Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Tis the season APD Style - Adum, Sam, Josh, Darcy, Buni

Adum Brate was treated on his first day back as Chief by being driven there by the interim chief, Josh Greene. More than a bit amused, Adum noted that Josh sped, getting them there in under two minutes. He then all but dragged Adum inside his office and shoved him in his chair for the briefing.

"Josh, I really have to thank you for stepping up the way you did while I as gone." Adum sincerely told him after the briefing.

"I never wanted to be chief, I still don't want to be chief. I told Winters that and I'm telling YOU that!" Josh explains, clearly relieved. "So no more getting shot or anything, kid." finally he relaxes a bit. "Good to have you back, sir."

Adum stands and moves around to Josh. Shaking his hand firmly he honestly states. "Glad to be back, Greene." he heads for the door and the bullpen.

Mertyl Payne clears her throat. "The mayors office just dropped off the list of Santa Clauses, Chief." her voice is close to normal, thanks to some kind of cold or something.

Adum takes the paper and looks at it. "Yea, we know all of these guys. They all have clean records." he hands the list over to Josh and moves into the bull pen. "How things, Wright? Lynch?" he asks them both, his back to Josh.

Suddenly Josh's voice thunders "WHO THE FUCK KEEPS PUTTING MY DAMN NAME DOWN FOR SANTA CLAUS?" he growls and marches to the door. "I'm first on patrol."

Without a word, Adum watches him and the second Josh's back is to him on his way out he begins to chuckle. Mertyl is giggling like a school girl.

"Good to have you back, Chief." Sam looks at him with raised eyebrows. "You did it, didn't you?"

Adum is grinning as the patrol car pulls out of the parking lot. "Every year for the last three Christmases. Chief Winters did it too. Said it would be good for his temperament." he laughs a little. "Does WONDERS for kicking off the holiday cheer around here" he admits.

Darcy hands Adum a report she was working on for Josh as he thunders and leaves with an amused little wince "Well played Sir. Well played. Good to see you back as well." She chuckles and starts back for her desk "Hope he doesn't scare the hell out of the kids."

Sam grins and turns back to his work, finishing his report. "Our Chief is kind of a prankster. So was Winters."

Adum takes the report. "Yes and now that it is officially winter in Alexandra .... let the games begin!" he laughs and turns towards his office. "In my office a moment, Lynch." he and his report proceed her, sitting behind his desk and looking around, familiarizing himself with the place again.

Darcy ducks her head down a moment when she's called in, like a kid in school being called to the principal. She inhales and walks to the office, trying to look more confident than she feels. Her last encounter with the chief ended with her bailing from the bakery in tears she didn't explain. It was not her style and Adum had kindly just recommended a counselor in town without even asking for the reason. Darcy exhales as she stands in front of Adum now "Yes Sir?"

Adum motions to a chair. "Have a seat." he orders and sets the sheet on his desk. "First things first. Did you take that recommendation?" he asks. "I'm not sure the details and I don't NEED to know .. but this is a family, Lynch. We fight together and we prank together. And if you need to ... talk to me. I'm no Lieutenant Green, but ...." he teases.

Darcy sits, but tensely, and nods. As he goes on she settles in a bit looking less tense "Thank you. I know. I had my first appointment with Mr. Singh yesterday. He was helpful. I made another for next week." She looks like she's finished but then goes on "I should probably tell you as it would be helpful information for you to know. I have PTSD, from Afghanistan. I did get some therapy before, in the military and I thought I had kicked it. I am working on it though and I will try very hard not to let it interfere with my work here."

Adum nods with approval. "As long as it helps." he listens to the rest of it and it comes as no surprise. "I hear these things crop up. Told I might have some of my own, at some point. We'll see." he pauses. "I triggered something, didn't I? Over at Earthcakes." the way she stood up and all but ran off, it would make sense.

