Sunday, November 13, 2016

On the Market - Monday Teen rp coffee prelude - Fiona, Daisy, Vincent, Addy, L, Rain, Mr. Arnett

Fiona watches Vincent walking down the hall with a small gaggle of girls following him and giggling and she can't help herself. She's been joking about it and itching to just mess with the groupies...harp groupies....are they harpies? Fiona beams at them and approaches the giggliest one, a tiny blonde sprite like creature named Daisy. Clearly her parents had been expecting a golden retriever. Fiona pulls out a sewing tape measure and starts checking Daisy's head without explaining. the girl stops giggling and just freezes.

"Uh...what are you doing."

Fiona is undaunted "Shhh shh just hold still. Try and relax would you?" She pulls out a little notebook and jots down a few numbers "Very good...dress size?"

Daisy unsurely says "Four?"

Fiona looks her up and down and frowns "Indeed. Shoe size?"

A little more warily "Six...."

Fiona looks like she might pat Daisy on the head "Very good. now tell me, when you die, do you want to be buried or cremated?"

Her little pack look at Fiona wide eyed and scatter nervously. Daisy looks around "Whaaaaat?"

Fiona grins "You heard me."

Daisy backs up "I need to get to class now...." and she's off like a shot.

Fiona tuts and packs up the tape measure "Well that was easier than I thought." She walks over to Vincent "I hope you weren't trying to collect them. They seemed a bit beneath you minstrel, unless you are in the market for a puppy?"

Vincent watches Fi and could kiss her. "No! They just ... follow me from class to class ... asking me if I am going to play in town soon." he sighs. "Next time I go into Vancouver I might invite them. Helps to have an audience when I start playing." he tucks his book under his arm. "What's up, Boss?" he asks, just glad the girls have given him some breathing space. They were pretty but that seemed to be about it.

Fiona smiles and shrugs "Just saying hi Minstrel. Today is a little boring." She gestures in the direction of the girls who ran off "But that helped. Sadly, no sense of humour among them. Addy would have laughed so hard." She snickers. "You could bring us to Vancouver too to be your harpies. We'll heckle anyone who doesn't think you're brilliant. Then again cute and dumb might be better for your tips." She looks after the exit of the gaggle.

Vincent smiles. "Addy would have made sure you booked me to play at her funeral." he agrees and then considers her offer. "Yes. Cute and dumb for greater profits, Fi. Simple mathematics." he glances down the aisle and looks at his phone for the time. "I was gonna get lunch." he tells her. "You gonna get lunch? We can both go." that means it isn't a date, its just having lunch.

Fiona nods "Yeah cool. We can do that." She's pretty cavalier about it all. "I wonder where Addy is too... "

Vincent scans the hallways for her. She can barely be seen walking into the Guidance Counselors office. "She's in there. If you want we can wait, but believe me the GC is long winded." he motions for the door where many of the kids are headed for the lunch break. "I've been going to Sprouts the last couple of weeks. They have great fries." he offers.

Fiona looks mildly concerned about Addy in the GC office and hesitates for a second "Uh...I can text her and tell her where we are. I brought a lunch......actually I left it at home...if we could walk by my house that would rock and I'll grab it .....but maybe I can be discreet about it or we could eat outside if you get fries?"

Vincent nods. "Sure thing. If you want, I can get the fries and we can sit out on the steps?" he offers. "Want me to get your lunch with you or wait outside or what?"

Fiona shrugs "You can come in if you want. It's all packed..." She thinks and mutters "Yeah we should be cool to be in there...showing's done." She doesn't really explain the showing part but the sign out front will cue him in soon enough.

Vincent finds it a strange wording, but ignores it. "OK, let's go this way to pick up my fries and then circle around to your house and finish up back in prison." he heads towards third and his own meager lunch.

Fiona walks with him and nods as she texts Addy "I'll just let Addy know our route so she can catch up if she gets free. So I haven't really checked out that sprouts place. What do they have besides fries? That lady's creepy friendly. She waves at me every time I walk by." It's cloudy out as they leave the school and it starts to lightly spit. Having lived in BC all her life, Fiona doesn't even notice it now aside from pulling up the hood of her hoodie casually by the end of the block.

Vincent walks with her, not even pulling up his own hood. There is a for sale sign in front of one house, but that's always been there. "It's a vegan place. So I like their salads, fries, smoothies and the fact that not too many of the other kids like the place and my dad HATES the place." he grins, looks both ways before crossing Central and entering Sprouts.

Rain March begins to wave immediately, even though the place is pretty quiet. "Greetings Vincent." she beams. "A mix of fries and a Invigorade?" she looks at the girl with him. "And for you?"

