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Statutes Role Play Night Nov. 5th - Wolfgang, Hank, John, Gino

Wolfgang Pots laughs softy 'yeah .. but that's just like stock investment.. both are very risk .. one is just legal' he say softly .. it sounds odd this hillybilly tattoo dude talking about stock but he just smiles 'hey ya Name Wolf."

Hank Stanley chuckles. "Oh to be able to know the future." he watches the door and raises his hand in greeting to the man coming in, motioning to the bar hoping he will join them.

Hank Stanley chuckles. "Oh to be able to know the future." he watches the door and raises his hand in greeting to the man coming in, motioning to the bar hoping he will join them.

John Reinhardt trudges over looking a little tuckered out. He slumps into a seat "Whatever's on tap please..."He nods to the man behind the bar and to his left and then looks to his right "Hey Gino."

Gino DiAntoni snorts and then looks at his boss who looks exhausted.  "Hey there John.  You look likeyou just got off shift.  Did I make a mistake on the day?"

Wolfgang Pots smiles and just sips his whiskey slow 'hey when your not busy can you get me a order of your fish and chips 'he say softly as he nursing his whiskey

 Hank Stanley nods. "No problem." he pours John his beer and gives it to him and then heads for the kitchen door. Half opening it he calls in "Fish and chips." and closes it again, coming back behind the bar. "Pete .. the owner of this place would have screamed it. I got enough yelling a my crew to be doing it here too." he looks at John. "You climb out the window to escape, John?" he chuckles.

John Reinhardt takes off his hat and scratches at the bald spot on his head, as if to emphasize the next point "'s my kids...I had to get some air." He chuckles "I love em....but I needed a break." He takes a really big sip and then a long cleansing breath.

Gino DiAntoni laughs.  "I guess I should be glad I only have one.  But he's playing his music and ... he's good or he wouldn't be at that school .. but I wouldn't be here at all if my weekend fluff hadn't cancelled on me.  The music drives me crazy."  he kills the whiskey in his glass.  "Another Jameson, Hank."

 Wolfgang Pots nurses his glass of whiskey while just watching the fellas.. before speaking up 'i got a kid.. thirteen. he sips his whiskey 'ditto on the Jack 'he slides his glass to the tender 'found out i had a kid a year ago i think.. lost a year of my memory.. so its like discovering i got a kd all over ago i suppose 'he say softly .. he exhales ..

Hank Stanley pours the Jack and Jameson and not even n the same glass. "Well my son and I ... are very off and on ... had issues since he was a teen." he looks at John and Gino. "Which kid? You got all of them .. its the weekend." and to Gino. "Your son is the one who plays that hand held harp, right?"

John Reinhardt nods and looks at Gino "One...yeah. You don't like the harp? Could be death metal or nonstop video games." He jokes, but he's really not joking. He gives Hank a sympathetic look about his troubles and then turns to the blond man "Whoah....that's intense. You just met him?"

Gino DiAntoni nods.  "God, is he playing that damn thing on the street again?  If I told him once ... spoiled brat, that kid."  he looks at John.  "I kinda like metal ...  but he is no younger than thirty himself so ....  he looks down the bar.  "She dump him on you or something?"  he wonders, bluntly.

Wolfgang Pots nods 'i dunno i even had a kid.. one day they move to Cedar Point where was i was a mechanic at the cannery .. 'he say softly 'bump into her at the store and she kinda blurted it all out ..'he says softly 'look down the line from Gino to John .. 'nah one drunken Mardis Night with his ma.. and boom I'm a dad.. she said she couldn't find me then fell in love with some guy .. her current husband'he say softly then he takes a drink

Hank Stanley shakes his head. "Wow ... you two." he looks between Gino and wolf, but then he takes in all three of them. "Hell.. all of us were young fathers. But to find out .. years later." he looks at Gino. "I like his music when I hear it. Kid's got talent. You should be proud of him." he sighs. "I think I'm just old, boys." he chuckles and heads to the kitchen to check on the fish and chips.

Gino DiAntoni shrugs.  "Well, I was seventeen when Vincent was born.  Married his mother, but she was only sixteen.  Had to get signed permission from our parents."  he sips at his whiskey.  "She played the harp too and taught Vincent but ... boys and the harp ... I don't think it will go anywhere.  But before she died, she arranged for him to get on the waiting list for this school here, and .. so here we are."  he drinks half the whiskey in a draught.