Darcy sighs "I really hope you don't Chief." She was stronger today than she had been at Earthcakes. It was probably the half a box of kleenex she went through yesterday with Mr. Singh that helped her speak with less emotion now. "We got ambushed on a rescue mission. There were snipers in the trees, shooting at the refugees we were trying to transport. I had to stop the chopper and help cover, or they would be immobilized. We took them out, but of course we had to do a perimeter check before letting the refugees move. I found one of the snipers on the ground, one I knew I'd shot down. His eyes were wide open, looking at me....just these big brown eyes. I got curious and took off the scarf.....he was just a kid. Couldn't be more than 14 tops. When you said you didn't want a child murder on your hands...well I'm already there...." She looked down at the end and focused on her boots just breathing slowly, intentionally.

Adum listens and realizes where his mistake was. But he sits up and looks at her. "You're no more a murderer than I am, Darcy." he tells her softly. With a sigh he admits. "I was a little worried about the DiAntoni household and I exaggerated. Thoughtless of me and I apologize."

Darcy swallows hard "That's probably part of the trigger. Vincent has become very important in my life. He calls me Aunt Darcy...the idea of anything happening to him....the dreams started again as I started connecting to and becoming attached to a 14 year old kid. I'm hoping he's one I can at least help. I just don't know how."

Adum nods and grins. "Cute. He's a pretty good kid .. but high risk." he scoffs when she says she doesn't know how. "Adopt him." he quips and then raises his brows, thinking.

Darcy slumps "I would if I could...honestly...in a second. But he's got a father.....a shitty one....but still. I feel like Gino knows the line and walks it."

Adum nods slowly. "Yea. He knows the line." he agrees. He considers. "What if you applied to become a foster parent?" he tosses it on his desk casually. "I mean ... I'm not sure how long he can keep this up, but Vincent had another four years before he is legal. And boys ..." he sighs. "Boys rebel differently."

Darcy thinks "You mean make sure I'm eligible and already approved in the system...and wait for the other shoe to drop? Chief, I hate this......but yeah maybe..."

Adum nods. "Exactly. Because we're already waiting on the other shoe to drop, aren't we? Vincent has gotten into a few scrapes at the school, from what I've heard. With the school bullies. Not enough to hurt his scholarship, but that may not last forever if he can't find an outlet ... which he isn't likely to find at home."

Darcy nods back "I know he's in a bad place at home. He is making friends at school. He has a girlfriend now. He has his music....he knows he has me anytime he needs help. He asked me to store his instruments yesterday..." She frowns "I'm not sure if his Dad made some kind of crack. He seems to have some sort of fucked up gender thing about a male playing a harp. I don't get it. But I'll look into what I need to do to apply as a foster parent."

Adum sighs. "Good news, bad news." he murmurs. "I've heard that Gino is very macho. He'd expect his son to be the same way. I've only met him once or twice but both times he's gone on about the manliness not only of himself but of Vincent." he looks curious, as he knows everyone in town by reputation at least. "Is his girlfriend local? Someone I might know?"

Darcy rolls her eyes about the machismo and quietly mutters "Misogynist jackassery...." She affirms the girl is local "Yeah I met her. Nice kid, seems to be good for Vincent too. Fiona Reinhardt."

Adum chuckles, trying to decide if Gino DiAntoni would even know what misogyny was and then smiles. "Fi? I used to babysit her ... she's a good kid. And she'll be great for Vincent." he actually seems to relax a bit. "If he can win over her father, because his brother is a cop in Cedar Point." he nods. "My best friends partner. Yea ... small world, but good for Vincent."

Darcy folds her arms "Apparently the uncle is cool with it and the father is being overprotective. But I think Gino works for the dad...It's the Metalworks guy right? Maybe he's made the connection."

Adum sits back. "Well, Fi is the only girl. I guess John is likely to be a little protective and if Gino is bragging about his sons sexual prowess...." he blows out a breath. That could go bad for Vincent.