Vincent nods. "You always remember." he chuckles and looks at Fi. "I'm buyin, if you want anything." he offers.

Fiona smiles self consciously at the friendly woman "Oh not today thanks...just tagging along." Fiona shakes her head at Vincent and says politely "No thanks, I'm good." She does look curiously at the menu though, being the salad lover she is.

Rain smiles like sunshine and gets Vincent's order ready. One large recyclable bag full of both white potato fries and sweet potato fries, and then prepares his drink fresh. Then she brings ot to Vincent. "An even ten, Vincent, cause I like you."

Chuckling, Vincent trades the bag and cup for a ten. "Thanks Rain. Have a great day. I won't be by after school, so I'll see ya Wednesday." he tells her as he adds liberal salt and black pepper to the fries. Then he heads for the door with Fiona.

Fiona watches Vincent and then smiles at the cheery woman "See you." She's been raised to speak kindly to everyone despite her joking around and being morose with people her own age. She walks towards her street and as her house comes into view a sold sign is prominent with a sold tag on top. Fiona gasps at the sold portion and taps it as she walks by it up her steps "Ohmygod 1 day!! ! day of showings Vincent...Come on in for a sec..." She unlocks the door and steps in casually.

Vincent walks along, his bag closed because he feels its kind of rude to eat in front of people. He can ask when she has her lunch. But he does sim from the straw of his drink, letting the ginger warm him. Then he sees the sign and heads Fi, but for a moment doesnt move. Finally he does, toeing off his shoes absentmindedly. "You're .... moving ..." he asks slowly, trying not to betray any shock, let along dismay.

Fiona takes off her own shoes and looks at Vincent "Oh yeah, I thought I told you? My parents are sorta back far so good. Anyway when my Mom and all my brothers move back they're afraid my brothers will kill each other all being in one room so we're trying to find a bigger house...but I don't think they thought it would sell THIS fast..." She walks to the kitchen and opens the fridge. On the mantle in the living room are framed family pictures in easy sight of the front door depicting someone who looks just like Fi, with her brothers and parents in Germany, except she has red hair and no facial piercings.

Vincent walks in. "No ... you ... must have forgot." he looks at the pictures on his way into the kitchen right behind her. "So ... you'e just ... moving within Alexandra? Not out of town or anything?" he works very hard on his casual voice.

Fiona grabs a container of pasta salad and an apple "Oh I hope so. Otherwise I may have to beg Daddy to crash there a lot.." she laughs "Steps? Or is is raining hard now...."

Vincent blows out a breath. "Yea. I mean .. your best friend lives here. Addison." he looks out of the window. "Still raining Is it OK to eat in here?"

Fiona nods, gesturing to the living room "Let's sit on the couch. You OK Minstrel? didn't think I was going to run away on your and leave you to fend off the harpies on your own did you?" she teases. Grabbing a fork, she walks through to the couch.

Vincent moves and chuckles as he moves to the couch. "Who knows with Rents?" He plops himself on the couch, sets his drink down and opens his bag. "I would have had to beg you to stay cause. Man ... why do they like ME so much? I'm not asking out any girl just because." he sighs and holds up the bag. "Want some?" he takes two, one sweet potato and one white potato and munches on them.

Fiona takes a few fries "Thanks." and ponders how to answer Vincent about why girls like him so much. She takes a risk and decides to just be honest, but not too honest "Well, you're distractedly cute, clever, musical, and funny, and you've got that just enough bad boy without being a total ass thing going on to stay interesting." She eats the fries and then stabs her fork into her pasta salad, feeling some heat in her cheeks she hopes isn't blatantly obvious.

Vincent had been digging into the bag for a handful of fries while Fiona replied to him, so when his eyes go big, it only brings more fries into his line of sight. Instead he clears his throat. "Oh. Thanks." he manages. "I know I should be dating ... someone." he shrugs. "My Dad always asks. I just lie to him, mostly."

Fiona looks intrigued "We have opposite fathers. Mine still thinks I'm 6 half the time so I think the idea of me dating freaks him out. He doesn't come right out and say it, but it's the vein in his temple that starts pulsing you know..." She laughs and then says "Do you really think you SHOULD be dating just because your dad thinks so? I mean I don't think it's a bad thing...but it should happen when you meet someone...and you's just right..." She suddenly seems to need to study an olive in her salad with great focus.

Vincent inhales fries even as Fiona replies. "He's your dad tho. And girls can get pregnant and ... hell ... I dunno. My dad knocked up my mom and her father made them get married." he shrugs. "Well ... my father thinks I'm having sex with girls already. I just let him think that." he sighs. "After watching my parents, I really want to wait until I get married .. or at least know I'm going to marry her." he pokes around for more fries. "Yea. What you said."