Wolfgang Pots smiles 'is he the one that can play metal songs on the harp 'he say softly 'my boy Hani was blabbering on and on yesterday bout some angel dude that was playing a wicked harp just like those people on that youtube.. 'he say looking at Gino 'he must be good to spike my boy interest.. it takes a lot 'he say softly my sons kinda of an unique kid 'he laugh softly

Hank Stanley returns with he fish and chips and places them in front of wolf. "Enjoy." he leans back and watches his customers.

 John Reinhardt had been listening to the other men and polishing off his first pint. He sets the empty on the table and requests to Hank "Another one of those please Hank." He looks between the men "17..." He whistles and then says to the blonde man "Sorry I'm John. My brother lives in Cedar Point." He looks between them both now "I think my Fi helped terrorize the town on Halloween with your kids."

Gino DiAntoni blows out a breath.  "Yea.  Sonia, his mother, taught him to play all kinds of stuff."  he looks at his boss.  "Yea .. well ... accidents happen .. but its only the one that I know of."  he gives Wolf a kind of meaningful look.  "Vincent DiAntoni, by the way.  He mentioned he went out with your daughter..."

Wolfgang Pots laugh softy 'oh Wednesday . he laughs 'yeah Hani got a thrill out her 'he laughs 'Hani said why cant all the kids be like her 'he chuckles'names Wolf 'he say 'I'm sorta of there on and off travel more now 'he say softly 'Halloween is like my boy favorite holiday .. only day he say people act cool and awesome and not so normal my son Hani ' he sips his whiskey before starting to work on his fish an chips

 Hank Stanley grins. "I head some of his music while I was tending my sons haunted porch." he looks at Gino. "He played some very appropriate stuff and I thought it was fantastic. You have a talented son, Gino."

John Reinhardt offers Wolf a hand to shake "Wolf you're full name...nickname...short for?" He grins "Hani, I'll try and remember that for Fi..." He glances back at Gino about the words "went out with your daughter", one eyebrow raising slightly and then a throat clear looking at Hank.

Gino DiAntoni catches the look.  "He's fourteen.  I guess he likes he?"  he offers and then drains his whiskey and sighs.  "Another, Hank."  and murmurs something about 'that damn kid'.

Wolfgang Pots laughs 'It's short for Wolfgang. Ma a huge Mozart fan. Plus I'm of Austrian decent and it's a family name .. Wolfgang Amadeus Pots 'he laughs.

Hank Stanley looks at Gino for long time between his usual blunt comments and the possibility of his son dating John's daughter. He looks back at John and shrugs. He really doesn't know whose kids are dating whose. So he looks back at wolf. "After Mozart?"
John Reinhardt snorts "Good name, and composer." He has a glance at the others and looks around as he sips.

Gino DiAntoni sighs and taps at the bar.  "That's classical music, right?"

Wolfgang Pots nods 'yeah .. after him .. ma jokes that I'm some how relate to him.. by association of being Austrian .. she just a die hard Mozart fan.. tried to get me to play violin but i rather plunk a guitar he laughs finishing off his whiskey 'thinks she was hoping to raise the next Wolfgang Mozart.. he laughs 'I'm more of Gearhead 'he smiles

Hank Stanley chuckles. "You play guitar? Neat. I never had much talent in .. well any arena." he admits and pours Gino another drink.

John Reinhardt gestures with his drink at Hank "Any musical area...doesn't mean no talent. Don't ask me to sing though if you like your ears." He grins at Gino and then Wolf as he sips.

Gino DiAntoni groans and can't help chuckle, just glad the conversation is off of his son and John's daughter.  "Maybe in three more Jamesons, eh?"  he suggests and knocks back half the fresh drink back.

Wolfgang Pots laughs softly 'I don't play as well I used he motion to the bandages.. accident in the navy .. he say softly but it doesn't sound like totally trash 'eh say softly ..

Hank Stanley grins. "Now there's an idea, John. We can go around singing and taking donations to STOP ... I could retire by June."

 John Reinhardt almost spits out his beer and points at Hank as he sputters and reaches for a napkin "You bastard...that would have been a waste of good beer."