Darcy shakes her head "Let's hope it's just the patriarchal crap this time then....Dad's and daughters..."

Adum shrugs. "I'm an only child, so what do I know?" he agrees, however. "But get yourself in a position. If the kid wants to get out from under his father, you would be an excellent choice. Put me down as a reference."

Darcy smiles genuinely but tiredly "That would probably help. I guess we'll just see how it goes. Thank you Chief Brate."

Adum smiles. "No problem ... Aunt Darcy, was it?" he chuckles. "Now ..... onwards ... I understand we have a long term guest?"

Darcy looks mildly relieved at the subject change "Yes, Mr. O'Leary.....hell of a card player if I do say so sir."

Adum grins. "Noted. Now if I know Josh .... our prisoner hasn't seen daylight in all that time?" he expects not, which while not illegal isn't HIS policy.

Darcy looks confused "Not that I'm aware of. What are you thinking?"

Adum steeples his fingers. "I am thinking that our prisoner can be exercised on a daily basis at least once, perhaps twice. We'll take him to the park behind this building .. armed guards of course and just to make sure we'll schedule it for say, forty-five past the hour ... fifteen minutes after the hourly ferry leaves .. and have him inside again by no later than a quarter past the hour ... fifteen minutes before the ferry is due to dock."

Darcy squints at him "I feel like I should be ...asking questions....but I'm not sure the questions....Sir..."

Adum smiles. "Well, you may be worried about escape." he understands. "However, Tom is here for six months. November through April. The water around this island gets mighty cold and unless he can fly a helicopter, is the only way OFF the island, besides stealing a boat." he shrugs. "But I think he is a low risk for flight, plus he will have at least one officer with him every second he is out of his cell. Am I right? What's your opinion on it? You've been here, and I haven't."

Darcy smiles back "He's very cooperative, doesn't want any trouble. He's not the type. Gave a drunk we had overnight in the other cell quite the talking to for calling me a bitch one night even."

Adum nods. "Good deal. He really is a good man." he seems to consider. "Now, as the park is going to be our exercise yard, I suppose we should open that up to visitation? He has a girlfriend .. or .. did that change?" sometimes convictions strained relationships to the breaking point.

Darcy laughs "Well I suppose that's step one towards conjugal visitation....if you'd even let them....we'd have to just clear out I suppose..."

Adum blushes. "Well ... that would be ... interesting. But if you can figure out the safest ways to do that, I suppose as de facto warden, I can consider it?"

Darcy shrugs "I feel bad for them. They fell in love and it saved her from a terrible fate, only to put him in a terrible fate. Be nice if they could have some joy now and then while he serves the time. They were pretty hot to trot when Sam and I went to question her. But even being able to see each other in the park would help with some of that."

Adum considers it. "We'll think of something. Maybe a room at the Mariner. They can be slow in the winter. Of course, not daily, but maybe a couple hours once a month for the sentence. I need to go over that a bit with Lucius, but .... I'll work on him." he pauses. "Now I have my own duties. You keep up with that therapy. I need you strong."

Darcy stands up, looking way more relaxed than when she came in "Yes Sir." she starts back to her desk with an audible exhale.

Sam Wright is standing at the printer, waiting on his report. He takes it out and glances over at Darcy. "She lives." he quips. "Then again, Dad's home and saved us from Uncle Josh." he chuckles.

Darcy sits down at her desk and gives Sam a wry look "Yes, I live." She laughs "Until Josh turns into Scary Santa that is..."

Sam laughs. "God, I don't know what the mayor is thinking when he chooses these people." he begins to tick names off on his fingers. "Himself ... I don't know if you've met our fair mayor yet but ... yea ... NO. Greene, who has the temperament of an abused pit bull. Zabat, who is a great guy, but whose accent can get so thick you have to cut it with a chainsaw ... the list goes on." he shakes his head. "Frankly I think Frank would make a great Santa but of course the mayor won't even consider her, even though he only figured out she was female over the summer ... and she's NATIVE."