Fiona gets the sense she's suddenly made things very awkward and that's the last thing she wants to do to Vincent. She earnestly says "I'm sorry. I put you on the spot. I think you should do what makes you happy. I'll scare off as many harpies as you need me to. I was thinking of making them mashed potatoes next week. I find there's a real lack of mashed potato offerings at random in our world, you know?" Her eyes are twinkling again in that silly and slightly evil Fiona way.

Vincent chuckles around a new mouthful of fries. After he swallows he explains. "I just ... I'm happy with my friends. My dad puts like the OPPOSITE pressure your dad puts on you." he sighs. "I'd appreciate that." he tells her. "But don't scare them TOO much. Remember they have a financial value to me." he grins. "Maybe someday you'll come listen to me play?" he pauses and then hurriedly asks. "You and Addison."

Fiona nods and closes her eyes. He's asking about Addy again, well it couldn't happen to a nicer friend. She opens them and nods "Absolutely. We've got your back Minstrel....and we'll even feed the harpies." She jokes. A little knot forms in her stomach and she sets down the pasta salad. He likes Addy. Deal with it Fiona.

Vincent smiles. "Thanks. I need that. But remember, if you feed them, they'll stick around." he shakes he bag and offers it to her again. "More?"

Fiona looks a little put off by food for some reason and shakes her head "No I think I ate too much pasta...." She takes her container to the kitchen and calls back "Addy said the GC was a check in about her Dad. She's OK...I'm sorry she couldn't come..."She's saying it like some sort of offering "And we should get back soon."

Vincent shrugs and tips the bag of fries into his mouth. After he gets them all down he crumples up the bag, makes sure the area is clean and comes in the kitchen after her to throw it away. "Oh, good. They're really nosy in there. But it's OK .. I like hanging out with you, Fi. I really do. Thanks for trusting me." he is remembering her story about Joey and grateful she is willing to be alone with a boy.

Fiona opens the cupboard under the sink to show where the garbage hides and smiles "Course I trust you Vincent. I like hanging out with you too." She gives a quiet little gulp at the end and moves to grab her backpack.

Vincent smiles. "Yea. Me too." he watches her leave and follows, pausing to slide into his shoes. "We should do it more often then. If you come see me play, I'll buy you hot drinks after." he promises.

Fiona feels a lump in her throat. God he's nice about it. Addy' so lucky, she doesn't even know it. "Excellent Minstrel. Let us depart." she says with mock formality, as she opens the door, her shoes stamped on haphazardly.

Vincent follows her out. He really hopes her family can find a bigger place here in town. Really, REALLY hopes. As they head back in the direction of the Academy he softly hums the theme ot the Adams Family, since he doesnt have his harp. His voice isnt bad, its just not good enough to get him a second scholarship.

Fiona giggles, appreciating the humming and the connection from the first day they met. She can live with her feelings for Vincent, try to get over them even, and she so grateful for his friendship. As they arrive at the school she thinks about all this and stops on the stairs, giving Vincent a spontaneous great big hug "Thanks for being awesome, and for lunch."

Vincent loves the walk back to school. The hug stuns him a little, and brings his crush crashing back on him. He brings his arms around and hugs her back and, when he does let go, he kisses her on he cheek. "No problem. Anytime." he almost stammers, then turns and heads back towards his next class, his harpy magnet kicking back in as a few girls rush to catch up to him.

Addison comes out of the GC's office in time to catch the kiss. She moves to Fiona's side and takes her arm in a squeeze. "So ...... how was lunch?" she asks, grinning.

Fiona feels the kiss on her cheek and just freezes as he speaks and walks away. As Addy takes her arm she turns into her shoulder and bursts into tears. she speaks very quietly to her best friend "I need to tell you something and I don't want it to be a thing between us....I don't know why he did that.." She struggles to stop crying "He likes YOU....maybe it's just an Italian thing..." Grabbing Addy's other shoulder she implores her "And I'll get over this but you should totally go out with him...he's wonderful...and you''re my favorite person on the whole planet. Two people that I want to be happy. I love you Addy, and I'll never let a boy come between us."

Addison holds her friend as she starts to cry and start spewing what she sees as nonsense. But this is her friend, so she just hugs her, keeping their faces close and their conversation quiet. "I love you too." she replies, softly. "But you think Vincent LIKES me? I mean he's cute and everything but ... no .... I mean ... NO ... YOU like him, and don't tell me you don't." she snorts, remembering various glares over her mentioning Vincent in a whole new light. She pushes Fi away enough to press their foreheads together. "He's cute and charming and all that, but I already know he likes hockey." she sighs. "Like Logan. And you KNOW who I like." she knows Fiona can't be THAT blind. Well, she might be if she thought Vincent liked her and not Fi herself.