Wolfgang Pots laugh softly 'That's a idea 'he say as he eats his fish and chips.

Gino DiAntoni almost dank but saves the motion just in time.  "Jesus guys."

Hank Stanley laughs. "Sorry John. Here .. since its my fault." he pours him another beer. "On the house."

John Reinhardt elbows the other two "Quick boys, spit your drinks. Thanks Hank." He jokes and takes the fresh beer after draining the one he has. He turns to Wolf after "So you still in the navy then?"

Gino DiAntoni takes his glass almost protectively.  "Not a chance.  Unless you want to sing and break all our glasses, boss man."  he looks down to Wolf for the reply.

Wolfgang Pots chuckles 'you fellar remind of the old roadhouse bar back in Georgia when i first started drinking he says laughs 'nah been out for awhile but I'm the same old seadog.. can stay away from the sea..i love my little houseboat 'he laughs

Hank Stanley smiles. "I live on a converted houseboat. Now it's two apartments .. and its more a barge .. no more wheelhouse or anything. But its great to live on the water... as long as you don't get seasick.

John Reinhardt does a little finger swirl between Wolf and Hank "Fish...the both of you." He snickers at Gino "Your drink is safe."

Gino DiAntoni grins and sips his whiskey.  "I almost joined the navy ... when it was that or face fatherhood."  he admits.  "You know there really IS such a thing as a shotgun wedding?"  he quips.

Wolfgang Pots looks a bit enviously 'well marriage . is an adventure.. 'he say softly looking at his whiskey glass almost empty .. he taps the bar for another glass as he munches on his fish 'would have it any other way .. ma always said I was a fish .. couldn't stay away from the creek near our house always swimming.. water logged I guess 'he laughs softly still looking pensively at his glass.

Hank Stanley chuckles and gets another for Wolf. Then he looks at Gino. "So her father was insistent you marry his pregnant daughter?" he winces a bit. "Well ... My wife and I were on our way to divorce when she got in an accident and died." he sighs and runs the scar on his face with his scared hands. "SO Its an adventure all right ... and one hell of a balancing act."

John Reinhardt gulps at Hank and then glances at the other two as if there's not much to say after that and just drinks.

 Gino DiAntoni blows out a breath and nods.  "Amen." he toasts Hank.  For a moment he considers changing the subject but can't seem to think of a safe one.

Wolfgang Pots: he sighs .. as he sips and nurses his drink 'well are yall happy and all 'he asks Gino smiling .. rubbing a small line on his ring finger .

Hank Stanley lowers his hands and shrugs. "For a while I was." he looks at Gino, knowing his answer but not giving it. It's a small town.

John Reinhardt blows a long breath into his beer, causing it to foam a bit and then looks around "Well aren't we a cheery bunch eh? Widowed, divorced and..."he glances at Wolf "Whatever you're rubbing that finger for. We've all got kids...good ones too. Grandkids for Hank's a good town minus the odd murder..." she shudders and then takes a sip, not finishing as the alcohol chops his sentence structure down.

Gino DiAntoni looks over at Wolf.  "She died two years ago."  he replies. "And yea ...  this is an interesting town.  No Halloween?  Seriously?"

Wolfgang Pots stops ..forgetting his absentmindedly rubs his finger 'it itches .. he say covering his hand with the non tattoo. hand 'oh sorry .. 'he say softly and picks up a chip forgetting his tattoo finger in the rush to get a chip . ' yeah i found that weird.. Hani say this town ain't right when he found out 'he laugh softly

Hank Stanley laughs. "Don't forget the owner of the ONLY real bar in town having a heart attack because his baseball team won for the first time in a century or something." he chuckles. "And OH ... my great and slick chief's car is a high powered golf cart." he shakes his head, laughing harder.

John Reinhardt sputters on his beer again "Dammit.."he looks to Gino and Wolf including them in the jibe he's about to make at Hank "Did they give you a water pistol with at at least Cap'n?"

Gino DiAntoni isn't so lucky this time and snorts some Jamesons out of his nose.  "I see it when I am down here, but I can't imagine it in action."  he pinches his nose.  Jamieson's stings.

Wolfgang Pots laughs softly as he just watches amused as he polishes off his chips and takes a swing of whiskey ..