Darcy cracks up "Frank would be an awesome Santa. I don't think I've talked to the mayor but I've seen him around. Sounds like a real gem though from all the stories."

Sam nods a bit. "He's ... like Scrooge. You notice a lot of the touristy shops and what not are in the Bottoms? And both hotels? The town history has never been terribly tourist friendly. Of course this festival is an exception but that's because the mayor loves winter more than anything." he scoffs. "Maybe he just needs to get laid ... well that's a no brainer. Might relax him."

Darcy shakes her head "Funny, that topic keeps coming up today. Ah well, I'm glad the man likes something at least."

Sam looks intrigued. "Did you and the Chief discuss his honeymoon?" his eyes widen. "PLEASE tell me he took pics!"

Darcy turns beet red and chokes out "Sam!! Dear god...no....I uh......." She has no words for a minute and then laughs "Do have the hots for him or her in that line of thinking? You're breakin my brain Wright, breakin my brain."

For a moment, Sam looks crestfallen. "Well ... not really. I mean Gareth has had a crush on Adum since high school, if not earlier. And ... come on .. don't tell me you haven't looked at Megan Brate." he looks at her as if she might not be as smart as he'd thought. "Gareth and I were kind of hoping their might be a video ... somewhere. Won't deny it. But Adum is a little TOO shy on that subject, I think." he sighs his disappointment in his boss.

Darcy rubs at her face " Yeah I've looked...how can you not? But she's with our boss so I shake it out of my brain, compartmentalize." She points, chuckling "You guys are incorrigible." She clicks open her email, attempting to at least appear as if she plans to get some work done.

Sam looks as if his faith in Darcy has been restored. "EXACTLY!" he also turns back to his computer. "OK, so if it wasn't the Chief, who else is sharing their sex life with you?" he begins yet another file.

Darcy rolls her eyes at Sam "You just need the smut today?" She frowns at an email briefly "No...the other form...dammit...oh well...." She types a bit and then glances up "I was suggesting our prisoner could have some visitation with his lady friend. So it was a conversation with the chief but not about him. Christmas is coming...and they seem so in love. It makes me a little sad for them...Tom and Heather that is."

Sam chuckles. "Smut is mother's milk, okay!" he argues. "Well .... THAT could be interesting. To make it legal there'd have to be one of at the door and one of us watching the windows." he chuckles. "But its the holidays and ... six months without can do bad things to the man if he's used to it. Add in he did the community a service ..." he nods a little. "Adum considering it? He turns some incredible shades of red."

Darcy types a bit more and smiles "Yeah he did and he is. We shall see. And I'll give you dibs on the window watching if it all pans out." she jokes.

Sam chuckles. "Deal. That's my role in life to hide in the bushes and give great lines to handsome men." he glances at the screen. "Oh It looks like Hanukkah is starting on Christmas Eve this year through the first.

Darcy hits send on her email and moves onto the next, answering Sam as she scans it "Do you...celebrate it to the letter? And what does that involve. I know about the Menorah and there's special foods right?"

Sam shrugs. "Normally I go to New York and spend it with my mother and the New York Elitists. But this year .... I stay here. Going to Seattle with Kitty just before. Hang with her and her Dad. Then back here. But on Christmas Eve and Day I am working. But I'll hit Vancouver or maybe a White Rock club on my way out of the country." he winks.

Darcy smirks as she thinks about what to type back to this one "Uh huh....well this year it's just Mari and I and maybe Vincent. He needs a bit of Christmas cheer." She looks thoughtful and opens a new tab and googles something. If Sam happens to look at her screen he'll see her reading this website:

Sam turns around. "Oh yea, the DiAntoni kid?" he nods and hits print again, glancing over her shoulder as he heads for the printer. "Wait? You ... and the DiAntoni kid?" he seems to ponder that a moment, standing behind her, chin in hand.