Fiona nods "I think I'm just freaked out and confused. I mean he kept asking about you but then he was all sweet and humming that song he kept playing on Halloween when we met and then I hugged him and he kissed me on the cheek. It's all over the place Addy." She pulls back and makes a face "I get it with Logan. He's kind of playing the field it seems...I dunno...he is the best of my brothers....don't tell the brats." She chuckles now.

Addison considers the facts and gently tugs Fi towards their next class. "I KNOW he likes us BOTH as friends ... but I mean .. hes a nice guy. Why wouldn't he ask about me? We're turning into the fuckin Three Musketeers. I bet if he knew what Joey had done to me too, they'd have fought, because we're both his friends." she laughs. "Maybe, but Logan is a man ... eighteen .. and I am only fifteen. PLUS ... " she makes a face. "He remembers me when we were 5 for fucks sake." she shakes her head. "No, I won't tell the brats. Couldn't beat it outta me."

Fiona sighs, pulling it together "Thanks Addy. Sometimes I need you to tell me when the crazy comes..." she laughs as they walk into Social Studies class and their grey bearded hunched thick glasses wearing teacher Mr. Arnett has two big pictures taped to the board, one of Hilary Clinton and one of Donald Trump. As they sit he begins with a hand clap "Let's talk about last week's election results one last time, the voting system and then we'll compare the American, Canadian and the British, since they have similar origins..." Fiona slides down in her chair with a sideways glance at Addison that screams kill me now.

Addison smiles and hugs her. "I'll tell you what's crazy ...." they enter the classroom and she rolls her eyes and whispers in Fi's ear. "After school." and she sighs deeply. Most of the kids know she's from an ex-pat family. She wonders how many of them will remember she came here when she was five years old. Not last week.

Fiona leans on her hand, her eyes glazing over, as Mr. Arnett flits about the room delivering his lesson "And now we just jaunt over to England....perhaps by boat because there is a lot of water now isn't there? Let's talk once more about the concept of a constitutional monarchy......" He flaps his arms and pulls down maps and carries on, stopping every now and then to pose a question and just give the students a ridiculous one eyed stare while he rubs his beard until someone puts up a hand and answers and then he points and spins around "The House of Commons! That's who! YES YES YES!" He walks to his front table and leans back on it clapping his hands again "And now for the moment you've all been waiting for, your assignment." He grins at the collective groan and then holds up a hand "Now now, it's a good one. Due in two weeks, an essay in proper form WITH citation in the APA format, on one of the three electoral systems we've discussed today. Tell me if you think it works or doesn't and support your points with FACTS!"

L is already seated as the girls walk in .. L is looking out the window a blank look on his face.. As he sighs and exhaling. He turns as he hears the teacher clap bring attention that class has started. L just blinks slowly watching the teacher like a mildly amusing television program. He softly groans as he is told the assignment.

The bell rings and frees them for gym class at the end of the day. It's floor hockey in mixed teams with a mixed age class, ages 13-15. They use a ball instead of  a puck or ring and plastic hockey sticks. Fiona walks in with Addy and sees Vincent on the opposing team and gives him a shy little grin. She's pulled her hair back into a ponytail and has on a light grey school logo tshirt and a pair purple of capri sweat pants with her white gym shoes. Unfortunately Fiona and Addison's team were the side handed the horrible mesh green pinnies to make it easy to see who was on what team. They smelled, they always smelled. She's actually pretty kick ass at at floor hockey from playing ice hockey with her brothers all the years. They never went easy on her.

Addison can play floor hockey and does. Just not as good as Fiona. She notices that Vincent isn't shabby either for a harpist. But his problem seems to be with protecting his hands ... a problem ALL the music students seemed to have. And the non musical students took advantage or placed them in better positions. So Vincent became the goalie and excelled. It made him slightly more attractive, but Addison, who had been trying to picture she and Vincent together, wasn't seeing the attraction on EITHER side.

The rest of the day continued, and after the bell, she got her stuff and headed out, waiting for Vincent and Fiona outside. After the GC, she wasn't interested in being in the building. Vincent came out first and she couldn't deny he was very easy on the eyes. He looked OLDER than she and Fiona, not younger.

He walked up to her. "Wheres everyone going?" he asks, sounding carefree.

Addison shrugged. "Perkatory. At least that's where me and Fiona are going." she found herself watching him more closely than ever now.