Hank Stanley laughs. "Oh we have a million dollar engine and a half million dollar ambulance, PLUS a state of the art helicopter. I get the Chief Cart Clown Car .. oh and I get Henry .. You guys have seen Henry? The basset hound they named after their Chief? Oh the respect never ends for me." he laughs hard again and pours Gino a freebie.

John Reinhardt slaps Gino on the back and then says "Wolf here's the only one of you I wouldn't play in poker. Hasn't spit a drop." He continues teasing Hank "How many firemen can you fit in that thing?"

Gino DiAntoni sets his drink down and just laughs for a while.  "Oh God ... that's just ... God."  he nods.  "Yea, man ... nothing against you but .. no poker or other gambling games."  then John goes on and he just drops his head on the counter.

Wolfgang Pots laugh softly 'well maybe you can use that golf cart for golfing 'he offers he laughs .. at the jest 'blackjack more my game mind you "

Hank Stanley laughs. "Just me .. I am the Chief, damn it." he looks at Wolf. "Alexandra is the original water trap, son. and there's more golf carts on this island than anything else. The kids drive them to the ferry to go to the mainland to get drivers licenses then beg their parents to pay the car registrations for the city ... which are ASTRONOMICAL. The only reason I have a car is because I am a city employee and it comes with the job, or I wouldn't pay the damn thing."

 John Reinhardt smiles at Wolf and then nods along with Hank. He glances over to Gino checking whether he's laughing or passing out on the bar and at the same time reasons "Well nothing's THAT far away for the average citizen."

Gino DiAntoni lifts his head.  "Yea wolf .. the registration fee for a car here is 555 bucks a month.  Apparently the mayor has an interesting sense of humor"  he sorts.  "So I keep my car parked on the mainland.  My kid thinks its great and all environmentaly friendly.  Maybe that means I don't have to tell him to get a job to pay his own fee."

Wolfgang Pots nods 'seems like a small quiet town 'he say softly 'but yeah average health person shouldn't get too winded walking around.. 'Wolfgang Pots laugh softly

Hank Stanley chuckles. "Well the violence in the latter part of the year IS countered by most citizens being unusually healthy from the walking around. But the golf cart fees are only a hundred, which is good and cheap and bicycle registration is only ten bucks a month for anyone over 18, so .... but yea .. the mayor made it very clear he doesn't want cars on the island."

John Reinhardt snickers "So we can all run fast for the bad part of the year?" He takes a sip and then muses grimly "Although the latest I don't believe.......he couldn't have...."

Wolfgang Pots raises his brow.. a bit 'dang it costs to live here.. 'he says whistling 'i though i had i bad elsewhere 'he says softly as he finishes his fish and slides the basket away from himself

Gino DiAntoni nods.  "Its a steep price."  he pauses.  "Or you mean that shit with Tom?"  he wonders and looks towards wolf.  "One of our co-workers was arrested for murder, but ....  I can't see it .. not him."  he thinks Tom is sort of a weak pansy.

Hank Stanley nods. "That kid that started working for you? He has the girlfriend that who works at the condom shop." he immediately adds. "That my crew frequents because I am too old for sex." he rolls his eyes.

John Reinhardt sighs "He's just so a big know?" He looks around at them all sadly "I mean I guess anyone can snap...but he just doesn't seem the sort."

Gino DiAntoni snorts.  "Yea.  I see him as one of those talk your feelings out sort of guys.  But if he was fighting over that woman I've seen him with ...."  he whistles a little lecherously.  "She might be worth a little jail time ...."

Wolfgang Pots looks curiously as he listens to the town gossip/new a sort of guilty pleasure for him being a traveler ' he just sips his whiskey slowly nursing it .

Hank Stanley gives Gino a raised eyebrow. "She seems like a nice girl. I was it the shop for their fire safety inspection." he replies, a bit awkwardly.

John Reinhardt darts a wary sideways glance at Gino while sipping. Did he say his son went out with Fiona? He blinks and focusses on Hank as he talks and then laughs, turning to Wolf and including him in the next jab "Fire safety inspection, in a sex shop...sure sure Hank. Was anything in there too hot to pass?"

Gino DiAntoni misses the look because he was killing he last of he old whiskey and reaching for the freebie.  "I havent been in there.  I should ask Vincent if they have anything good in there.  I told the boy if he winds up like me I'll kill him."