Darcy turns suddenly. She hadn't been aware Sam was moving right behind her. Awkwardly she says "I'm just trying to understand the...options. In case I can or need to help..."

Sam looks at her evenly. "And here I thought maybe you were thinking of taking that kid in when his father inevitably implodes." he grins. "Vincent is a good kid in a shitty situation and you're gonna be a great mom." he heads for the printer. "If you need a reference ... just let me know."

Darcy smiles resignedly "Thanks. And you did guess it. I'm not looking to replace a mother, just be a safe guardian so he can actually still be a kid. He calls me Aunt Darcy. It works for me."

Sam collects his printout and heads back to his desk. "Well he needs a safe guardian." he pauses and sits, looking at Darcy evenly. "He came onto Kitty. She told Gareth and me about it. Just ... slimy that Gino. And it's gonna blow up in his face probably LONG before his kid is legal."

Darcy cringes "Tell Kitty I'm sorry. So far so good. What Mari calls my perfected resting bitchface seems to be working when I see the guy in the halls."

Sam chuckles. "So you are part of that elite club of women Gino Di Antoni hasn't come onto ... yet? So far I know .. you ... Frank and Miss Z." he pauses. "Then again you and Frank are armed and Miss Z is pushing seventy pretty hard." he grins.

Darcy bookmarks the page and then closes it, intending to read more later "So far so good. I'm amazed he hasn't been charged already if that's how it goes." She sighs and then looks back at her email with an overall irritated look on her face on the topic of Gino.

Sam considers and glances at his watch. "Well, I think part of it is patience. A lot of folks like Vincent ... and if something happens to his father ... and he gets a foster family in Vancouver or Toronto or wherever ... there goes his scholarship. Talk about a Catch 22; get the kid out of an abusive relationship and possibly ruin his future, of leave him there for the same if not worse results."

Darcy looks stressed by it all again and leans forward on her hand, using her fingers to rub at one temple "I know Sam. I know....." She lets out a long breath.

Sam comes forward and pats her shoulder. "That kid likes and needs you, Darc." he murmurs. "So be ready." he straightens. "Listen. We have Thursday off, right? Let me take you out. Like a damn near grown ass baby shower so you can unwind and have some fun..." he coaxes. "Like your own little celebration of American Thanksgiving."

Darcy laughs in spite of it all "That's a very strange way to put it, but you're on. I'm thankful I don't live in Trumpland?"

Sam smiles. "That's me. A man like me has to be confident ... or I'm dead." he winks. "Yea .... honestly Kitty wants me to come home with her to try and talk her father into coming up here. I will try and work on my mother but she thinks she's safe." he shrugs. "And you're out of your mind if you think that, if its needed and you wind up being Vincent's foster mom, that I'm not taking you out for a goodbye single life, hello motherhood party. I even know the perfect lesbian bar ... ooooo some very hot mamas there."

Darcy can't help but laugh "Hot mamas? Oh my god Sam.."

Sam winks at her. "Gotta love me. I'm quirky and cute." he is about to say more when the door opens and Buni Chuku marches in, moving straight to Mert. "Ya gib me a lady officah! Right nah! Fo I commit a murder ob a bastard."

Mertyl, turns and looks at Darcy. "I think this is for you."

Darcy stands up and walks towards Buni "Miss Chuku.....how can we help you? Do you need to speak in private?" She looks truly concerned.

Buni looks at Darcy. "Girl!" her accent thicker than usual in her obvious upset. "I come ta sak kin I beat a man actin fresh wit a cast iron pan an not git 'rested? Cause imma do dat fo sho! Me cousin tell me ta walk here an tink fo I do sometin git me in prison but dat boy need a killin!" her hands fly through the air, punctuating her words.

Darcy hesitates for a moment, trying to make sense of it through the accent. She's fairly good with accents but does better with the middle eastern variety than the Caribbean variety. Slowly she paraphrases back "A man was...inappropriate and you did NOT assault him with a frying pan....but you wish to. Can you tell me what occurred BEFORE the frying pan became a factor Miss Chuku?"