Vincent's smile was slightly crooked and charming. "Yea? sounds like a plan." he reached into his pocket suddenly and pulled out his phone looking at it and groaning, but then seeming to consider. "I'll meet you guys there. I gotta do the laundry anyway." he blows out a breath and bolts towards his apartment building. He could probably run the bases like a champ.

L looks around later in gym glass in a sort bored look . He sniffs at the mesh pinny and scrunches up his nose but looks at around as the game begins .. He isn't the best at sports in his best of days but.. Even though during what he calls his trying time that nature remind him of his biological state, he still press on in a sort of defiance of nature. He turns that angry it focus aggression and muddles through the game.

Fiona always ended up a forward and took several shots on Vincent in goal. He defended and deflected 3 out of her 5 shots and seeing him with a hockey stick was oddly hot. She blamed her hormones on missing the other two shots but he was probably just a decent goalie. Just like all naturally redheaded people, she got red in the face when she ran hard and hockey in any form was something she played hard. At one point the little blonde harpie, Daisy tried to block Fiona and she practically flattened her to the wall in a body slam. The teacher blew the whistle and shouted "No checking!" at Fiona and she just grinned at the girl with a shrug "Sorry." and then took the ball from her anyway and made a perfect pass to Addison who being a good player herself, got it to their teammate by the net.

L stands around before the game turning his hockey stick into a mock cello and in the air swing back and forth like he is string a bow before then begins play as he hears the whistle to began the game .. He runs along a tune of the 2 cellos smooth criminal in his head to focus and position himself just in time to catch Addison pass and flings the ball into the net …

Fiona found herself lingering after the game and watching Vincent take off the goalie padding, but trying to make it look like she wasn't watching. She got a really long drink of water and then walked past him with a very nonchalant "Good game Minstrel." breezing into the change room without staying in range for a reply. Dammit Addy was so right.

She met her outside the doors and pulled out her hair elastic "Sorry I was slow. Perkatory right?"

L quickly runs into the changing room before the others and changes quickly and darts out like some phantom . Being in the girls changing room always bother him even if he change in the stall .. Just seem wrong in this mind set . He is waiting outside the school one ear bud in his ear as he bangs his head but holds his bag like a cello between his legs and fingers notes in on the top of the bag .. He looks up and watches the girls pass him and flings his bag over his shoulder and walks behind. Fancying a coffee himself and chance to talk to people his own age.

Addison glances at Fi when she comes out. "Look at that?" she motions to Vincent's retreating form. "When we need him to chase someone down, he's ready. And nice ass." she grins. "Yup. Come on." she heads down the sidewalk on the houses side of 3rd, walking past the first house and waving. "Hey, Chief!" the brownish redhead waved back, looking at them oddly and then nodding and smiling as he hadn't recognized them at first. "Addison. Fiona."

Fiona giggles and then swats Addy "You sure you don't like him? Maybe just his ass....too bad we can't just construct the perfect boy from the parts we like of several...." she has a look of surprise and waves at the police chief and then turns to Addy a few paces out of his earshot "Hey he's home! That's amazing!"

Addison giggles. "His body, yes. Mostly its sports for me, Fi. My father has NO IDEA what he's done to me." she giggles. "Frankenboy?" she nods. "Dad said he came home Friday, but wont go back to work right away." she blows out a breath. "Can you IMAGINE? Dad says he is lucky. And apparently left handed now. Strange." they pass the next house and approach the last two on this side of the block. "But speaking of asses .... the Chief's isn't bad." she giggles. "So I kinda have a thing for older guys, what can I say. Didn't he used to babysit you guys?"

Fiona smacks Addison on the arm "You're like the ass bandit. We're going to have to come up with some kind of rating system for you so we can speak in code at parties." She looks back towards Adum's house "Yeah he did...more Logan than us younger crew...weird that he seemed foggy on us but I guess it could be way worse right?" She gestures at the for sale sign on the green house "Mom and Dad want to bid on this one." She stops in front of it and looks for a moment.

Addison looks at the huge house. "Oh WOW!" she gasps and stares. "And a back yard too? NICE!" she smiles and glances down the street. "And look at that, Fi? Mr. Domestic." she nods down the street, where Vincent has come out of his building with a military sack slung over his shoulder. "He said he had to do laundry. Guess they don't have a machine." she grins. "Strong ... you need that in a man."

Fiona follows her gaze and grins and then looks panicked "Oh my god we'd see each other from our front windows. That's simultaneously wonderful and horrible." She laughs "No lounging bra-less in my pjs on the steps with a coffee."