Wolfgang Pots nods 'been a girl or two in my past i think of fight for . he rubs his finger 'so they say he killed the guy or are they not sure whats going on .. 'he say softly . he just chuckles .. at the sex shop joke an shakes his head.

Hank Stanley looks at John. "Son they have stuff in there I dont even know how anyone would USE. And some of thise dildoes ... re kinda unrealistic, if you want my opinion." he looks at Wolf. "Oh yea .... well the police are still investigating I guess. He's still in jail. Hasn't made his bail I guess it was pretty high."

John Reinhardt looks sternly at Gino now "Don't think they'd let a minor go in that one Gino. If I ever hear any of my kids got in I'll board the place up myself. " He looks at Hank with a grin and then Wolf, seriously "The girl ended up in the clinic and her...well I guess ex is the one who died. Tom's the new boyfriend. They were just moving in together....he was so happy."

Gino DiAntoni holds up a defensive hand.  "Well they sell them int he city.  Kids frow up pretty fast these days, John.  At least my son knows about protection."  he looks at Wolf.  "Yea ... he won the girl.  Now its up to the courts, I guess."

Wolfgang Pots sighs softly 'poor fellar.. gotta be more then what meets the eyes.. 'he say softly 'especially if he ain't the type.. 'he sighs running a hand through his shiny golden locks .. 'yeah .. i sat down Hani myself.. his dad.. is the shy geek type.. so i broke the facts of life and told him the whole spill about not getting a girl pregnant.. hes already kissing i think. admitted he got his first kiss. to me after Halloween .. think he blurted it out to some teen and came to me the next day ' he exhales.. 'its like why me but yeah '

 Hank Stanley sighs and nods. "I had the talk with ford. Fortunately before we had our partig of the ways." he looks at john. "The boys are careful, right? ANd Fiona ...." he treads lightly, as hes always been relieved NOT to have a daughter .. but he has a GRANDdaughter. "I mean I doubt she ... uh." he gives up

John Reinhardt looks overwhelmed by this whole conversation and says "I had the talk with them all..and Colleen did too I'm sure. It's all you can do." He shifts his eyes to Gino one more time, deciding to ask Fiona about this boy Vincent. Afterwards he emphasizes to Wolf "Ah....a kiss...a kiss is sweet. Let them stay at that until they're 25 right?" he laughs nervously.

Gino DiAntoni nods.  "The guys have to be responsible.  Believe me, I know what its like.  And Vincent is a lot like his mother but hes a lot like me too.  Just probably more responsible."  he snorts a laugh and downs the whiskey.  "Hope springs eternal if you have a hot daughter."  the whiskey says for him.

Wolfgang Pots nods 'he just a kid.. he don't know even how to make his own food 'he laughs 'got a way from being a really worry if he get all red over a peck on the lip like a second long . and he is more embarrassed then if he was to accidentally piss himself kinda embarrassed.. so i think were safe.. for now.. hope he more like his ma.. and is a late bloomer.. 'he say softly 'seem more like his ma in looks, brains and attitude anyways '

Hank Stanley looks at Gino sharply. "Well, kids can be smart. I have ten year old grand kids and I rust my son to raise them .. not to get in that kind of trouble as teenagers."

John Reinhardt's eyes go wide when Gino says "if you have a hot daughter" and he downs his whole beer and sets the glass purposely in front of Hank in asking and then redirects to Wolf "Your accent, where are you from Wolf?"

Gino DiAntoni downs the rest of the free whiskey and motions for another.  he listens as hes thinking the same about the odd accent.

Wolfgang Pots smiles 'I'm from the peach state.. good ol Georgia outsida Savannah he laughs softly.

Hank Stanley takes Wolf's plate into the kitchen and returns just in time to hear Wolf's reply. "Ahhh nice."

John Reinhardt nods "Long way to move to come up here. How do you like our winter rain?" he jokes.

Gino DiAntoni snorts.  "Yea .. we don't get much it he way of snow, but that rain and the wind."  he shivers.

Wolfgang Pots laughs 'nah i came for the climate and stay for the colorful personalities 'he smarts back teasing but smiles 'just like it up here.. got sick of the hot Georgia summers 'he say softly 'and several people there .. 'he say softly

Hank Stanley laughs. "Well one thing about this town is the cool breeze of the water no mater what month it is."