Buni nods. "Damn right i do." she announces. :An he be gettin what he need." she pauses. "He order a coffee an a roll, den ask me if dey be big as MY buns. Den he tell me I got nice tits .. an he may be right but he ain't got no right sayin it. An when I turn round ta git his coffee .. he grab me ass! Dat when I tole Eien ta come bring me me knife! He don wan do it, so I go in fo me fryin pan." she puts her hands on her hips. "Which git me mo time? Choppin off his hand or beatin him in da head wit a pan?"

Sam looks studiously at his monitor, coughing and clearing his throat.

Darcy's eyes go wide and then she looks sympathetic "Is this a regular customer. Do you know his name?" She absently pulls a clipboard towards her from the counter with an incident report ready to fill in and pulls a pen from her shirt pocket clicking it to ready it to write.

Buni nods. "Damn right I know. Was Gino Fuckin DiAntoni! Nah ... I see his son three or fo time a week in me place. Got manners in him .. must be from his mama cause his daddy need a beatin," she sees the clipboard. "Dat aint hard nuff, but if ya rip off da clip, might kin slit that bastards throat good." and advises.

Sam stands suddenly and heads for the door, where Josh Green is returning. He shakes his head and heads out with him, but the closed door does nothing to hide Sam explaining to his superior what is happening. Josh looks through the door disbelieving and moment later the cruiser passes by the station; apparently on another sweep of the island.

Darcy closes her eyes tightly at the name for a second and then opens them "I'm so sorry Miss Chuku." Another good person in harm's way because of this asshole. Darcy makes a few notes and then looks up at Buni "Can you tell me the approximate time it all happened?"

Buni considers. "Bout ten minutes ago. Dunno where he gone, but if he pass 'ere imma heat him."

Darcy inhales and exhales obviously "Miss Chuku. Mr. DiAntoni's actions were not in any way acceptable, but I need to ask you to refrain from retaliation." She gestures at the clipboard "You can go through the proper channels and charge him with harassment and sexual assault."

Buni blows out an exasperated breath. "Fine I fill out da form. But he do it 'gin ... gonna be PLENTY of 'taliation." she promises.

Sam walks back in and resumes his seat at his desk, but is face is red.

Darcy sighs. She knows Buni is right "Yes but every woman who can and does report is helping the next woman who can't or doesn't feel it's safe to. We are here to help Miss Chuku, and you're helping us do our job. Thank you." She sets down the partially filled in report for Buni. It has Gino's name and the date and time. "I just need you to fill in your full name so we have the proper spelling. You can either write out the description of events or I can summarize from what you've told me or take dictation. Then you would just read it to make sure it represents what you wish to say and sign."

Buni huffs, but fills out the form. "Most wimmins don gon wan ta complain." she murmurs. "Dey gon tell dey men or dey friend an 'pendin how bad it git you gon fin dat fool in da inlet." she finally hands the form back. Her handwriting is surprisingly nice, if her accent was any indication.

Darcy listens and watches her write. The woman tells it like it is and Darcy has to force herself to stay professional and not just openly agree. She takes the form "We really appreciate you taking the time Miss Chuku. We'll be in touch."

Buni huffs again, returning the clipboard. "Ya best ta be. Me pots aint cheap. I hate ta leave one up dat fol butt!" and she turns and marches out of the cop shop.

Adum opens his door and walks casually out. "Tis the season." he sings as he moves to the counter and around it into the bull pen. He reaches for the clipboard. "Sounds to me like Santa just dropped a little piece of peppermint into our stocking. Did I hear DiAntoni's name?" he truly looks happy that he may have.

Darcy blinks at Adum "Chief if you mean someone reporting an assault is peppermint then here's a whole damn box of candy canes." She offers him the clipboard, meeting his reach.