Addison giggles. "Well, this DOES have Christs Lover's house between you and his building ... and the trees between ... but ... never know." she grins. "Guess you'll have to get yourself invited to his place and look out the window to find out, eh?" she asks innocently. "And if you CAN, I will give you binoculars so you can look into HIS window while HE is changing."

Fiona glances to the grey house beside them ans shudders "Fuck...she's RIGHT there." She cracks up about the binoculars "You want the full ass analysis?" She starts walking but warily towards Mrs. Norris's house.

Mrs. Norris is even out, on her porch in a rocker, knitting what looks like a large multicolored sweater. She eyes the girls narrowly but doesn't speak as they approach.

Addison giggles. "Analysts but also PICTURES." she considers, but then decides not to wave, speak or even acknowledge Miss Norris on her porch. "Especially if you catch him NAKED." she emphasizes.

Fiona turns redder than she had been running in floor hockey "Stop that or that's all I'll think about when I see him next." She giggles "Awkward..."They pass the house and she glances back surreptitiously "She's still watching us....god that's creepy."

Addison giggles. "It's not like you've never seen a naked male before. Remember when your idiot brothers went streaking all over your house?" she knows she is teasing her friend. "But I know you like him. And I think he likes you, too. But he's no Joey Piccolo. He won't swoop in on you like prey." she peers down the street, at Vincent hauling his bag across to the cop shop and along it on Central. Hes probably planning to cut across town to save some time. She looks over at Miss Norris and sighs. "We aren't sinners." she snaps, offended. "We're just teen-agers."

Fiona snorts "My brothers don't count like that. They've also been known to try and light their farts on fire.....seriously. I think i talked Owen out of it when I explained that if he actually lit his ass on fire he'd have to see a doctor who'd be sticking his or her gloves hands up it AND explaining himself to mom and dad while in that position. The true fear of proctology is a highly underrated lost art." she nods "I know he's not Joey...I think he oddly gets how much that messed me up. He actually thanked me for trusting him when he came over for lunch today. He is the first boy I've been alone with since Joey that I'm not related to...I mean we were just having lunch but still." She looks thoughtful for a moment "I know Joey tried the same shit with you...Addy, how are you with stuff?"

Addison laughs as they move down towards the firehouse and Vincent vanishes into the trees. "I remember when you told me about that, and I was so MAD you didn't get pictures." she remembers. Listening to more details of their lunch, she smiles. "Yea. He gets it. Somehow. He knows someone who was raped or almost raped, I bet." she pauses. "And I bet he didn't even try and kiss you, did he?" she sighs then, when the question of Joey comes up. "It was weird." she remembers. "I mean it happened in White Rock in a car in a parking lot, but I made excuses for two weeks straight to go to work with Dad because I was scared to be alone at home. Quentin startled me on the back porch and I almost stabbed him during a barbecue. I mean, it got better, but ... I haven't accepted a date since. The only boy I trust is Vincent and I don't like him in THAT way." she admits, turning to cross and go in front of the cop shop.

Fiona nods, thinking about what Vincent had told her about his parents, and specifically his dad. He hadn't told Addy, just her. The gravity of that hits her for a moment. "Vincent's a good guy...and I know not the only one. There's enough of them in my family for me to know they're out there in the world. I know what you mean about being afraid of being alone for awhile though. Poor Quentin." She chuckles "In his job I'm sure he sees it all."

Addison nods. "I know ... but your brother thinks of me as just another sister." she sighs deeply, the victim of a crush for years. "But also ... Chief Brate ... I'm glad he came back. He's nice. I don't really know what happened, but Dad said it was bad and had to do with some woman." they turn the corner onto Water. "Yea well ... Quentin guessed, I think. He gave me a funny look and has been sort of checking in on me when he is home and Dad is at work." she sighs and shrugs. "But yea .... I guess its a good thing I like older men, because I am telling you the only decent post pubescent male in our school is a Mafia harpist." she giggles. "So wait for him. He's still male ... so he probably had no idea of the treasure he has in you." she laughs.

Fiona ponders Addison and grins "Thank you for the compliment and I will. I'm happy to be his friend too if that's the way it goes. Older men huh...Logan...Chief Brate....Quentin?" She asks sheepishly "He's cute, and older."

Addison grins and nods. "And Logan is the youngest ... and the furthest from my reach." she pauses. "Quentin? He IS cute. And he can't be older than thirty. Tony is ten. He was a young Dad I guess."

Fiona nods vehemently "Oh yeah. But he does alright. Tony is a pretty chill little guy considering." She has a look of dawning on her face "Hey what were you going to tell me before Social Studies?" She does a sudden impression of Mr, Arnett and strokes an imaginary beard,winking one eye and making the other bug out.