John Reinhardt puts on an almost creepy smile and says in an over cheerful voice "And we LOVE Christmas."

Gino DiAntoni snorts.  "God .. what IS it around here .. its barely into November."

Wolfgang Pots laughs 'that's when you find some fine person to cuddle with 'he laughs 'I was about to say that whats up with the Christmas decorations already .. thought it was bad back home '

Hank Stanley pours Gino his drink and grins. "Or buy another comforter." he counters. "Oh ... the mayor loves the winter more than he loves registration fees."

John Reinhardt snorts and looks around "Because then no one can take the extortion from his cold December hand?"

Gino DiAntoni laughs and takes the drink.  "Pretty much seems like.  If I thought Vncent could make cold hard cash playng on street corners I wouldn't object so much, but he's never made more than ffty bucks."

Wolfgang Pots laughs 'i prefer getting a warm body next me 'he laugh softly but listens to the other patrons.

Hank Stanley grins. "I'm too old to share my covers. My wife was the worst bed hog. Granted I missed it when I was o the couch." he chuckles. "You don't take the boys money do you Gino?" he shakes his head. "Last call, boys."

John Reinhardt is partway through his last beer anyway and waves away Hank's call. He glances at Gino "Well you can't expect them to work too much or their grades slip. Fi's just applied for a holiday job. I hope she doesn't overdo it. " He smirks at Wolf "I think you might want to try the other bar in town there Wolf, the Blue Door? It's a bit more of a meat market."

Gino DiAntoni downs his whiskey and motions for another .. all sheets to the wind.  "He knows what will happen to him if his grades slip."  he grumbles.  "and the money pays his keep so.  He might make more playing guitar or something."  he snorts.  "Yea ... a lot of young willing girls down there."  he takes the last drink.  "The good thing here is not turning in your car keys.  I can drink walk home just fine."

Wolfgang Pots smiles 'I'm good he say softly as he just finishes off his whiskey and waves off 'why go to the market when you got some good at home 'he say softly .. he winks and laugh softly 'beside I'm getting to old to chase the cat.. he say softly especially since I got a teen now .. 'he shakes his head

Hank Stanley chuckles. "Home cooking is ALWAYS best, son. he agrees. "Yea .. got to set a good example. he looks directly at Wolf and pointedly not at Gino.

John Reinhardt's jaw sets a bit when Gina says "young willing girls" and he gulps the last of his beer. He gives Wolf a little smile as he pulls out his debit card and holds it up at Hank "I need to turn in...well if the kids are asleep that is. Got an extra one right now with Petey layed up. Addison's been staying with us and now the boys are 5 kids right now...teenagers all of them."

Gino DiAntoni takes the drink and downs it.  "And home liquer is not bad either."  he sets his debit card out after a short struggle and grins.  "That redhead? Nice.  I've seen her walking with Vincent when I'm out for a smoke sometimes."  he nods in all the wrong kinds of approval.

Wolfgang Pots laughs softly 'yeah don't think he needs a dad getting random cat scratch fever as a role model .. but yeah .. I'm getting to old for that . it fun to party but yeah .. plus most of them girls are so young and I'm nearly in my 40s .. found that out the hard way when flirting with one.. it was like talking with someone from another planet ' he laughs and he pulls out his leather wallet and pulls out a couple of bills enough to cover his tab and a generous tip.

Hank Stanley takes the cards and the cash. "Yes talkign to kids. We speak english and they speak text message. W T F." he swipes the cards and returns them. "And thanks for the tip, son. Help the old fireman's pension plan."

John Reinhardt stands and leaves a few bucks "For more water pistols for the gold cart runs. Great to meet you Wolf....Gino" He looks stumped for a positive farewell after the way he's been talking "You...take care." He tips his hat briefly "Hank." and steps towards the door.

Gino DiAntoni takes his card back and after a couple of tries gets it back in its slot in his wallet. He slides a little cash on the bar and he tries to stand and his knees wobble a little bit, then he finds his feet.  "Night gentlefriends."  he slurs and staggers out after John.

Wolfgang Pots laughs softy 'well I'm grateful for yall serve takes some big cahones and I appreciate your service man' he smiles and stows his wallet and leaves the bar,

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