjoy it because he kept trying to kiss me, grab my chest and get down my jeans." she swallows. "Then after it was a drive. Into some parking lot with dark corners." she bites her lip and drops her eyes. "He was all over me, Fi. I had to knee him in the balls before he'd stop and I jumped out of the car and he drove off." she swallows. "I told Dad that his mom's car got a flat and I didn't want to wait, so I started walking. Of course, Dad freaked and came to get me. He thinks Joey is just stupid because he can't change his own tire so .... he doesn't know ANY of this, Fi." she swallows again. "And I avoided him all summer and you came back and the Cubs and the heart attack and I am so SORRY Fi! I didn't know he would target you too!" she is on the verge of tears.

Fiona wraps her arms around Addison "YOU have NOTHING to be sorry for Addy. Joey is the asshole who tries to push girls into things they don't want to do. Never blame yourself. I was bored and lonely one night in the coffee shop by myself. Sometimes being the weird girl means I only fit in with old friends who get it..ya know...anyways it's like he sensed it and got all charming. Similar deal to you, I said yes a to a movie in Vancouver. We went out for dinner first. He insisted on paying for everything which made me uncomfortable. He kissed me was a little grabby in the movie and I was ready to go home another way but then he got all apologetic, saying he really liked me and could we go for a drive and talk. I never should have gotten in that car. He parked by the university and then didn't say a word, just practically jumped on top of me, reclining my seat like he'd practiced and did that every second day. I fought him off but he kept insinuating because he paid I owed him a little something back. I managed to get the door open and I was yelling at him which drew some attention from students walking by so he stopped and I got out. I went to moms and the only one home was Logan. I came in crying so I kinda had to tell him...he was really nice but I think if he ever figures out who Joey is he might just punch him in the face."

Addison doesn't cry, but it's close. "Don't tell him. I won't either. They'll just wind up in jail." she sighs deeply. "We can always enlist your Italian Stallion. I wonder if he really DOES have mafia ties." then she sighs again. "No, he'll be more useful if he isn't playing harps in prison." she blows out a breath. "But I bet he could beat Joey. I've seen him get in a couple of fights. Insecure boys calling him a girl, of a pansy or whatever for playing the harp." she rolls her eyes. "So ... what happened with HIM? Vincent?" she wonders, hoping to change the subject from Joey.

Fiona pats Addison's bright red hair seeing her so close to tears. "I won't point him out to Logan. He's not worth it." Vincent did offer to help though and I think he and Joey kinda got into it verbally. I left after Joey started taunting me but Vincent chased after me after a bit. I don't want any guy to fight my battles for me. My biggest worry is for girls who aren't as confident as we are Addy. My mom and I took a women's self defense class two summers ago in Vancouver and my whole life I've grown up knowing I had the right to say no and be heard, so I kept fighting, and so did you. I know not everyone's so lucky. I read the news. And if I hadn't been somewhere with witnesses even that might not have been enough really. We need a way to warn the girls in this town so he doesn't go luring anyone into that van." She sighs and then smirks a bit "Italian Stallion? I almost want to tell Vincent you called him that..."

Addison nods. "Yea. That van sort of SCARES me, Fi. I mean there girls in this town who will do anything for some positive attention." she blows out a breath and then blinks. "Well .... you can't deny it .. he IS cute. And tall. I thought he was OUR age." she admits.

Fiona scowls "WAS cute. Now he just looks like a fucking rat to me....that pinchy little mouth. He was a terrible kisser too." She shudders "Maybe we should spray paint a warning label on the love machine?"

Addison blinks then hits Fi in the upper arm. "True, but I meant VINCENT." then she pauses. "Unless he... he DIDN'T?" she sounds agast. Was Vincent DiAntoni just a younger Joey?

Fiona squints "He didn't....oh god Addy, we went for a walk and talked, just talked. He's super sweet." she starts laughing genuinely and then turns beet red "And OK HE'S cute, Vincent I mean...but don't get all excited. We're friends. He was asking about you actually before Joey started spewing his crap. I don't think he looks at ME that way."

Addison grins. "He did?" she blushes. "I mean ... well he knows my father was in the hospital. His dad goes to Statutes sometimes." she grins though. "Why wouldn't he look at you that way? Your hot and smart. A little dangerous, but he hasn't seen me with a baseball bat yet." she doesn't want to muscle on on her friends man .. well ... almost man.

Fiona smirks "He's an enigma, and possibly mafia so we should keep him around. and he has groupies...which fascinates me. I want to follow them around and take some samples....for science you know..."

Addison smirks back. "Our own Mafia bodyguard .. well YOUR own." she cant help but tease. Yea well ... his groupies .. I don't know about them. We might wind up saving him from a few of them if they're after a famous Mafia Musician." she giggles.

Fiona kicks lightly at Addy's leg "How is he MY bodyguard? Honestly Addy....." She opens the chips and crunches one loudly at her friend with a grin.

Addison takes a huge handful of chips and cups them in one hand. "Well .. OK I'll take him.: she munches a chip. "We could share ... OH! Or pimp him out to his groupies.": she giggles. "But he was your ANGEL first." she eats innocently.

Fiona blushes again and then eats another chip and changes the subject after, clearly affected but not wanting to admit how much "What should we do tonight? Horror? Harry Potter? Super Hero? Prank call Mrs. Norris?"

Addison shrugs, not really seeing any reaction. "Yes, yes, yes and yes!" she giggles. "Lets watch the one where that Diggory goof dies." she grins. "Then call Miss Morris as Jews."

Fiona snorts "We could follow it up with watching Twilight and mocking the sparkly vampire he became. I think we should call Crankface as Jesus. She probably forgets he was Jewish right? And not likely a white guy...tell her she's doing it all wrong." She giggles.

Addison cracks up and reaches for the remote. "She probably doesn't. That woman is scary. And will she NEVER die?"

Fiona laughs and then starts to put her feet up "Never, maybe she's a zombie." Then she suddenly sits up straight "Addy I totally forgot to tell you something big!"

Addison giggles more and reaches for more chips. "What's up?"

Fiona smiles like she's bursting with joy but with the smile come quiet tears spilling over and she says hoarsely "My parents are getting back together...."

Addison begins bouncing. "REALLY? Oh Fi, that's FANTASTIC!" she grins. "When did this happen? Why? I mean ... I thought they might be when you guys came back from Germany but ...."

Fiona wipes at the tears on her face and catches her breath "I thought Germany fixed it too but then they had the biggest fight ever after and started to talk divorce. It was bad Addy.....anyways they couldn't sign the papers when they came through on Monday. They burned them instead. I didn't say anything all week because I was afraid it wouldn't stick, but they're going for counselling and stuff. and she's over there tonight while all us kids are out.....that part I don't want to think too hard on" she makes a little grossed out face.

Addy smiles and hugs Fiona. "That's so romantic." she rarely gushes but this is an exception. "Your Dad agreed to it? I mean .. he's kinda stubborn. I thought you got it from him."

Fiona hugs her back and pretends to be offended "I'm not stubborn." She says, knowing it's a bold fib "I can talk about my ...feelings." She pretends the whole thing gives her an involuntary twitch and knowing full well she's dodging some feelings right now on the topic of a certain minstrel. "Let's watch some Harry Potter."

Addison giggles. "I know. But its so CUTE!" she over emphasises the hated word. "Yes ... Diggory .. I'm sorry but hes just such a JOCK!"

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