Addison laughs and then considers. "What? OH!" she suddenly remembers. "I'll tell you what's crazy. Vincent not loving you to pieces ... once he realizes it's okay." she smiles and hugs Fi's arm hard.

Fiona hugs the arms that are hugging her arm "Addy.....I'm trying not to be a basket case again today. You're going to make me cry again." She jokes and then says seriously "I do like him....a lot. I'll admit it now so you don't need to try mind control. As fun as it might be to also have be cluck like a chicken for nickels on the corner too." She makes a circus announcer type intonation "Crazy pierced chicken lady, step on up...oh and.." She smiles devilishly at Addy "I got a tattoo in the summer. I've been trying not to go on about it so Dad doesn't find out right away."

Addison giggles and stops at the bottom of the incline from the center of town and the Bottoms. "Good. Be a friend to him and, if he is a gentleman, he won't put any moves on you anytime soon. Enjoy his friendship." her eyes go wide. "WHERE? WHEN?" she demands. "It must be someplace that would make your Dad freak. Your mom? I mean it would have to be. She gives the BEST gifts." she begins to giggle like mad.

Fiona nods and pats her lower back "It's here but I'll show you in the bathroom at the Perkatory. It's a little chilly to just pull up my hoodie and shirt here, and people might wonder what the hell we're doing." She laughs "A month after Germany. Remember my obsession with the pressed fairy book? It's one of those...." She smacks her hand together like a splat and grins evilly.

Addison stares, mouth agape. "Oh. My. God!" she squees. "Your mom is SO COOL!" she gets a mischievous look in her eyes and Fi may already know what's coming out of her best friends mouth. "I bet the laundromat is nice and toasty warm..." she giggles, not really meaning it. Not really.

Fiona blushes "You want me to just walk in there and yank up my shirt to show Vincent? That's not awkward at all..."

Addison grins. "Don't be stupid. You're not one of his little harpies." she snorts. "I want you to go in and ask him what he thinks of tattoos and tell him about yours and then, if he wants to see it, show it to him. How is this awkward?" she dares.

Fiona rolls her eyes "Is that a dare?" She rarely backs down from those and Addy would know it. Her direction veers off a bit as if she could be heading for the laundromat now.

Addison pulls her head back. "It's a double DOG dare." she declares, and anyone with brothers knows EXACTLY what that is. Addison learned watching Owen and Seamus daring each other to do insane things.

Fiona winces "Ooooh...damn goes my dignity." She looks through to the parking lot of the Olin, a bit creeped out "This is totally where that guy died..." she says with a grim and slightly awed look at the motel. She peeks in the laundromat door soon after and spots Vincent with his back to them. Just for fun, she walks up and puts her hands over his eyes "I'm not an ax murderer, but guess who?" Her voice is very distinct, light, soft and musical.

Addison follows, staring at the parking lot a minute before following Fiona in quietly.

Vincent has four washers open with clothes in all of them. It looks like he is about to begin adding the soap when his eyes are suddenly covered. He does tense, but the moment he hears Fiona's voice, he relaxes. "Well if it's not Lizzie Borden, then it HAS to be Annie Wilkes." he decides and reaches up, touching her hand lightly. "Please don't cut off my foot? This is my last pair of clean socks."

Fiona rolls her shoulder forward, bumping him a bit as she does before taking her hands away "Don't worry Minstrel, it I decide to dissect you it will be painless.....I politely chloroform. Annie Wilkes had no style." She looks back for Addy and then fesses up "OK,,,this is a you like tattoos? And if so, would you like to see mine? Don't worry, I don't need to moon you if the answer is yes."

Addison comes in and casually leans in one of the dryers, watching with a deadpan expression on her face.

Vincent arches both brows. "Sure. Tattoos can be cool, as long as they double check the spelling." he grins. "What if the answer is yes, please moon me?" he teases and quickly counters like a gentleman. "I'm kidding. Sure, show it to me." and he waits for her sleeve to come up."

Fiona blushes deeply at his mooning request joke and then unzips her hoodie, shimmies off her backpack, followed by the hoodie. The shirt underneath is a bit midriff showing and slightly fitted. She reaches to the back of it first letting Addy see as she pulls it up over the squashed fairy on her lower back and turning her back to then Vincent. When she pulls up the back, of course the front rides up above her belly button showing one more small metal ring in her body.

Addison smiles at the tattoo and squees again. "I love it, Fi!" and then she moves her eyes to Vincent, for his reaction as Fiona turns around.