Adum smiles. "Well, considering it could have been worse ... yes." he looks at the form. "It's not quite a whole BOX, but it DOES give us reason to start speaking to women who may have had the same thing happen." he glances up. "Wright? He hangs at the Blue Door. Any chance one o the women there is pissed enough to talk to us?"

Sam has gotten himself under control and turns from his computer keyboard. "Catherine Carmichael was telling me that he let his hand wander too much." he reports. "I can work on getting her to file a report, but given the nature of her job ... she might hesitate."

Adum shakes his head. "See, that's the problem with society. Kitty works in a club and flirts with men. That doesn't mean they can grab at whatever they want." he proclaims. "If he touched her and she didn't WANT to be touched ... it's illegal and I want to know about it."

Sam nods. "That's what I told her. Give me another day and she'll be in here."

Darcy sighs and looks empathetic ally back at Sam. There was always too much of this shit in the world, so much worse when it was someone you cared about. She turned back to Adum, practically minded now "How many reports to we need? Can we just survey the town? The guy's a creep..."

Adum looks at Darcy. "Well Buni got the ball rolling. I want to talk to some of the other women in town, but honestly we might get further if we talk to the MEN. Boyfriends, brothers, husbands and fathers. Very casually." he looks at the door of the cop shop. "Buni won't keep quiet about this, which will help. She's no gossip, but she keeps an eye out." he pauses and looks back at his officers. "Now remember, sexual harassment is a civil charge, but assault is our department. Touching, grabbing, patting .... whatever." he pauses again. "I don't want to spook this guy, however. For many reasons." he looks at Darcy.

Sam nods. "I'll canvass the Fire Department. Chief Stanley may know some stuff." he considers. "And I'll also ask Susan. I have to go in there for one of my brothers prescriptions anyway."

Darcy nods, catching Adum's drift "So you just want to pile up enough we can lock him up with? Hopefully there's enough already....I don't want to take more statements like Miss Chuku's everyday."

Sam shrugs and heads out the door, taking a cruiser tot he clinic.

Adum watches him go. "Hopefully. Right now we have Miss Chuku." he scoffs. "Hopefully it won't be a race to the cell with those two." he blows out a breath. "I've only been back a little while. Josh may have heard more. We'll see. Then we'll follow up. Did you fill out your own form?"

Darcy shakes her head after watching Sam go "For whatever reason. I've happily avoided the guy aside from the off glare in the hallway. Maybe he can smell the "I like girls and I will feed you your nuts" vibe I keep sending him with my telepathy."

Adum grins a bit. "Or he's seen the gun on your hip. But either works. Hopefully he knows you're a cop and will behave himself with his son." he blows out a breath. "I'd give him the option to just leave town, but I don't want him taking the kid with him. Arresting him would automatically put the kid in the system ... so be ready for that. I might be able to fast track it."

Darcy thinks "I have an errand in Vancouver today. I'll start the application process." She offers to take back the clipboard "I'll type this up and start a file?"

Adum nods. "Yes. You make that happen and, when Sam comes back have him come into my office."

Darcy heads back to her desk ready to work intensely now. She planned to do whatever it took to put Gino DiAntoni away and out of reach from harming any more of the town's women, or Vincent.

About ten minutes later, Sam Wright comes back in. "Susan McKinney should be in here later today." he reports to Darcy. "Apparently DiAntoni was in there making moves on her and Colleen Reinhardt." he blows out a breath. "I didn't get to talk to Colleen but ... maybe the Chief can."

Darcy throws up her hands from the keyboard "The doctor and nurse? Was this at the clinic? Oh...my...god...." She shakes her head and stands up "Listen Sam...about kitty...if you need to talk...we'll go see Adum first about this....but don't be shy."

Sam nods. "Apparently Mr DiAntoni thiks himself quite the ladies man." he tolls his eyes and heads in the direction of Adum's office. "Actually I might just take you up on that. Maybe after the shift." and he heads into the Chief's office to give him the news.

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