Vincent sees the belly ring, but it's not a tattoo. Considering all of her other piercings, he knows she didn't make a mistake. When she turns and he sees the tattoo, he stares at it. After about thirty seconds, he blindly reaches for the army duffel. "Wow, that's IS great, Fiona." he replies, and clears his throat while he folds the duffel flat and then double over his arm.. "How'd you manage to get that. I mean ... your Dad? Or your mom. Or did you get it illegally or something? It's really nice. Really, it is." he is rambling. Looking over Fi's shoulder at Addison, he adds. "Isn't it, Addison? I mean Addy. It's ... fantastic. Beautiful. I love it .. I mean I like it. I mean ... its great, Fi." he's blushing a deep red.

Fiona hears his rambling and blushes even deeper herself. She pulls her shirt back down and puts her hoodie back on looking a bit self conscious "Thanks...both of you." She turns to stand so she can see them both but then notices Vincent's strange behavior with the bag and shifts a bit more to face Addy as she zips up emphatically "No it's not illegal. my mom signed but my Dad doesn't know yet. So mum's the you wanna meet us at the Perk in a little bit?"

Addison struggles to keep her deadpan expression. Vincent was being very transparent at the moment, but on him, it was adorable. "Yea. It'll get boring in here."

Vincent nods over everything, just trying to remember how to think. Maybe not be so red. "Mum." he agrees, still nodding as if he were an idiot. "Um ... yea ... Perk ... I'll .. just ... yea .. just ... give me a minute ... okay." he probably needed a few of them. If nothing else he actually had to get the soap into the machines and set their cycles and start the machines. And those simple detailed thoughts helped him in many ways.

Fiona glances back at Vincent with her usual casual reply of "Yeah cool." On the inside her entire being is tingling a bit at his reaction. Fuck, he's so cute now she can barely think. Distractedly she heads for the door, pawing at Addison as she passes her with a wide eyed smile Vincent can't see. She exits and as Addy catches up to her she exhales into nervous giggling.

Vincent nods. "Save me a spot." he asks, grinning. When they vanish out the door, his smile actually widens and he turns towards the washers, dropping his head and speaking to himself, his voice shaky. "Jesus."

Addison catches up with Fiona and grabs her arm, hugging it tightly. "Yea ..... I think he likes you." she laughs.

Fiona nods "OK I'm ready to believe you now." She draws herself up to her full height inhaling deeply and then exhaling, a decision crossing her face. Addison would know that expression well.

Addison rolls her eyes. "Gee, thanks." she replies with sarcasm. Then she looks at her expression. "Oh... now what?"

Fiona gives Addy a half smile "I'm going to ask him out. I could sit around waiting for him...or I could just woman up and do it."

Addison squees. "Yes! And not with me, and not with his harpies. Oh and not of one of his little money making excursions. You'd think he was trying to be the towns youngest millionaire." she rolls her eyes. "You are woman, make him listen to you roar!" she considers. "Well, you know what I mean." and she laughs.

Fiona sighs "I think he wants out of his home know the money thing...I can't tell you all of it but it's not nice. Don't even tell him I told you THAT much. But yeah I'll ask him alone. He and I kind of end up walking home together a lot so I can do it on one of those days, maybe even today if that's how it goes. The harpies to amuse me though. I asked one for her dress and shoe size earlier....that little Daisy Dale....the squeakiest of the harpies. And I kind of checked her on purpose in gym.....not TOO hard though....."

 Addison nods. "Well good. It means he can always buy you coffee. And night not be one of those guys who gets offended to go Dutch or even for YOU to pay." she sighs. "Yea, well .. his father comes into the bar sometimes, so yea. I know its not nice." she giggles. "Maybe Daisy will wilt if she finds out he's gone out with you. And then next time ... she might try and check YOU ... oh wait ... she'd die. Oh wait ..." she cups her chin as if trying to decide on which would be worse.

Fiona groans "Yeah the paying thing...ugh. Vincent knows about what Joey did. I didn't mention about the paying thing and him acting like I owed him a blow job for a cheeseburger and fries and a movie ticket....but I'll explain my sensitivity to guys paying for me. I know Vincent isn't Joey. In fact I don't even want to ask Vincent to a movie...maybe I'll ask him to go with me to Cedar Point for an afternnon or's kinda where we first hung out...and they have sushi!" She giggles about Daisy "I feel kinda sorry for her. I mean I get WHY she's smitten because I am too, but gawd she's so dense it hurts."

 Addison nods. "That sounds kind of cool actually. The German-Irish girl and the Italian boy going out for sushi. Very international." she laughs. "She needs a perfect blonde jock so she can become a cheerleader for his high school team." she laughs. "I'm so happy for you, Fi."

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